Logon Hanington Story

I’m from a town called Mattawamkeag, where two rivers meet.  I grew up in a family of five.

I have two sisters.  My mom is a hairdresser and accountant and my father works in the woods.  I grew up in a family where my dad was always working and my mom usually took care of me.  I never saw my dad much.  When he was home, he was always sleeping or watching TV.

I was going to church growing up, but it really wasn’t a relationship with Jesus.  In Junior High around seventh grade I started hanging out with friends that were into drugs.  I started smoking pot and drinking in eighth grade.  By ninth grade I started doing pills.  I was playing basketball and we would be doing pills on the back of the bus, getting high before games.  I had left my parent’s house in ninth grade and was living with drug dealers.  I was going back and forth from my parent’s house and would take money from them and steal stuff. I lived a rebellious, foolish life and I didn’t have the comfort of love when I was in my house.  I didn’t have the love that I needed growing up so I decided to do my own thing.

By the time I was a junior in high school, I was living in sexual sin and addictions and I was at the point where I hated my life and became suicidal.  The only people I liked were the people I did drugs with and I despised my parents.

I happened to be driving my truck when a couple of my buddies were mouthing off to me after I had done some crystal meth.  We were swearing at each other, and I kicked them out of the truck right off the highway.  While driving, I felt like I was about to pass out and I was at the point where I wanted to kill myself.  So I said, “God, take over my life and really save me from this life that I’m living.”  I rolled the truck over that I was in and the next day I found myself in the hospital thinking back about what happened.  By the mercy of God, I actually walked up the bank after the accident.

My parents had to come get me from Eastern Main Medical Center and they told me that I needed to either go to a drug rehab center or get counseling.  I told them I wanted to kill myself and that I was miserable, but I decided to get counseling with the pastor.  He told me to start reading through the Word and that I had to have an encounter of God’s love to really know Jesus and experience transformation.

At the altar a couple of weeks later, I prayed the prayer, but I was still doing drugs.  A little at a time I was breaking off from addictions, but it was in my own strength.  Six months went by and my parents got a divorce.  This destroyed my thought of God being real, and I went back into drugs, seven times worse.  I was violent and got to the point where I was into oxy 80’s.  The summer of 2009, on the night that I was supposed to be with my cousin, he was at a party drinking and mixing methadone with some stuff.  The next morning I got a call that he was in the hospital, and it awakened me to the mercy of God again.

Two weeks later I got on my knees before God in the altar at church and I gave my heart over to Jesus.  This was the first time I really encountered the love of God. I knew I needed a Savior and someone to guide me in life.   I left Maine and started to pursue a career in automotives.  I was in my apartment weeping on the floor, encountering God as I was reading His Word.  God asked me to give up everything that I had and move back, so I did.  I knew His grace was sufficient for me.

I moved back in with my father and comforted him during the divorce.  He couldn’t be a father to me.  My dad never comforted me at all.  I never got the love because he was a workaholic and all he cared about was the system of the world and the American dream. They had the cars, the clothes and money, and even went to church, but all they cared about was prosperity.

If you haven’t encountered the love of the Father and really need to be embraced by Him, just simply pray and call out to him right now.

Logon was a member of the Fire Team Outreach in Cromwell, CT with FGBMFA.  During this outreach, he grew in boldness and passion to share his faith in the marketplace.


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