Mathew Joseph

Mathew Joseph   I have experienced God's blessings and favor many times in my life. I would like to share some of the stories to bless you and encourage you to stay the course and experience God's Grace the same way that I received it in my life.

   When we put our faith in Christ and become part of God's kingdom, we experience God's consistent Grace, and He works behind the scenes and goes ahead of us to prepare the way and bless us with favor with both God and man. God is faithful to do the same from one generation to another. Growing up, I was always taught, "Seek first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33) This is what we believed in as a family and continue to do so. My parents also taught me the bible scripture from Psalms 23, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want; He makes me lie down in green pastures." He is like a good shepherd that goes ahead of the sheep and prepares the land for them to lie down and rest. We are the sheep and God is our Good Shepherd! In other words, God takes care of the hard work and toil from our everyday lives by opening doors that we would have never dreamed of or even planned. I want to share with you several events that took place in my life the last 43 years here in United States. I am sharing these stories to build up your faith in God and to let you know that He is faithful to do the same for you in your life. He will go before you and work behind the scenes for your good just like He did for me. Buckle up; we are going on a faith-filled journey. My prayer is that your faith will rise within you, and you will start experiencing this faith and continue to do so in ever-increasing measure in your life!

   My story will not connect without some personal history and background. Our family came to the United States in 1973 when I was nine years old. Writing this, I am now 53 years of age. My parents immigrated from India to the United States with only eight dollars. Back then, an immigrant family could only bring a total of $8.00. You may ask, why only $8.00? I could never figure this one out. This was the requirement back then and maybe it was to make sure the sponsor took full responsibility of us. Sometimes it is hard to figure out why certain laws and requirement exist. We just follow the laws to make sure we do not violate them and get into trouble with the immigration authorities. We had a family from New York City that God miraculously convinced to sponsor our entire family of five. Here is the event that led the family from New York to sponsor us to come to the United States.

   Five years after our arrival to the USA, I responded to the Gospel on June 20, 1978. I was fourteen years old when I confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior and believed in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. I experienced New-Birth. I was baptized in water on December 25, 1978, and was baptized in the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in tongues at a Church of God camp-meeting in Weatherford, Texas on June 9, 1980.

   My dad was a production manager of Caprihans, India PVT, LTD in Bombay, (now called Mumbai) India. He was a chemistry graduate. With his God-given talents and gifting, he ended up in management ranks. He was extraordinarily successful in what he did. Along with his secular job, he was also continually active in the Lord's work. My dad and mom had a heart of compassion and would go all out to help people who were emotionally hurting and physically sick. Many people would come from all over India for their healing and deliverance to our apartment. After coming home from a long workday, people needing prayer for healing were gathered at our house. He had to shift gears very quickly and had to minister to the people. On one such occasion, a person was there for special prayer as she was getting ready to travel to the United States to be with her son and family. During the time of prayer, there was a prophecy through my dad regarding her daughter-in-law. He was foreseeing a serious and critical health condition and encouraged her not to worry, that complete healing has been promised by God. The prophecy and the results came true. When the family went through this ordeal, they did not worry and experienced the peace of God. She got delivered out of the life-threatening problem very quickly. The prophecy was exactly accurate and because of their personal experience, the family from New York City sponsored our family to come to the United States in 1973. The reason for their sponsorship was this: the United States could benefit from and needed people like my dad who walked in the prophetic ministry to bless others. I am sure that God, through the Holy Spirit and like a Good Shepherd, went before us and moved in their hearts to sponsor our family. This was the first instance where I saw God working behind the scenes for our family and going before us and directing our paths to favor and blessings. This is how we came to the United States of America and started our lives in New York City! Yes, this is incredible! God used someone that we hardly knew and someone not even from our family to sponsor us to come to the United States of America! My dad was just helping and praying for God's people. When you minister to God's people, God moves on your behalf!

   We moved to and lived in New York City from 1973 to 1978. My father worked as a New York life Insurance agent, which took him to many cities of the United States. During his travels, he would continue to minister to people like he did in India. As he travelled, he saw many people having their own homes. My father's dream was for us to live in our own home. As he researched about home ownership, he found out that house prices were extremely high in New York City, while housing was very affordable in Houston. With a lot of prayer and guidance from God, we moved to Houston. My parents enrolled me in High School for Engineering Professions, where I made good grades and graduated 3rd (top 1%) out of around 600 students. This was great; however, my Standardized Aptitude Test (SAT) score was not that good. I scored 990 out of 1600. I was overly concerned about my future and whether I would ever end up in an exceptionally good University. God had a plan, and it was amazing to see it unfolding as the days passed. He was going ahead of us and paving the way!

