Robert W. Bignold

Bob and Barbara Bignold

I Remember Bob - Letter to the Fellowship Barbara Bignold 

Following this message, Barbara shares a personal conversation she had with the Lord after the last Convention where Bob announced that he would be standing down in 2017 as FGBMFA President.

There is much to be said about dedicated men who put God's call first in their life and have a passion to see people saved, healed and delivered. The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship in America has been such a ministry that sets men free to follow God's call and the courage to walk in the gifting's of the Holy Spirit in a Marketplace  ministry.

Bob Bignold was one of these men. In 1976 his life was touched by the Holy Spirit which set him on a search to find likeminded men after reading many books on FGBMFI that embraced God's VISION given to Demos Shakarian. Now we know these were all divine appointments for a searching heart.

Bob was a successful businessman with his own architectural and engineering firm, serving cities and towns plus a lot of military work.  With other financial investments, he l was truly in the Marketplace and pursued success as many individuals who walk that path. BUT - after giving his heart and soul to Jesus Christ, with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, his 'passion' for building wealth grew dim but the fire he now carried was for God's VISION. God revealed that His treasures were more effective and precious when the Word and the Spirit flowed in a person's life than all the trade secrets of the business world.

As Bob applied these truths, he was being transformed into a 'brand new man' to his employees, his friends and especially in his family and home life. This process was in action until his last day on earth - each day, each year, surrendering his will for the will of God whether it brought appreciation or conflict.

I have had the joy and blessing of knowing him up close and personal so my testimony is true even though it is biased with much love for him and God. His passion to see the Vision accomplished took dedication, compassion, sacrifice, integrity and endless effort. These were the building blocks for the foundation of his new life in Christ and the call on his life. These traits advanced him up the ladder of leadership where he truly fell in love with the "Airlift ministry to the nations" - seeing lives transformed, leaders raised up in their calling and whole families united in love. In the ensuing   years   he   saw   the   same    thing happening to men working with the prison ministry, the Godmobile calling, the chapters, military outreaches, conventions and conferences plus many  more.  Sometimes he/we were packing bags for up  to two  weeks of travel, flying to nations 3-4 times a year - commitment has a cost no matter how happy one may be. 

After being elected as the first President of Full Gospel America, his passion was to see the VISION INTINSIFIED, for there is nothing as grand as seeing men's lives transformed into strong warriors for Christ Jesus, families coming back together, God centered- not self­centered; the works of Jesus being done, as well as husbands and wives walking in the strength of unity in this day  to  His  Glory.

As many of you know, for the last 8 years God had touched Bob's heart to pursue the Joshua Generation (ages 18-40) for Christ; to become mighty warriors like Joshua, Barak, Samson, David, Joseph, Samuel & Gideon - mighty men of valor! He had such love for these young men that he invested this part of his life in them; mentoring and building relationships that included his personal finances for taking them to the nations.

It also gave Bob a great thrill seeing the older men (Moses) taking these younger ones under their wings to invest in their calling so both could take the fire of the Spirit to a hurting world. The Fellowship opened their hearts and made available a platform for them to minister.

A special thanks goes out to Jerry Deflorio (Holy Smoke Hangout), John Tolo, Douglas Raine and Chris Burge (VP, Director of Joshua Ministry) plus so many more. Bob's passion and drive was to continue with strong leaders led by the Spirit, rather than just word speakers, so signs and wonders will follow all.

Bob so loved all the men of the Fellowship [his band of brothers] and he poured out his life for God in this ministry. I saw up close and personal his sacrifices, and there were many he made that were behind closed doors where just he and God spent time. Often it was his family who missed time with him, but as his partner in the Fellowship, I gladly did the extra things to set him free to spend hours writing articles, letters and tending to the many details of his responsibilities. We all loved who he had become in  Christ,  so all that  was given  was Igiven freely and with love for God.

Now you are the ones to carry on, so seek the

Lord   daily  and  only  move  as  He  directs. Thank you for your prayers - they have been so needed and deeply appreciated as the days turn into months. Sometimes I feel like I'm only half here but only by God's grace comes healing; I know He is enough and I know with Him I  am complete!

Loving you all, Barbara Bignold

Wife and partner of the President, fulfilling the call.

Words from the Lord in July 2016

Barbara Bignold

This was just 3 weeks before my would shifted dramatically.

"Now we are about to go to a new work in Your kingdom on earth - may WE bring You Glory in whatever we set our hands upon in Your Name." Lord, may we have a little talk? Seems like it has been too long since our last one due to stuff....

What is it you want to know?

At first I thought of the future and then again I don't want to know that because the world seems to be filling with darkness..... however, You are still the Light of this world that will never go out ---SO what is there to fear???

"You are right - the TIMES are changing fast but My people will walk in New strength, light, wisdom to confound the world! This is the TIME of the manifestation of ALL My Glory as My Son will soon return for His Bride.

The task of the church/the Saints is to be-

  • Hungry for ALL there is of My presence and to walk boldly in My power and wisdom as truth will be revealed and the rebirth of signs and wonders the world has yet to see.

times and even the elect/contented believers can fall from GRACE!

so, be alert - watching - discerning - and listening only to My Voice Who leads the people back to the TRUTH. For I said it's better to be hot or cold than luke warm- that will be vomited out of My mouth!!

Lord, You know we desire to walk fully in Your word and Your will! May Bob and I always walk out Your perfect plan for our lives and that You be clearly seen by the world so everyone will desire ALL of You too. Amen.


Thursday July 28. 2016

A day that changed my life as no other...

5:00 AM

During prayer time I was asking the Lord WHY... [reflecting on the move to Colville WA]

  • We are here - what is our purpose - how can we serve????? [My question Father, WHY is it taking so long to get plugged into Your purpose here? I know You brought us here... I feel like one without a clear VISION, because what came earlier has grown dim by distractions of all the responsibilities of daily chores.

"Have you forgotten? I AM more than enough -

My ways are not your ways!

Be at PEACE in the middle of the storms of life......•

So the world will know you are MINE! The 'answer' IS on its way -

have your hands open to receive  it.

The last month of challenges was day by day and still I provided what was needed. [yes!] This is the walk of FAITH that pleases Me!

One day at a time - from our fellowship, to see My Glory manifested.

You will SOON have your (ministry/calling) future revealed."

8 - 10am             Bob  went  HOME.