Leroy Little

Leroy   I was born in Birmingham, Alabama.  As a child I went to Sunday school and church every Sunday. As a teenager I joined the Methodist church that I had attended for years but in truth it was more than form and not surrender to the Lord. My name was on a church role but not in the Lamb's book of Life. I grew up in a household with six other siblings of which I was next to the oldest. I graduated from Jones Valley High School in 1969 and this was early on a part of a school which was predominantly white students. After graduation I went to Lawson State Junior college for a year and afterwards join the Army and served during the latter days of Vietnam War. I was able to obtain rank as a Sergeant in less than a year's time from the time that I went into the service.   I served around eleven months in Vietnam before coming home to be a part of an Army reserve unit to finish my three years of enlistment with an honorable discharge.  I later went back to Lawson State Junior college and finished my second year and later went to Birmingham Southern college and got a degree in business administration while working during the day as a temporary employee with the Social Security Administration of which later I became a full time employee and retired with 31 years of service as a SSI claims representative technical expert. I had gotten married after being home from the service a few years and a beautiful daughter was born from that union. However, that marriage ended in divorce after 8 years. From my teenage years up until I was 31 years old, I did drink, smoke pot, and take pills and the like but not so much after I had gotten married.

    After my divorce at age 31, I reflected on the years I had lived and gave thought to the fact that there must be more to life than I had experienced, there must be a better way. In a still small voice I heard the Lord say, there is a better way and I am that way. At home alone, I said I choose you Lord but came to know it wasn't so much that I had chosen Him but He had chosen me. I had a quart of rum in my home and was led to open it and pour it down the toilet and haven't drunk a drink since.  When I graduated from high school, my kindergarten teacher gave me a Bible for a graduation gift of which over the years pretty much collected dust on coffee tables but that night my eyes reflected on it and I picked it up and it's been a part of my life every since. I began to hunger and thirst after the word and was in it day and night and saw the word literally jump off the pages and embed them in my heart. A word early on the Lord instilled in my heart was Psalms 27.  From those humble beginnings the Lord through a series of events ordered my steps and I ended up becoming involved in prison ministry while living in Birmingham, Alabama and to this day am still reaching out to the least of them in prison.  I  have been involved in prison ministry in about 13 different states over these years with the majority of prison ministry the last 30 years here in Texas.

   The prison ministry my steps were ordered to at giving my heart to the Lord was called Christians Concerned for Prisoners and at being involved with that ministry, I met a young lady during ministry with this same ministry as a psalmist,  Denise and it seems by the Lord's design we were married within a year and have been doing prison ministry as a couple around the last 38 years. Denise had been married before of which had ended in divorce and from that union came a son, Eric. We say we have 2 children, Jeanine from my prior marriage and Eric from her prior marriage. We had one child still born from our union, whom we named Catherine after my mother's name.

    Along with the prison ministry, the Lord expanded the cords of my tent and put lyrics to songs in my heart and Christian poems.  My wife has recorded several of the songs over the years. Though a quiet guy by nature, before getting saved, I didn't have much to say unless I was full of those distilled spirits, talking loud saying nothing. When I got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, He gave me much to say from His word. I use lyrics from songs and poems the Lord inspired me to write and He added humor to my life to help break the macho image of many I speak to in prison.

    The Lord inspired me to produce a musical for such a time as this titled, The Gospel of Our Nation / A Call to Prayer. This is a clarion call, calling the saints of God to stand in the gap and make intercession on behalf of our Nation. The themes are from Psalms 33:12 and 2nd Chronicles 7:14. We have shared this musical in a good number of prisons asking the saints there to stand in the gap and make intercession on behalf of our Nation and to add 3 words to at least one of their daily prayers daily and that is God, Bless America!

    Outside of my own personal salvation experience, I haven't come to know the Lord anymore real and high and lifted up than as my involvement in prison ministry.

    As is said in prisons, God is good and that all the time.

Leroy's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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