   This is what happened on one day, known as Engineering Day at our school, when I was a senior in high school. Every year the university recruiters from all over the country would come and meet with the graduating seniors at our high school. There were many prestigious universities represented at our school from all over the country. I had made up my mind and was planning to apply only to universities within the state of Texas, such as University of Houston, Rice University, and Texas A&M University. I was close to my dad and mom and in no way was I thinking about attending a university outside of Texas. As I made my way from one college recruiter's table to another, I came across a table representing Washington University in St. Louis, MO. The recruiter behind the table was genuinely nice and shared all the good things about Washington University and the reasons why I should consider them. I informed him about my low SAT scores to which he responded, "Don't worry about it. It is low, but your GPA is great so go ahead and apply." I was incredibly surprised by his answer. I can now say, it was God who convinced the recruiter to consider me. He took my name and he told me to apply. I applied to University of Houston, Rice University, Texas A&M, and Washington University. Rice University put me on a waiting list only to find out later that I was not accepted. I was accepted to University of Houston and Texas A&M, and they offered me only student loans in the form of financial aid. However, this was not the case with Washington University; they not only accepted me, but also gave me a full ride scholarship for 4 years that was later extended for another year towards my master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am still at awe that I was accepted into this prestigious university with low SAT Scores. If I recollect correctly, a high percentage of incoming freshman students scored a perfect SAT score of 1600. My SAT score was only 990. This was an answer to our prayers to God. In this case, the Lord brought the recruiters to my high school to encourage me to apply at their school.

   During that time at age 17, I got my physical exam done and the doctor detected an irregular heartbeat. Upon further evaluation, I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). We were told that MVP is a condition in which the mitral valve does not close smoothly, causing abnormal heartbeats that may eventually become life-threatening. This was a noticeably big concern to my parents as I was planning to attend Washington University in St. Louis. They sent me with lots of prayers and support. God sustained me throughout my stay at the university and I was able to finish my higher education within five years and graduated with a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. God was so faithful in also healing me of this condition a few years later after graduation.

   This is how I got my healing. One day during my personal devotion, I just put my hands on  my chest, and I told the Lord, I believe that you have already healed me. You are Jehovah Rapha ! I receive the healing, in Jesus' name! One day, as I normally was accustomed to doing, upon checking my pulse on my wrist for an irregular pulse, I noticed no irregularity! To my amazement, my pulse was normal and beating regularly. Excited, I called my wife Soffee and told her all about my healing! She was also amazed, and just to be sure, we decided to go have a complete heart checkup. Praise God, the result from the heart doctor was that I had a perfectly normal and healthy heart! I knew later from reading the Word of God that the healing was already mine and God had already worked behind the scenes over 2000 years ago through His Son Jesus Christ to get me the healing and victory! It was already a done deal; I had to just receive it by faith! Since then, I have received many healings in my own personal life.

   I want to  now share with you how I was able to  start my home inspection and consulting business. started my career with AT&T in Naperville, Illinois in 1986 after I married Soffee. Starting a business of my own was not even in  my career plans. I tried to move up within AT&T with my own  efforts and ran into several roadblocks. I felt like I was not  in  the  network of folks that were tagged for  management and promotions. They looked at me always as a technical type and not management  type. Year after year, I did my best to exceed the  expectations placed on me by my management team. But God had other plans for me! After about three years, my ex-boss, who had moved to Mesquite, Texai on a company transfer, offered me a job with AT&T Power Systems, also in Mesquite, Texas. H lso offered me the Tier 3 relocation package that was usually given to only high-level executives within the company. Later, I found out that I was their second choice and the reason I got the job was that the first-choice candidate's wife did not want to move to Mesquite, Texas, from California. I saw this as the Lord going ahead of me and working behind the scenes to get me clo/er to my family and loved ones.

