Parmeswar James Teepsoo

Parmeswar TeepsooParmeswar Teepsoo was born in Mauritius brought up as a Hindu became a Christian as a result of a miraculous healing. He studied in America has travelled extensively in the world and is a much sought after speaker with a great ministry in salvation and healing, popularly known as Teeps. He now lives in England.

Host: Hello welcome to another brief encounter. We're on the series of short interviews that we are doing with them is with Full Gospel Video (FGV) and circulated around UK. Parmeswar Teepsoo comes from islands of Mauritius.

Host: Tell me a little about your background please.

Teepsoo: I grew up on the island of Mauritius. I was brought up as a Hindu, and my family was cursed by witch doctors. My sister died, my brother died, and the curse came upon me. I've been trying to pray to the Hindu God and I've been to the temple. I've tried everything, but nothing was working. So the doctor gives me up to die. He says to me, "There is nothing we can do. You have to go home and die.” I was in and out of a coma. I tried going to the best doctors, but nothing was working. Then somebody heard about Jesus Christ. He said, "Have you ever tried Jesus." I said, "I have never heard of Him." So my brother-in-law became a Christian and said, "Guess what, if you need to die why don't you try Jesus before you die." I said, "Well I have nothing to lose. I’ll try and see what'll happen." So, I went to a small church and said, "I got to see God. I know you're there. I know you love me. I know you can hear me." I said, "If you're not going to heal me I'm going to die." So, when I was praying in the name of Jesus Christ, a thought came and I felt a hand on my head. Suddenly all the sickness, all the oppression; everything was broken off me. When I opened my eyes, I could see properly. My foot was healed. And then I realized I was healed miraculously by the power of Jesus Christ instantly.

Host: This time.

Teepsoo: I was instantly healed. I've tried everything, tried different religion, different ways different gods that weren't working.

Host: You were only healed when you came to Jesus.

Teepsoo: Yeah. When I came to Jesus, the thing I heard was that all the Hindu Gods are dead and gone. All the Hindus Gods are like history. But Jesus, what I heard He died but He rose again from the dead; and because He's alive, He can heal you, deliver you and set you free.

Host: And so you tried it. 

Teepsoo: I tried it.

Host: And then it works.

Teepsoo: And it works. I've been to the doctors; they could not see what was wrong they can't see anything wrong. So, I've been healed now for more than twenty years. I've not seen a doctor again. I have been all over the world and traveling telling people like there is a God. His name is Jesus. He can heal you, deliver you, and bless you. And all the curse was broken from me and from my whole family.

Host: So, you were healed in that instant.

Teepsoo: Instantly yeah.

Host: But, did that made you a Christian?

Teepsoo: No. Then I have to realize, guess what? God has healed me under the goodness of his heart.

Host: Yes.

Teepsoo: And I said to myself like, "You know I feel safe with Jesus. He is the best healer. He is like a good friend. He is like a good adviser. And you know what? I'm going to stick with Jesus." And I said to God, "God I want to give my life to you because I know I was going to die." I said, "Because You are a living God, I give You my life and do whatever you want to do." And suddenly my life changed. I started going to school. When I went back to school, I was the last one in my class. Within the year, I became the first one in my class. And then I had a dream. Jesus says to me, "I want you to go to America to go to Bible College called Christ For The Nations Institute (CFNI). Now the lady from CFNI, Freda Lindsay started praying for me twenty years ago. God told her a young man was coming from Mauritius to Bible College.

Host: Twenty years earlier.

Teepsoo: Yep. And she's been praying there for twenty years.

Host: Twenty years?! She was still waiting for the young man.

Teepsoo: Yes.

Host: And so have you actually prayed to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior since then?

Teepsoo: I did. I said, "Lord Jesus I want you to forgive me of all my sins. Please come into my heart and make me a new person." And when I did that I feel like a warm come over my body and I felt like a transformed man. And since that day that feeling has never left me. It has gotten stronger and stronger. I also remember when I became a Christian and said, "God I can't follow you because I'm not a good person." God said, "Don't worry."

Host: Religious was not good enough.

Teepsoo: I was not good enough. I realized Christianity is not a religion. It is more like a personal relationship. You could talk, you can feel, you could sense something. Then I gave my life to Lord Jesus Christ. And I realized God has been with me, protecting me keeping me safe and sound.

Host: And keeping you well!

