Manuel Vega Story


My name is Manuel Vega. I am in the banking business in Sulphur Springs and I am majoring in business at Texas A&M University-Commerce. I spent four years serving my country in the United States Navy specializing in avionics on the US Kennedy aircraft carrier. I would like to tell you my story.

I was born in Mexico and my parents brought me to the United States. We settled in Riley Springs just a few miles south of Sulphur Springs, Texas. We were a traditional Catholic family. My mother arranged for us to take English lessons at a small Baptist Church in Como, Texas and we were exposed to the Gospel. We attended a Spanish mission church in Sulphur Springs. We had multiple pastors that traveled from Dallas to teach us the Word of God. I played church from five to twenty three years old, but during this time my uncle began to have an influence on my life. He was attending a Pentecostal church in Mineola and started to read the Bible. I was still playing church when I was 12 to 15 years old, but my parents started to grow in faith. I had a basic knowledge and fear of God, but I did not have a relationship with the Creator.

I developed a love for Tejano music and envisioned myself as a great singer and musician in San Antonio. I was 14-15 at this time. I started playing a 12 string acoustic guitar, the accordion, drums and bass guitar. My musical tastes expanded into country and western. I enjoyed singing and playing drums, bass guitar and keyboard.

In high school I visited other family members who introduced me to beer at the age of fifteen. I began to hang out with older guys who drank. By my senior year I had a job working in a restaurant and the owner would send me to Commerce to buy beer. In 1997 we got involved in the club scene and would drink and drive to and from Dallas on the weekend.

On January 21 1998 I was planning on leaving work early and go to a Wednesday night church service. I flipped my car three times and totaled my car. The good news was that I was fine. God protected me. God would speak, but I wouldn’t listen. Two weeks later I was in the Navy at boot camp in Great Lakes, IL. I had four years of continuous drinking and partying. While in the military in 2000 I changed my complete music style to country western and would compete on Sunday. I was removed from God and chose friends that liked to drink and party. By the end of my four year enlistment I started attending church and would only drink after church.

After the military I returned to Yantis, Texas on January 1, 2002. My cousins were attending Assembly of God conferences in Fort Worth and invited me to join them. I was working in a bank as a teller and attending Texas A&M at this time. Many of my old friends were in prison. I started looking for new friends who were seeking God. I wanted to quit drinking. I was driving down an old county road and experiencing incredible guilt. The Holy Spirit was convicting me of my sin. I stopped the truck and purged all of the alcoholic symbols (beer bottle caps, labels, empty bottles) and threw them in a ditch. This had become my identity and idol. I still had a six pack of longnecks and started to pour out the beer. As I poured out the beer, cows that were standing and watching started running away as if they were being chased by the devil. As the last bottle was emptied I felt that the demons had been defeated and I felt relieved. The bonds were broken. I repented that evening and started to seek God. The Holy Spirit revealed Jesus to me. It was time to make it official. I attended a church revival and committed my life to Jesus. The craving for alcohol was gone. The curse of alcohol started in 1993 and ended in 2002. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit on November 27, 2004.

The AG conferences that I attended would minister on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I started praying and reading the Word more. My prayer life accelerated while participating in a 24/7 prayer meeting in a tent on the Texas A&M University Commerce campus. Meeting people like Chris Burge increased my desire to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am pursuing God with everything I have.

Will you join me in this pursuit? Would you like to receive peace with God the Father?

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