   In 1994, there was an opportunity to obtain the P.E. license in Texas without testing. This is unheard of in the professional engineering industry! Again, I saw the Lord working behind the scenes to move an organization such as the Texas Board of Professional Engineers to waive the testing for obtaining the P.E. license. This was an incredible opportunity that opened for me. It  was as if the  Lord knew what I was going through. He knew that I was not able to move up within AT&T and that he needed to intervene to show me another way to bless me.  The P.E. licensing would allow me to  provide consulting services in the engineering field and allow me to start up my own engineering and consulting services company.

   All this happened when I was working for AT&T Power Systems in Mesquite, Texas. I was not even thinking about becoming a professional engineer, let alone starting up my own business. This, I believe was another life-changing opportunity and path the Lord opened and offered on a plate to me. I only had to fill out an official application form and submit five professional engineer's recommendations. I had to locate five professional engineers that I had interfaced with during my work with AT&T. I was able to locate them and requested of them to fill out theconfidential recommendation forms and submit to the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE). I got all my material together and the Lord put professional and caring people in my path to help me get all the materials turned in to the TBPE.

   I did receive my P.E. license and was asking God what I should do next. One day as I was reading the P.E. Magazine in the bathroom throne, a small advertisement caught my attention. This ad said, "Have you ever thought about starting your own business?"  My spirit inside leaped with joy and I knew this was from God. I talked it over with Soffee and decided to pursue this opportunity. I was given real time classroom and field training for a week by a professional engineer from Denver, Colorado. He was an unbelievable individual who I believe was sent by God to move me to the next level of my career. He offered the training to me for a very reasonable amount and certified me as a Professional  Engineer Home Inspector of  America, an organization  that he started, to  help other professional  engineers all over America.

   I was amazed at the timing of all the events taking place in my life. The Lord opened the door for me to start up an Engineering Home Inspection and Consulting Services business in 1994. The company name is RSH Engineering, Inc. I was doing this on a part-time basis while I was working full time for another company. When I ended up making more money working part-time for my own company than the full¬≠ time job, I knew it was a sign from God for me to make the next move to leave and go full time with RSH Engineering, Inc. Today, as a professional engineer, I can charge a much higher fee for engineering consulting services.

   This was God's plan, and He knew that He had to move me from Naperville, Illinois to Mesquite, Texas to become a professional engineer and start my own engineering business so I can experience financial blessings! I thank God for helping me to run and manage a successful business, RSH Engineering, Inc., to this day. I am also praying that I will be able to pass this business on to my next generation.

   Now, I would like to share with you some stories regarding our family life. As I mentioned earlier, I got married in 1986 to Soffee and had 4 children. Our daughters are Rebekah, Sarah, and Hannah. Ten years after Hannah was born, God blessed us with Samuel, our only boy. Every man needs a son! Samuel was an answer to our prayers. I want to now share a few  more instances where God went ahead and paved the way regarding all three of my daughters' way for blessings regarding their college education, especially in financial blessings. It has been said that God blesses the generations of his righteous ones that follow Him.

   Rebekah, my first born, always wanted to be a doctor. She is not a quitter. She will strive to achieve her goals in life. To achieve her goals, she applied to the University of Texas at Dallas for the pre-med program in Neuroscience. She was a smart kid and achieved an exceptionally good standing in her graduating class. She got  accepted to the college, however, we were not sure how we would pay for her education outside of taking student loans. She applied for what is known as a McDermott Scholarship, a prestigious scholarship. After waiting for a while, she found out that she did not get the coveted scholarship. She also found out that someone who was lower in the academic ranking from her high school ended up getting elected. She was sad. It was during this time that I had just completed my Executive MBA program at UTD, the same school Rebekah was applying for the pre-med program. As I was praying to the Lord regarding her situation, the Lord inspired me in my inner spirit and gave me the boldness to call the UTD's financial aid office to discuss why Rebekah was not chosen and what other options she had for her financial aid. To my surprise, the lady at the financial aid office was also concerned about why Rebekah did not receive the McDermott Scholarship. She then suggested to me that she was going to submit Rebekah's name for the Terry Foundation Scholarship. She comforted me, saying that she will recommend Rebekah. A few weeks later, we found out that Rebekah was chosen for this prestigious scholarship. God was now showing Himself to be strong on our behalf by continuing to bless me as well as my next generation.

