Robert Boone Story


My name is Robert Boone and I am a student at Texas A&M-Commerce majoring in Kinesiology. My weekend at the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in America outing was truly a blessing.

It was such a humbling experience being amongst so many water walkers of Christ. About a week before I went to the Full Gospel event, Mr. Douglas Raine contacted me and invited me to go with him. To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. I prayed to God about it and even though I had no specific details I had trust that God had a breakthrough in store for me. I accepted immediately and began to wait impatiently on going to Palestine.

When we arrived, it was a beautiful campsite that had a lake where we went canoeing and other fun sites. I was greeted by many smiling faces and I already felt at home. The first night was the night that set the tone for my weekend and took my faith to another level. The praise and worship was so strong I could feel the Holy Spirit in the room. I began to listen to the testimonies of the other guys and began to praise and thank God for his deliverance.

It was then it began to come to light that God is so good to us. No matter what the devil might try to do to take our lives and twist it up, God will not let that happen. If we pray and stay steadfast, then God will come and deliver us. It was very eye opening how strong these men were whose testimonies at times brought tears to me. It made me realize that God is worthy to be praised and not to call on him when you in trouble, but keep him with you at all times. It brought to my mind the quote, “We feed our bodies three warm meals a day, but we feed our spirit one cold snack a week.” Then I knew that I had to make some changes in my life to uplift God and make him my Lord and King. The highlight of the Friday night for me was a guy by the name of Jason who later spoke to me what God said to him. God spoke through Jason to tell me that I was a natural born leader and I will lead many young people to Christ as well as teaching them life lessons through my experiences. I was thankful to God for revealing his vision to me. Jason knew nothing about me and God was able to use him to tell me something that now, I know for sure God wants me to do. He wants me to be a coach and teach, leading young lives before they go out into the world.

After the first night I was able to fellowship with a group of young guys known as the Joshua generation. They are incredible God fearing young men that have big hearts and the will to live for God. It was another revelation to me; you are never too young to serve God. Saturday was filled with the Holy Spirit and I was informed with so much information about God and faith. Sunday ended with a powerful message from Brother Harold that gave me the strength to keep following God. The word boat walker stuck with me from that message. We must be followers of Jesus Christ and have faith in him to get out the boat and walk on water. I make it a point to stay strong in the Lord and not be discouraged by the waves and winds of life.

I also was able to get up and share my testimony; something I have never done before in front of a crowd with a microphone! It was not until after I sat down that I realized what God had empowered me to do. Everything I said was through Him and I knew that He set me free! My phone had no service up there and I couldn’t wait to get back to Commerce to call and tell everyone how Full Gospel changed my life.

What God is doing to me is indescribable but I love it. I was able to meet and hear many great men of God pour their wisdom out to me, people that I will keep in my heart forever as well as staying in contact with most.

The last day was bittersweet for me but I cannot wait to come back next year. I want to bring my friends and invite other young men to come because I know that God can deliver them. It was such a treat being a part of Full Gospel Businessmen. Now I feel closer to God and I know he is my friend. Anytime I walk out my door I have the breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation and the shield of faith. God Bless!

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