Julian Awad Testimony

Julian Awad

My name is Julian Awad, and I live in Mechanicsburg, PA. I'm a father with a seven-year-old son and twin girls that are five years old. They're only eighteen months apart. I have a lovely wife, her name is Kara. We are blessed beyond measure and have been through ups and downs together. Being a father has really changed my perspective of who God is.

   My business is digital marketing and lead generation. I own two businesses JSA Interactive Inc. and a DBA JSA Global Media.

   I also wanted just to let you know that I'm really humbled to be here. My mother and my uncle used to go to Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship meetings in the 60s. I mentioned this to my mother a few months ago, and she was telling me that she was filled with the Holy Spirit at a Full Gospel meeting and that she and my uncle would see healings and all sorts of things. It was interesting that so many years later that even my spiritual father, my youth pastor, started out sharing his testimony at a Full Gospel Business Men's meeting. There's so much heritage in this organization. So, I'm humbled that you guys are going to take the time to listen to my story. I want to thank Jesus for the opportunity to have the grace and the freedom to be able to speak. In so many countries around the world, we don't have that opportunity.

   My mother was from California, and my father was from Syria. He's actually from Latakia, Syria. It's about twenty miles south of the city Antioch, and he grew up orthodox. He went to a school that was set up by Presbyterian missionaries. He grew up with a Protestant background and came to the United States for a college education. Dad met my mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My mom went to Oral Roberts University, my dad went to Tulsa University, and they met at Evangelical Temple while attending the youth group. I was born and even dedicated at Evangelical Temple. Thus, we started with a Pentecostal background.

   At the age of three, my dad who was petroleum engineer, and we moved to Libya. We were there through two wars. We were evacuated by the United Nations three times. Our family even met Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator. When President Reagan decided to bomb Libya, we had a twenty-four hour notice to leave. We moved back to Colorado. After Colorado, we moved to Malaysia. We were in Malaysia for almost four years, and from Malaysia we moved to Australia for three years. We were constantly moving and before I graduated high school, I changed schools fourteen times. There was a lot of transient type of behavior even when it was just going back and forth between the same countries and changing visas, and different schools. It was an interesting upbringing.

   At the age of thirteen, I started getting interested in the occult. It started with Dungeons and Dragons and trying the fantasy role of playing games. I started getting interested with false deities and demonology. I was looking for the ability to manipulate others. As my world became more and more chaotic,I had a friend who was older and we got really into the dark arts. We tried to learn about spells and sorcery. At the age of fourteen, we started playing music that honored Satan. This was the first time I saw a spirit. As I saw it, I looked down after playing this certain song, and I saw this void shape that was looking up at me and I jumped. I was scared, but at the same time and was interested in seeing if I could communicate with these evil spirits.

   Around this time we moved to Indonesia, which was our final country overseas. I don't know how many of you know where Indonesia is or have heard of Indonesia before? Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, has about 280 million Muslims. It has over 14,000 islands with over 1000 spoken languages. It was a tribal country, made of islands where they worshipped their ancestors and tree spirits. The nation practices witchcraft, and was a very dark place when we were living there. During this time, it was really difficult because I was turning fifteen and things had started to accelerate. I'd wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm choking. Sometimes the doors would open and close by themselves. We started seeing things moving in the house and saw cupboard doors opening and moving by themselves. With more satanic power, it was turning into anger and creating a greater fear, I began to understand that I had no control over these things in my life.

At the age of sixteen, someone at school handed me a video called Rock and Roll: A Search for God. He went through the video and explained the rock and roll messages and how it was telling people not accept Christ and take your time. There were two paths. You could go by the way of the world with the premise, “Don't worry, there's still time to change the path that you're on.”They were some subtleties that they were programming the youth. At the very end, I was sitting alone in the house and the doors were slamming during the videos. I was paralyzed by fear, but at the same time, I was totally fixated by what this man was saying; because he kept talking about Jesus and Jesus as a Savior and true salvation. At the very end of the video, he ended up having an altar call. I just said, "Jesus, if you're real, make all this demonic stuff go away, and I'll make you my Lord." Everything stopped, just like that. It was a complete and utter demonstration of Jesus’ power over the spiritual world.

   I stopped and turned around and looked at what just happened. The next day I went to school and started telling people about Jesus. There was a complete transformation overnight in my life, a transformation of understanding that what true power really was. I didn't really know anything about the Bible. I found a youth group and I started finding different missionaries that would come back to Jakarta for a few months. Then they would go into the jungle. I started asking if I could go with them. So at seventeen years old, I was leading people to the Lord even though I was looking for a Bible and a youth group and learn about the Lord. I found a youth group and got things going. We started going into the jungles of Sumatra and helping people. I would just take clothes and toys to families that we knew at our school. Sometimes I would come home in my boxer shorts; I'd given everything away.

It was so amazing to meet people that had nothing, but they loved Jesus. In the midst of having nothing, and when I said nothing, these people had a well with two frogs living in it. That's where they got their water. It was full of grass and mud. They would pour it out and they would boil it for us. When it was handed to us, it was full of dirt, grass, and frogs. The water and air temperature was 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. I’d sip the water and tell them, "Thank you." And I'd walk away from there in tears. Even though they were surrounded by religious enemies, tigers, snakes, and elephants that would come and try to destroy them; they would worship and praise the Lord.