   After Rebekah finished her undergraduate degree at UTD in Neuroscience, she took the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). This is a test that is especially important to get into medical school. She did not do well on the MCATtest, so she continued to pursue her master's degree in Heath Administration so she would not lose any time in academics. She would try again for several times to get a better MCAT score. We even enrolled her in the Princeton Review program to help her to improve her MCAT Score.

   It was during this time that my company RSH Engineering, Inc., was not doing well at all. As I was praying regarding my business, the Lord led me to a Craigslist ad for an adjunct professor job opening at Mountain View Community College in Dallas. I, along with another engineer, developed two courses for two semesters that year: Introduction to Engineering and Robotics. The classes were successful, and the Robotics class included lab work. One day, I got the class going on their lab work and was sitting on the couch next to a coffee table. I noticed several blue books that were the same. They stood out, so I reached for one and started reading. It was a book that highlighted all the colleges that offered Doctor of Podiatry Programs in the United States. I noticed the requirements for admission, and to my surprise, Rebekah would have easily met the requirements for admission and was professionally qualified for entry into this program. I brought this book home and told Rebekah to consider the Doctor of Podiatry program offered at Temple University as she was already in love with a person from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. She did not take it seriously for a long time and I would remind her that there was a reason for my company not doing well for a season. The real estate industry was not doing well. My home inspection business thus was affected since fewer people were buying homes. I believe that God takes us from one place to other for a purpose, and in this case, it was to lead me to this blue book.

   She continued to take the MCAT and would apply again to medical schools without any success. I reminded Rebekah again to apply at Temple University. One day, she agreed with me, applied to, and was accepted to Temple University. Another beautiful thing happened: she was in friendship with a pastor's kid (PK) from Philadelphia and they ended up getting married. Benjamin, my son-in-law, knew back then that one of my requirements was for him to have a master's degree. He strategically enrolled in Graduate School and got his master's degree in Computer Science to improve the chances of marrying Rebekah. How wonderful is that? God knew ahead of time that she would marry someone from Philadelphia. Rebekah ended up going to Temple University in Philadelphia for her Doctorate degree! Today, she has received her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree and now is doing her residency in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

    Sarah, my second daughter, obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and Master of Science Degree in Constitutional Law from the University of Texas at Dallas. After this, she applied to and got accepted to California Western School of Law. My wife and I knew law school would be expensive and did not know why she wanted to go to California where everything was expensive! She started schooling there and one day she posted her information and interests, including that she was a die-hard Dallas Cowboy's fan, on an online dating site. To her surprise there was someone else, who was also a die-hard Dallas Cowboy's fan, who responded to her online posting. Their relationship progressed very quickly as they fell in love. When it came to the subject of who they should marry, I had told my girls the requirement I have for them was to marry a pastor's kid who had, at a minimum, a master's degree.

   To my surprise, Sarah called me up one day and said, "Dad, guess what, I am in love with a guy who a pastor's kid is and who has a master's degree in Divinity, and he was a Senior Pastor at a church in Bellflower, California!" She also went on to say, "His name is David, and he is white!" For the next two weeks I could not rest and sleep! I was shocked. Why would she not marry someone from our own race? Then I reflected on my requirements that I placed on my girls regarding marriage. I had only two requests and it did not include a specific race for their life partner. God gave me peace about this after two weeks of unrest and Godly counsel from my family members. Anyway, Sarah's law school direction was quickly re-directed to lining up with David's dream and vision, which was to serve inner city children and families. Her law school lasted only for a semester, however, she found herself a life partner according to God's plan and purpose. God was working behind the scenes to bring Sarah and Rev. David Feiser together. They later relocated to Plano, Texas where David served as the student pastor for two years at Life Point Church. Again, the Lord, through a series of tough events and seasons, has moved them from Plano, Texas to Washington, D.C. where Sarah is serving as a Recruiter for Global Mission Support and Justice Operations for International Justice Mission (UM). Both Sarah and David have an inner peace about this direction and season of their lives as they are totally relying on God for the next steps in their lives.