Teepsoo: And keeping me well! The doctors would question me, "What are you taking? Can you give me what you're taking?" I said, "I'm taking the gospel." The gospel is the word of God that heals and delivers them and sets you free.

Host: Alright. So, you're teaching the doctors now how to really heal people.

Teepsoo: Yeah because God is the healer.

Host: Yeah.

Teepsoo: The doctors will try to heal you which is very good.

Host: Yeah, we appreciate them.

Teepsoo: But at the end of the day, it is Jesus the healer.

Host: Yeah.

Teepsoo: I just prayed for a man. His father-in-law was in Sri Lanka, the guy is in India. He said, "Oh, my father is bleeding to death. Can you just pray for him?" I prayed for the guy over the phone in India. The other guy in Sri Lanka healed miraculously. Instantly.

Host: Instantly again?

Teepsoo: Yeah. Yeah. It just happened like that.

Host: So, you don't need to be standing next to a person or lay hands on them.

Teepsoo : No.

Host: Prayer over the phone.

Teepsoo: I have prayed over the phone.

Host: The Holy Spirit is not limited.

Teepsoo: The Holy Spirit is not limited, "Ring your Father in heaven.” He said, "Guess what? He's healed the moment you prayed for him." I was in Singapore and Malaysia Jesus healed seven deaf and dumb people. They started to speak and were completely healed.

Host: Seven deaf and dumb?

Teepsoo: Deaf and dumb, yeah.

Host: All started to speak.

Teepsoo: I was in America and was in a TV station called TBN. It reached over two hundred million people across the world. Some people were touching their television and were getting healed or getting better. I was in Alaska.

Host: What were you saying at the time when the people were healed?

Teepsoo: I said, "Jesus loves you." He doesn't care what you have done. He wants you to be healed, well, and healthy. If you believe that in your heart Jesus can heal, and confess with your mouth that God raised Him from the dead. Jesus Christ will save you and people are getting healed. They say, "I want to be healed because I did not know God. I was just like an ordinary person who is going to die." 

Host: Yeah.

Teepsoo: I said, "You know what let me try Jesus, I have nothing to lose."

Host: Yeah, you make the same offer to people.

Teepsoo: To people yeah. You know I met an actor called Charlie Sheen. He had a bad shoulder. He said, "I don't believe in God." I said, "What would you do if your shoulder could heal." He said, "If my shoulder could healed, I'll give my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I prayed for his shoulders to be healed and his pain was gone. He said, "Now I believe there's a Jesus." He gave his life to Lord Jesus Christ.

I have also prayed for many actors, actress and directors in Hollywood.

Host: Yeah, this is the power evangelism.

Teepsoo: Of course, yeah. 

Host: Demonstration. 

Teepsoo: Yeah.

Host: Of the supernatural power of God.

Teepsoo: Yeah.

Host: The people respond, and want to accept Jesus.

Teepsoo: If Jesus was not alive, their faith would be void. But because Jesus is alive yesterday, today, and forever our prayers can be answered. What he did yesterday; He's doing it today. I was in Blackburn, England, and one lady had couple of hips replaced. I said please let me pray for you. Her hips came back in. She started to move and dance. She was healed miraculously. I mean God can give you the power to heal you and deliver you.

Host: Teepsoo would you like to address the public?

Teepsoo: Yes.

Host: Now, Why do this and give them a lasting message.

Teepsoo: What I can say if you never tried Jesus, try it. Because Jesus can heal you, can deliver you, can bless you. Since I've given my life to the Lord I've been to places I've never been before. My English I couldn't speak English properly. Now, I can speak English. I went to all over the world preaches and Gospel, sharing God's love. God loves you the way you are. Just say, "Jesus I've tried everything let me try you." I believe if you try, Jesus is not going to let you down because He love you so much and right now if you want I'm going to pray for you; and I pray that God will touch you by the Holy Spirit and you are going to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you. He loves you more than you can think, imagine. Just open up your heart to Jesus. Try it and you will see something wonderful happen. You are going to walk with a mighty powerful God. Nothing is greater than God and God's love is unconditional. He loves you the way you are and may God richly bless you. Amen.

Host: Oh my, thank you so much for sharing with us today.

Teepsoo: Yes.

Host: We've been privileged to have you with us.

Teepsoo: Thank you.

Host: Thank you so much. God bless you!



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