Deon Nichols

DeonNichols   My name is Deon Nichols, and I was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1943. I have been a mechanic, a truck driver, operated a boy’s home, and provided foster care for troubled youth.

   I was raised in church, taught by godly parents that love the Lord, and preached my first time when seventeen. I joined the Marine Corps and strayed away from the Lord. I was the proverbial prodigal son until around twenty-two. I came back to the Lord and began to serve Him with my whole heart and again heard the call for ministry. This time I surrendered, and I began to preach everywhere I could - on street corners, the park at Dallas zoo and truck stops. I built a mobile Chapel with a side that opened into a stage.

   Then I started a little church in my garage in East Texas. I expanded it into a double wide mobile home, and converted it to a church. About three years later in 1980, I was falsely accused of adultery. Thank God it wasn’t true. My wife left and filed for divorce and took my children. I got mad at God. I didn't realize that I was mad at God; I was confused, I couldn't understand why God would let anything bad happen to me when I was doing what I was supposed to do. But now I know, God had to readjust my theology. Bad things do happen to good people. He carried me to the Book of Job that helped me understand.

   I walked in gross darkness for five years, and finally by God’s grace I was able climb out of that deep pit! I realized that I had been mad at God! Who do I think I am? If it pleased God to bruise his own Son so why would He not allow things to happen to me. I began pastoring another church in Paradise, Texas, in January 1990. I had remarried and thought I was on top of the world! My wife played the piano and I played the guitar. We would sing and preach. I thought I had arrived to fulfill the calling that was like fire shut up in my bones.

   Then six months later in June, we had a major motorcycle accident that destroyed my wife. I remember my first thought while I regained consciousness. I was lying on the side of the road on Big Cedar Mountain in Oklahoma. I said, “Lord I don't know how you are going to turn this for my good, but I believe Romans 8:28 and I know you're going to.”

   Then in 1993, standing on my front porch, I begged God to take me because it had gotten so dark. My wife was physically and mentally in very serious condition and later developed terminal cancer. I didn’t want to live any longer. The church was down to about fifteen members. Life had gotten so hard. I had fought suicide for three months, daily taunted by the devil who was telling me I was losing my mind. Depression and fear ran rampant. I would quote the Word, “God has not given me a Spirit of fear, but of power and a sound mind.”

   I drove a truck hauling gasoline, and could hear the demons say, “Hit the other truck,” and boom it’s over. Everyone would just think it was an accident, but I knew that wasn’t the answer. But that night standing on that front porch, I had an encounter with God. I said, “Lord why did You not just let me die on the side of the mountain? Lord I know where I'm going. I'm not afraid to die. I just don't want to live anymore, and I’m tired of living. I have done everything that I know what to do. I've tried to live for You, but accomplished nothing it seems.”

   As I turned to go in the house and reached for the door, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in an audible voice and He said, “Son you're very selfish and self-centered, and I have many people I want touched through you, but all you're thinking about is the little bit of pain that you’re in.” It wasn’t a little bit of pain to me it was horrendous.

   I said, “Okay Lord here's the deal. I don't want my life anyway, so if You can use it, and You can stop one person from going to a devil's hell, I'm going to give You my life. Regardless of what it cost me, I'm Your responsibility from this day forward. You are my source and nothing else. I give You my life.” With that I went in the house, and I forgot about it. I resigned my church in December of 1993. I heard the call to go on back into street ministry, and ended up in Key West, Florida, sleeping in my van. I was ministering to the kids that were on the streets and also to different people that were in Key West, Florida. I witnessed the Lord taking care of me and providing things. There's no way that I could have afforded a waterfront apartment while I was ministering on the streets.

   Then God called me to Cooper, Texas, to take care of my mother and dad. This was the last year that they were alive. Mother died thirty days after I arrived. My dad died a year later. I remarried and the Lord directed us to open a boy’s home. We had delinquent boys for over seven and a half years, then after that we had a foster home for eight or nine years. We had ninety-nine foster children in all.

   God has used me in many ways to reach many people. I have hundreds of spiritual children all over the world. I have been privileged to sow the seed of God’s Word that leads to Salvation and deliverance from drugs, alcohol, and addictions.

   By His grace and mercy, I have survived two heart stents, had both shoulders replaced, and also survived prostate cancer. I have been cancer free for seven years. I am in very good health, and have been blessed to provide a sober living house for several years as we pointed men to Jesus to take charge of their lives and live for Him. Now I am setting up a website to teach God’s Word on-line and write my autobiography. I also play the organ, sing, and preach at camp meetings or churches when invited to do so.

   God is faithful even when we aren’t. I don’t believe I could ever tell of all the miracles, healings, and provisions that I personally have watched Him do in my seventy-six years. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, especially in the last twenty-six years, I would have trouble believing!

Deon's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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