Matthew Dudynski Story

I was raised in a very strict family.  My dad was in the military for twenty years and Special Forces for four of it.

I had to do what I was told when I was told.  Growing up, my parents didn’t believe in just one God.  They believed that every god was the same thing.  I didn’t know who to pray to, and it wasn’t high up on my list.

With my dad being in the military, we moved around a lot, and I didn’t have any friends growing up.  I distanced myself from people up until I was 14, when my dad retired from the Air Force.  We came to Greenville, and I decided I was going to try and make some friends.  The first person I met gave me a 40 ounce alcoholic beverage the first time I went to his house.  The next day I went to his house, he gave me some drugs.  I was actually feeling like I belonged somewhere for once.  I got caught when I was 16 and I quit the drugs, but I kept on drinking. 

When I turned 18, I met my wife April at the YMCA.  Three years later, we were getting serious about our relationship and knew that we wanted to get married.  I figured that I needed to support her and decided to enlist in the Army National Guard.  My dad talked me out of joining the Army, so the next day I went and enlisted in the Navy.  I got shipped off to basic training and I missed my wife.  This was the first time I actually spoke to God.  This was a big deal for me, because God was basically a joke.  Prior to me enlisting, I got into a car wreck and got adult onset asthma.  The military did some investigation and ran some tests and found out I had moderate asthma, which is too severe for the military.  I got a general discharge and came home, but I stopped talking to God.  My drinking picked up a lot more. 

Our marriage was on the rocks.  One night, we got into a big  fight and she said, “I’m going to the library to study.”  I said, “Don’t come back if you want, I don’t care.”  She left and ran into our friend Amanda.  She came home and said, “I think we need to go to church.” I said, “No, I’m not going to go. I don’t care.”  So later, we’re at church on a Wednesday night and Amanda came to my wife and I and said, “If you don’t talk your differences out now, your marriage is going to fail.”  Then she looked at me and started telling me stuff that I had never told anyone.  I broke down and started crying, and that’s when I realized for a fact that God was real.

That night, I made the decision that this is who I was going to serve.  I did 180 degrees.  I had a lot of alcohol in my fridge, and I went home and poured them all out so I wouldn’t have the temptation.  I was a big rap person and I loved Eminem because I could relate to his angry music so much. We got rid of all of our music that didn’t glorify God, and we had to start new.  I’m not saying we snapped our fingers and our marriage was better.  We still had our differences, but it is still getting better to this day.

I decided to get baptized a week after I got saved, and my parents were telling me that I was brainwashed and joining a cult.  Within the month, I got filled with the Holy Spirit.  In the altar service, I specifically chose to go to my friend Chris, who prayed with me to receive the baptism.   I felt the Holy Spirit within me and my heart.  I felt like I belong somewhere for once, and I didn’t need worldly approval.  All I needed was God.  I started getting direction from God and began to hear His voice.  The weirdest thing I heard from God was “Quit your job.”  I told my wife, and I did what God said to do.  I knew that God was taking care of us.  I got a job at L-3 Communications, and this was a miracle in itself. 

About a year later I decided to attend the FGBMF Men’s Advance in Palestine, TX.  Jaime Sol was the speaker and spoke on healing.  He invited me up to pray for my friend, Jeremiah who had one leg shorter than the other which caused him great pain.  Jeremiah was asked to sit down and I was instructed to command the shorter leg to grow.  Instantly, legs were the same length, the pain was gone, and Jeremiah was healed.  To give God even more glory my wife was in a wreck and was hit by an 18 wheeler.  The tire of the rig was hitting my son’s door, and it was a miracle that they survived.  To top it all off, a stop sign kept my wife’s truck from rolling over. 

Matthew started a new career and is in training for Metrostat Diagnostic Laboratories, a service company helping men and women in assisted living, nursing facilities, homes and hospitals. The Metro team specializes in laboratory analysis, X-ray, ultrasound and perform other diagnostic testing.  They care about people's health and Matthew's compassionate attitude is a good fit for this job.

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