Starting a New Chapter


Step1. Invite a group of men to a meeting – men who are believers and are prepared to reach the nation for

           Jesus Christ.

Step 2. Explain the purpose, the organization and the doctrinal statement of Full Gospel Business Men's

           Fellowship in America using the materials in this New Chapter Packet.

                       Emphasize transparency and accountability of the leadership and by members one to another.

Step3. After a thorough discussion of all issues, prospective members should then complete the Membership

           Application and pay dues for their respective classification.

           There are twelve Membership forms in the New Chapter Packet.

            The chapter may reproduce additional copies.

Step 4. Elect leaders, the minimum is a Chapter President and a Chapter Secretary.

            Elect other officers as the Chapter may need to carry-out its programs.

Step 5. Complete Chapter Affiliation form on both sides, properly signed and dated.

            Complete two copies; retain one for the Chapter files.

Step 6. Chapter Secretary should now complete Form FGA 105, which lists all of the new Members; make

            a photocopy for himself.

Step7.  Please note that the IRS requires each Chapter to have its own Tax Identification Number

            (hereinafter 'TIN'). The Chapter President should complete and sign the Application for the TIN

            (IRS form SS-4). If you are using a PO Box, be advised that the IRS also requires a physical street


             Current procedures also require the SSN of the Chapter President.

             The National Office will obtain the TIN for you.

Step 8.  After Steps Three through Seven have been completed, the Chapter President should then forward

             All of the following to the National Office:

             • one copy of the 'Chapter Affiliation' (Form 101/102),

             • 'List of Members' (FGA form 105),

             • the Member Applications with payments or with credit card info, and

             • the TIN Application (IRS form SS-4).

              As stated in Step 7, the National Office will obtain the TIN for the Chapter and mail a copy of the

              Assigned TIN to the Chapter for its use in opening accounts at the bank, post office, or other


               FGA form 111 (04/2010)1

                Additional info is listed in Part B on the Contents Page, namely the Restated Articles of Incorporation,

                Organization Meeting of National Council of Directors, the Bylaws, and the Conflict of Interest Policy.

                Listed information also posted on the website.



Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in America

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