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Nate CurlingRadically Changed

My name is Nathanael (Nate) Curling.I work in food services for a national restaurant chain. I enjoy meeting people with a smile and brightening their day. Here is my story.

When I was seven years old, I remember sitting on my mom’s bed listening to her tell me about Jesus and what He did for us. I thanked and acknowledged Christ as my savior and asked Him to come into my heart and be the Ruler of my life.

After that, I don’t remember much of a change.

After high-school, I received a scholarship to a small college to pursue my passion of acting. This was my first real time being away from home, and it didn’t go so well. I got curious about alcohol. Next I wanted to try marijuana then cocaine, ecstasy, and eventually, anything I could get my hands on. Still claiming to be a “Christian” through all this, I was being blinded to God more and more every day. This lifestyle remained for ten years. At this time, I lost my step-father, who had a big part in raising me. I also ended up having a son and getting married. God blessed me to never have custody issues over my son when his mother and I split up in 2011.

Ten years of hardcore alcoholism, random drug use, and womanizing, I tried, with no avail, to have a successful relationship with a woman. Between alcohol, politics, and differing opinions, I snapped. Something in me went wild. I was living with a girl at the time and in a drunken rage, I destroyed her home.I woke up at my mom’s house the next morning with a horrible feeling I just couldn’t shake. It was conviction. Something inside of me just kept telling me that the Bible was true and to read it.

 After a week of reading the Word every day and trying my best to focus on God, something happened. I had attended a small church twice that week, and the pastor laid his hands on my head and prayed and spoke in what I had heard of before as tongues. I accepted whatever it was that was being prayed over me. I was at such a point of helplessness; I was willing to accept anything from the Lord even if it seemed slightly foolish. I’ve never made a better decision. The next day after work, God decided it was time to show me the truth. The Holy Spirit fell over me before I had time to leave the parking lot. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt! My whole body was tingling, and I couldn’t stop laughing and crying. God was enlightening me and showing me His truth, which is Jesus Christ! This didn’t stop for over an hour. I reached up and asked for Jesus to pour His blood on me. I pulled my truck over. When I did, the blood washed the Devil off with such a force, I was flung across the cab of my truck unhurt then shaken by God uncontrollably! It was like Holy electricity! When I opened the truck door, I wasn’t controlling my body. An unseen force caused me to sprint across the field waiving my arms in the air and shouting praises to Jesus! I fell on my knees and something green came out of my stomach. My hands shot straight to the sky and I screamed, “Thank you, Jesus!” at the top of my lungs! I couldn’t stop praising God and running around in the field. It was a very energetic feeling, a love, a person can only experience through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Somehow, that love, in that instant, did something to me that changed my life. My alcoholism was gone. I hadn’t tried to quit. I hadn’t even slowed down, but it was just gone.

The Lord delivered me from much more than alcoholism that day. He opened my eyes and my heart to the world in a whole new way. He took away my lustful desires for women and drugs. I even noticed my filthy language was gone. When I hear cuss or filth words now, it almost makes me cringe. The Holy Spirit dwells inside me and is very sensitive to all things. He is a teacher and a comforter when I need Him. The power that comes from God through the Holy Spirit is true and undeniable. What He did for me that day is visible to all who have ever known me. Several of my friends who saw the undeniable change in my life have now also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I thought all those years of my life were fine. I had confessed Christ. I had been dunked under water. I had been taught about the Bible, and I went to church. I had done all these things that were pleasing to man, but I hadn’t actually ever looked for a personal relationship with the Lord on my own until I was 28 years old. When I finally found Him, He showed me His mercy, power, and grace! There is a wonder working power in the blood of Jesus, and it is taken for granted by Christians today. I try to tell people everywhere I go about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the special gifts God has for all of us. All it takes is to seek the Lord with an open heart and prayer to receive Christ’s gift.

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