Justin Moseley

Justin Moseley

Contacting New People in the Marketplace

My name is Justin Moseley. I am twenty-seven years old and work as an unloader/stocker at Walmart in Canton, Texas. I am in contact with a lot of new faces every day, and when the opportunity arises, I share my story of how Jesus changed my life.

I was an atheist and anything spiritual was foolishness to me. I was working in a factory making windows for skyscrapers. I was part of a two man build team, so every day I got to know my coworker a little better. Finally, I got comfortable enough to ask him about his pentagram necklace. I asked, "No offense, but isn't that devil stuff?" He smiled and said, "There is no such thing as the devil." And that was my first step into witchcraft.

The Wiccan religion is made to look and sound very attractive, with promises of power and success, but it brought me nothing but pain and suffering. It teaches, as long as you aren't hurting anyone, do it. With this "Do what feels good" attitude, my conscience was seared over with a hot iron. I began to give into all manner of worldly lusts. I went beyond watching pornography and started going to strip clubs. I cheated on my girlfriend, and I went beyond an occasional hit of marijuana, taking pills from strangers without question. Many times, I would wake up with no memory of what happened the night before. It wasn't long before I was fired from my job. I fell into depression, and felt worthless. Once I hit the bottom, I stayed there face down in the muck that was my life.

Finally, I got up to find a job, and I got hired at the Walmart in Canton. Then by the grace of God, a friend I hadn't seen in years, who had been an alcoholic, came by my house one day. He told me that Jesus had changed his life, and that God had taken away his alcohol addiction. He told me Jesus's parable of the sower, how preaching the gospel is like planting seeds, and that it is the soil that determines how that seed grows.  Those words hit me and struck something inside of me. I thought, "What if he's right? What if it's all true?"

That day for the life of me, I could not stop thinking about His words, Jesus's words. They just kept creeping up into my mind. I was thinking to myself about my born again friend, his prayers for me, and his existence of God. Driving home that night, when it was just me and the road, I couldn't hold back anymore. I raised my hands and through tears said, "Jesus, let your blood wash over me, forgive me, I'm sorry God, please forgive me, I believe in You and that You died for me." About three seconds later I felt a bolt of lightning hit my spine. It felt like an electrical current running through me. My hands clenched the wheel, and I tried to let go, but there was no way. My whole body tightened up, as did my neck, and my ear was glued to my shoulder. A language, I never heard and didn't understand poured out of me. Tears were streaming down my face. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. It felt like pure joy.

In that moment, a veil was torn from my mind, and the truth was revealed to me. Through divine enlightenment, God told me that every sentence, every word, and every letter of the Holy Bible is from Him. That He has always been with me, and He loves me more than I can imagine, and He forgives me. I started laughing and screaming at the top of my lungs, "Thank you JESUS!" It was the best feeling that I have ever felt, and I know that it was only a glimpse into His glory. This went on for about twenty minutes, but it felt like five. The Holy Spirit baptized me in fire. I haven't been the same since.

I feel a connection with people that I did not have before. I see everyone as fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters. We are all the children of God, even people that hate God. I do not judge them but love them, because I was as they are not so long ago. I see very plainly now that there is a spiritual battle going on, a battle for souls. It is ultimately our choice who we follow. I have chosen to be a warrior of light. My most powerful weapons against Satan are my Bible, which is the sword of the Spirit, and fervent prayer. God did not save me so that I could sit by and watch from the sidelines. He has charged me to be on the frontlines wearing the full armor of God. I will continue to walk in the darkness as a beacon of light, the salt of the earth, planting the seed of love and forgiveness, which is the message of the gospel.


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