Kurt von Schleicher

   My name is Kurt von Schleicher, and my family was part of a traditional Roman Catholic Church. I was the altar boy that tried hard but often screwed up; because of bad attitude, bad words, lots of fights at school and home.

   It wasn’t uplifting at all at church--I’m sure they all meant well. My parents often fought all the way home each Sunday. Their message at the church was basically: Do better and do good. Be better, be good (but they never gave us the power to pull it off). We were completely lost, not proud of it, but too proud just the same... while trusting in some good works, but not so many.

   My grandfather was an alcoholic and both of my parents were alcoholics during my upbringing (according to them. It’s true). I sure love them — they’ve all given so much to me in spite of their drinking and they worked hard to provide. I felt far from God, afraid of eternity, and knew I wasn’t so good at all because I couldn’t keep God’s Top Ten. My brothers couldn’t either, and my older brother went MIA on chemicals for over 12 years. We didn’t know most of that time where he even was.

   During my teens I grew up on the beach in Southern California as a wild surfer. Yes wild, things got out of control and my car accidents on the Coast Highway indeed let me know this.

   Man, I seemed to have inherited my parent’s same problem with the bottle. I should have gone to jail and deserved to be there. And how did my car crash with a big curb happen? It happened by my own bad choices and impaired judgment is how.

   I was invited to a lot parties, and I went to them every week or weekend. The buzz or feeling people get there is so temporary.

   For me, I felt miserable a lot... guilty, empty, disoriented, and hopeless with such a hard heart inside. The drinkers I chose as my close friends surely didn’t help me any, but my Dana Hills coach Randy Ziglar was a 4A surfer who took me surfing and witnessed to me of Christ’s love. I opted not to come to Jesus for a while. I wanted to be careful with spiritual choices and the relationship with God that he described seemed so foreign to me. How could it be real if it wasn’t blessed by a priest in a black gown?  

   I was invited to a Bible study by some from my same church but who lived up in the Newport Beach area of California. The difference was they were born again spiritually according to the Bible. That was a new concept. I loved the Lord and worshipped there. I enjoyed what we studied too, so at the end of the study time I firmly decided I really needed this Savior. They gave me the applications steps I needed most. I repented, believed and was rescued by Jesus Christ in 1977.

   Yes, to be specific, it happened in a small home group with some 10 gray-headed Christian ladies that my mom knew. I was the only dude there. It was good though, in the springtime. They asked me if I wanted to repent, to believe in Jesus, to be baptized in the Spirit and have a new beginning. I said if it has to do with Christ, then I want it all so we prayed together. It’s all kind of hard to explain; because it felt like scales fell from my eyes and everything now looked vibrantly colorful and different to me after that day. I never wanted to go back to my old life.

   In fact, I wanted the whole world to know, so I simply obeyed the Bible by getting water-baptized in the Pacific Ocean while a senior at Dana Hills High School. This was a start for me in the Dana Point Harbor in Dana Point, California.

   I then found some saved surfer friends my own age and their local fellowship. What a life! I so loved the Lord, and the believers there, I really loved life now and my parents more than ever, It wasn’t my love.

   This was one season where I really grew spiritually – it was while I was attending Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa with Pastor Chuck Smith up the coast. Never felt happier or more wonderful inside knowing I was forgiven. The out-growth of receiving so much sound Bible teaching at church was that God gave me a real love for the lost and actually started using me the once religious wretch… to verbally share truth in love to win my surfing and volleyball buddies to Christ. Time flies by when you’re having fun serving the Lord!

   After high school I sold real estate for some years, but I would often find myself questioned by potential buyers and sellers on personal matters, and would find myself addressing the greatest needs of my clientele – the spiritual ones. Didn’t hold back, they had needs. I enjoyed living for and talking about Jesus more than anything else and was eventually called to Gospel ministry in 1980.

   I drove a long way to Texas in my VW bus – my van with the flowered curtains and Aloha surf racks. This is where I studied the Word at a couple different Bible colleges in the Dallas area during the 80’s. It was during this time that I met my beautiful wife, Liney, who was also a Bible school student. As singles, we separately were involved in summer mission’s trips. After our marriage in ’82 I continued to make some short term missions trips into Eastern and Western Europe. This was an exciting time before the Wall fell in Berlin. I also served for the decade of the eighties as a Pastor over East Dallas home groups at the eleven-thousand-member, Church on the Rock in Rockwall, Texas.

   In 1990 Stephan, Nathan, Christian, Liney and I (Kurt) were properly sent out to Germany from our local church where we served as independent missionaries, and where we were involved in helping to establish five new local churches (basing from a German church in Augsburg near Munich). As a missionary, I taught for four years in Harvest Bible School in Bavaria, I oversaw what several in the area called “a thriving youth ministry” and we traveled extensively doing itinerant evangelism inside Cathedrals, open squares, and throughout the European Union. When we (the von Schleichers) finally returned to America, I became an assistant pastor at another ten-thousand-plus-member Church in the Dallas area, but after for years (in spite of the excitement, growth and big paychecks), I had a new longing to reach out in new areas. I really feel that God is preparing me for something else and He led the way out.

   In our travels, we have learned a lot about healthy churches, not-so healthy churches and about the unique distinctions in the many different streams of Christendom. We still desire to remain non-sectarian and even open to learn from all types of believers. God continues to use Liney and I with some gifts of the Spirit for His glory. I am bivocational working with Hilton in Dallas, with Global Media Outreach and I teach at www.Prestonwood.org

   I enjoy it and the people there. They are family to me! Been far more privileged that I deserve. Please let me know if you need some pray, have questions or want to become born again and totally filled up with God's Spirit... whose first name is Holy. It can happen today!

   From radio ministry in Nicaragua to youth retreats in the mountains of Romania, God has blessed me to minister in twenty six nations. I really owe the Lord, and my awesome wife Liney many thanks for being with me in all this. Jesus has been such a wonderful Lord for me!




Kurt and Liney spreading the Gospel

Hearing His Voice Testimony

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