Moses Desabatulla Story

Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God has blessed me with wonderful parents who serve God.

God has given me a great privilege to be born into a good Christian family.  In countries like India only a few people know God and believe in Christ, so I am glad because I was born into a family who knows God and want to serve Jesus Christ.  Being born into Christian family helped me to know Christ very easily.

After my parents came to know Christ they dedicated their whole life to ministry. My parents not only dedicated themselves to ministry but also their children.  Since my childhood I was raised up in a good Christian atmosphere and saw many pastors and young kids dedicating their lives to ministry. At one point I wanted to do His ministry because I felt God has a special plan for me to do. I was raised up with strict parents; my parents always kept an eye on us in everything we did and helped us to live like Christ. I went to Sunday school classes and learned biblical stories and songs.  When I became a teenager, I went to youth meetings and started desiring God even more.

When I was in 8th grade I really wanted to know God and wanted to serve him, so I used to read the Bible and pray twice every day.  This made me become so close with God.  I felt that there was some change occurring in me.  Reading the Bible and prayer will lead you toward the Father.  As you pray, the Holy Spirit will take over you. When I would pray, I felt something helping me and leading me, and this made me hunger and thirst even more for Christ.

When I graduated from high school my parents recommended that I go to Bible School so that my relationship with God will be even stronger.  I started applying to Christ for the Nations Bible Institute and God opened the door miraculously. When I went to the visa embassy for an interview there were hundreds of student standing in a row for a visa interview.  I was thinking that I might not be getting a visa but since it was God’s plan, I had no problem!  I realized then that it was definitely God’s will.  After getting a visa I was praying to God and thanking him for what he had done and I felt something in my spirit. “If God opens the door no one can shut it.” I was so thankful to God for His love, mercy, blessing, help, and care upon my life. I always wanted to be faithful.

After coming to United States, I was baptized in water through Pastor Kenneth Teo on August 5, 2007. When I decided to do God’s work I was completely overjoyed because I am serving the Almighty Eternal, Everlasting, and Mighty God. There is no greater joy than serving God.  I decided to serve God because he has created human beings specially to worship Him. He lives in our praises.

When I went to school at Christ for the Nations, I was eighteen years old.  During this time, I grew even more in God’s love and long to know him more than ever. Through the classes and professors I have learned more about serving Him.  We used to have worship everyday at 8 in the morning; I thoroughly enjoyed the worship.  Worship is something that helped me to enjoy God’s presence.  One day, there was a guest preacher at CFNI.   After service was done while everyone was praying I was worshiping and I was filled with Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues. This experience had one of the strongest impacts on my life.  Salvation is most important in one’s life.  It is a free gift from God; you are accepting Jesus as your personal Savior, who has saved us from sin. If we are saved there is nothing to worry about in this world. Everyone has trouble, sorrow, and problems.  If you have Salvation in Jesus, all the troubles won’t seem too big, because God is taking care of you. If the eternal, almighty God is with you, then what is there to be afraid of?

Right now I am 21 years old and I still want to know Christ more.  I want to serve Him whole heartedly. The more I seek Him, the more I find Him. I always want to be faithful to God and serve Him.  I am an active member of a Church and participate in leading worship and conducting youth groups. I desire to enter full time ministry after I complete my school in Dallas, Texas. Please pray that I will continue to know Christ more and do His ministry.

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