My name is Michael Kayembe, and I am a high school senior at Ranchview High School.

I’m studying to be a designer/animator and plan to attend Texas Southern University.

I was born on March 25th, 2000, in Buffalo, New, York, and I had a difficult birth. My mother was scared because my heart rate was down, and the doctors told her they needed to do a C-Section immediately. My mom didn’t like the fact of getting cut open; but she didn’t want me to die. My dad talked to her about having the procedure and she calmed down. I realized later in life just how strong a mother’s love is, especially to your first born.

Buffalo was a very cold place to live and I was constantly sick. This was too much for my mom to cope with, and our family decided to move to Texas when I was one year old.

This is where my life began. My parents brought me to church in Texas, and the pastor prayed over me. He prayed for my health and life and that I would be used by God. I would become a strong boy by God’s grace.


Growing up I loved art, and I’m still passionate about it to this day. I could see a bright future and received a lot of attention while working with my gift. I was told that I was going to be special. My family and friends said, “You’ll go far kid, and God has big plans for you.” I wasn’t perfect and made some mistakes. I was criticized when I messed up. But, I believed in myself and I had a place in God’s plan. This would change my life forever.

I grew up knowing Christ, and we attended Calvary Church. I understood who Jesus Christ was, from a toddler to a young teenage boy. I studied the Bible. I knew the many stories about the people God, and how they were used for His work. I saw many miracles upon people’s lives and blessing for those who do what he asked. I knew John 3:16 by heart.

I always took time to pray and study God’s Word, especially during my hardest and greatest times.

I remember one time when I was at a youth church and walking through the lobby, I saw a TV monitor against the wall. Jesus was being bruised and beaten by Roman soldiers, tearing His flesh with a whip. Then the movie transitioned to Him carrying His cross. People were spitting,, cursing, and throwing stuff at Him, Someone did help Him carry the cross, the drama kept moving,. Lastly, Jesus was being nailed to a cross, He was crying in pain when He was raised on the cross for all people to see.

A woman came to my side and saw the confusion that was on my face. She asked,” What are you thinking about?”

I said still staring at the screen, “Why did he have to do this? Why did he have to die?” Thinking in my head there could’ve been another way.

Then the woman said, “No matter how many people denied Him, and who saw all the good He did for them; He forgave them, just as He forgave you.”

It made me think about how Jesus related to me. I love to help people, love to express my gift and how god has been good to me, even at my hardest times. Being good is what I wanted to do when I was younger and to this day, I used to get bullied for standing up for someone, even including having to fight. When I wasn’t at my best, I’d come home in a dirty shirt and sore. The older I grew, temptation was close to me too.

My mother and my father were my mentors. My mother taught me in the ways of God, and led me in the prayer of salvation. My mother was always there to help me. When I reached the stage about being a man, responsibility was the key. My mother always told me, “You are becoming a man, and you need to be there for your brother and your little sister.

I was taught to be responsible in everything I did. It was hard and I would have tough times at school with my grades.

I would get distracted and be tempted into things I shouldn’t see. It would take me far from the person I needed to be. When my life seemed to be so hard, I would cry in my room.

I called out to God, asking Him, “God, I don’t know why I ask this way; I know I’m a sinner. I’ve thought of things that I shouldn’t. I want to be led into the path You need me to be.”

I trusted in Jesus in who He was and what He did for me. I needed to be delivered from my sins, and had to make the move into stepping in as an example of Christ. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at The Potter's House. I was delivered, and it changed my life. I took a step forward by being responsible to my family. It brought my friends closer to Him. The Lord showed me who I was in Christ. I know who I am.

People would deny His gifts in what I do. I would pray and forgive those who have done wrong against me, like Jesus did for others. I still continue to move forward through life as a passionate Christian. He would use me for something great from the outcomes I faced, and for the person that I am. If it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit that lived in me; I don’t know where I’d be. He will love anyone no matter who you are, or where you come from. He will change someone’s life, including yours. Let His Word spread like wildfire and that’s awesome when you realize it.

That was something I wanted to hear my entire life. I was waiting for His answer, “What will God use me for?”

As a designer/animator, going to college, I was bullied and teased for being good. As I grew older, I helped people in my community, whether I was close or far. I would help friends, and people that needed guidance in their lives and become a believer in Christ. I would say, “What will God use me for?” I found it very funny asking that question, until now.

I remember this one verse that brought encouragement, “Whatever you ask in My name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.” - John 14:13-14

Jesus is teaching me to ask Him for anything that is in my heart, and that it will be given to me. It’ll be more than you could ever ask for. The testimonies and trials and ongoing struggles that I have been through in your life, He is there to work in our life.

Michael Kayembe Hearing His Voice Testimony

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