   The next event I want to share with you is also amazing. It just shows that God repeats the same blessings and favor to your next generation. Earlier, I shared how I ended up going to Washington University in St. Louis and now I want to share how my daughter Hannah ended up in St. Louis, one generation later! She had thought that she would go to an in-state university. Sunnyvale High School had a college fair. She was not looking for any booths besides Texas universities. While she was walking with her best friends, an underclassman came up to them and asked if they had some gum. My daughter, Hannah, jokingly said, "No, but you should go ask her," as she pointed to a random lady at a booth nearby. He went and asked her for gum. She opened a brand-new gum packet, and by this time, Hannah and her friends also went to her for gum. The trade-off was that they had to listen to what she had to say about Webster University. My daughter was waiting for the gum packet, but during this time she engaged in a conversation, asking if they offered the major, she was interested in. Then Hannah asked her about their study abroad programs. To Hannah's surprise, Webster University in St. Louis had everything she was looking for in those categories. Then, because she had nothing to lose, she asked for a free t-shirt. The recruiter agreed to send it. She told Hannah that she would waive any of the application fees if they applied. Hannah took her e-mail address but did not think anything of it. She was an amazing recruiter. She sent the shirt, waived the application fee, and a week or so before the Presidential Scholar Application was due, she emailed her to apply for this prestigious scholarship. The minimum ACT score requirement was 26. Hannah only had 25 for the ACT score. She had tried three times in the past to improve it and the highest she could score on it was 25. She did not even think to apply for this reason. The recruiter informed her to still apply, even though her score did not meet their requirement. All her teachers and references worked diligently so she could apply. Hannah received an e-mail a month or so later saying she was a finalist and was invited for an interview at Webster for the scholarship. I went with her and supported her as she had a full day of interviews. Out of 150+ finalists, Hannah was selected for the Presidential Scholarship, which is the highest scholarship given at Webster, a private university. God was working behind the scenes again and this time in full force and might! She accepted the scholarship, they accepted all her dual credit courses from high school, (two years' worth) and she ended up being a junior when she was a freshman. This allowed her to study abroad for a year and truly become a global citizen. It allowed her to find a way to get her master's degree within four years and have a scholarship pay for it. She was able to graduate with a BA in Management, an MA in Human Resources Development, and a minor in Marketing Communications as well as a Certificate of Leadership. All her credentials got her an internship at Amazon, during her first semester of her last year in school, which led to a full-time offer. While everyone was stressing about what they would do after college, she had figured it out well before anyone else. That job took her to her dream city, Seattle. Since then, she has taken a year off to work in the mission field of Mumbai, India. She is helping the International Justice Mission (UM) with their mission of curbing and stopping human sex trafficking completely.

   In conclusion, I have now been in the United States for over 46 years. God has blessed me immensely! In my life, three generations have seen and experienced the grace, goodness, and blessings of God! My wife and I are now grandparents, so the fourth generation has entered the scene! I am not worried or concerned about the future generations. He is faithful! I can say as the Apostle Paul did in Philippians 1:6, "Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." He worked and continues to work behind the scenes by going before us like a good shepherd, preparing the way and making our surroundings safe, and comforting us even when we go through problems so we can lie down and rest.

   I am reminded of the "post-Turtle" picture that I recently saw on the internet. It has a turtle on top of a fence post. The world will conclude the following three things: 1) the turtle did not get up there by itself; 2) The turtle does not belong up there; and 3) The turtle does not know what to do while he is up there. Someone had to place the turtle on top of the post. The turtle cannot, by itself, climb up to the top of the post. That is the way it has been in my life. The grace, goodness and faithfulness of God has placed my family and me on top of many life posts! I call them God-ordained grace posts. When He places us there, He equips us with all the proper tools necessary to stay up there for a season of our life. He places us at the right place at the right time for the right purpose. And whenever someone asks me about a post my family and I are sitting upon, I will say, "It's all God's Grace and God placed us there on top of the post! I know God can take you and your life and position you on top of the post, just like the turtle. As God goes ahead of you, my prayer is that He will be placing you on these God-ordained posts of life so you can also say with me, "God is a good God who is working behind the scenes for my good!"

   I continue to experience God's Grace and Favor in my life. I am learning and understanding the richness of this Marvelous Grace that was so freely given to us in and through Christ our Savior and Lord! My prayer is that you will understand this marvelous grace and that this book has helped you to gain a better understanding of this Grace that is so high, wide, rich, and free! Come embrace and walk in this Grace with me!

Mathew's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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