   I ended up coming home for the summer and my uncle who was in Assemblies of God Pastor sent me down to a place called Christ for the Nations. While I was there, I was filled with the Holy Spirit and saw a lot of healings. At one particular time, there was a lot of spiritual warfare. Somebody walked in during one of the services and asked for a guy named Julian, and I thought for sure he was talking to someone else. Finally, after a few seconds of nobody said anything. I raised my hand and said, "I'm Julian." He said, "I was walking by here, and God told me to come in to get healed and ask for you." I said, "Okay." So, I went over and not knowing anything else other than what I'd read that Jesus did, I laid hands on him and said, "In the name of Jesus, be healed." He had a cast on and walked down and said, "Thank you." The next day came back, had no cast on and said to everyone that "God healed me." It was my first experience of being obedient and seeing God work in an amazing way.

   After that, I ended up going back to Indonesia. I met a few people and my youth pastor. During my senior year when I was eighteen years old that we transition back to the United States. I became a youth pastor and went through a bunch of things. I ended up not following through with that and ended up going to college. I attended a home group church. I met a lady who I thought was a believer and under pressure ended up getting married after a couple of days. After seventy-two hours, I totally regretted my decision. For two and a half years, I sought the Lord and tried to work through the situation. It became clear that I was walking with a different Lord, and I had a different life with God than what was going on with her.

   The idea that I could actually make a mistake, even though I was walking with God, shipwrecked me and destroyed me. I walked away from the Lord and ran from him for fifteen years. It was during a time when I was leading people to the Lord. I walked into the situation and suddenly was hit with my own weakness. I think that's why I love Peter so much in the Bible. He was exuberant for the Lord. He knew and understood the Lord. He declared that he would die for Jesus and that he would do anything for the Lord. But at the same time, he understood that when Jesus turned around to him and said, "Tonight you're going to deny me." And when it really happened, he wept bitterly. It was really a tough time.

   During those fifteen years, not only did I run from God, and sought the things of the world. It was at that time that I was reminded of who the Lord of this world was. But, I longed for meaning and purpose that wasn't empty. Because once you've tasted of Jesus Christ, where can you go? Once you have actually experienced this world, and the blinders have come off and you've seen everyone else out there walking through and going through the motions, and they have nowhere to go. They don't know where they're going to go, and they don't know the meaning of life. All they know is that they are going to eventually die. So, I might as well get up and go to work and make my money, and have the best time I can right now because there's nothing else that I know of. But when you've eaten the richness of God, when you know that you have a place and you have a purpose, when you've walked in obedience and you've seen the power of God, take you out of your own personal darkness, seeing Him save others, and yet in that moment of weakness were destroyed and fallen away. It's like living in hell and being separated from the one that you know.

   I ended up getting remarried to a nonbeliever. She was agnostic, brought up Catholic, but didn't believe in any of that religious stuff. In 2012, about seven years ago, my wife came up to me and she said, "Your business is starting to take off and we have a child. You're relatively happy, right? So, why aren't you happy anymore? We should be happy. Everything else is going well for you." I said to her, "I used to have a spiritual life where I used to walk with God every day, and I miss that." She turned to me and said, "Why don’t you change that? Go do something about it." I was shocked, but I said, "Okay." I thought about it and six months later, I got down on my knees in the basement, and wept bitterly. I don't know how long it took Peter, maybe a few minutes or a few hours, but I wept bitterly. I knew that my Lord knew me better than I knew myself, and I repented. I called out and I asked God, "Please, please, if you'll take me back, just help me to find a few people that want to worship You, a few men that I can go and get back into a place of seeking after you."

   Two weeks later I got invited to a Bible study. I said, "You know, maybe another time." He texted me six weeks in a row. He just kept texting me saying, "How about tonight?" I said, "No, no, no, excuse." "How about tonight?" "No, no and I can't" "Now, how about tonight?" And it just kept going. Finally, I said, "Yes." God answered my prayers. I got put into a group called Iron Men. It was a Wednesday night men's ministry at a Methodist Church, full of a bunch of different denominational men who love Jesus Christ. The man who was there was transparent, and he knew how to give his sin and love to Jesus Christ. He was the juxtaposition of someone being willing to be transparent about his weakness and at the same time show his love for Jesus Christ. It breaks down barriers. It adds confusion, it confounds the wise and it leaves someone saying, "There must be a mystery that I don't know." It makes them curious and draws them in which I couldn't understand how this person could be so transparent about his weakness and still be the leader of this group and everything else.

   I spent several months with my arms crossed and up high like that. Then a couple of months went by and they got a little lower, and then they got a little lower. Finally, one day, I'd had enough, and I just confessed everything. I gave it all and surrendered it all back to the Lord. All the ego, all the pride, all the things that I had been holding back from the Lord, everything that I didn't want to let go of, even though I had repented and I had turned and gone the other direction and asked God to take me back. There was still a stronghold of things that I was holding on to. I finally got rid of those things.

   Then I started praying and asking God saying I wanted to go back to church. I wanted to start to be with people again. The Father, in his gracious manner, He just gave me peace. I said, "Lord, I don't want to get a divorce. I don't want my wife to be angry." I said, "Please, Lord, Holy Spirit, please come and help me do this." I went up to my wife and said, "Hey, I'm thinking about going to church on Sunday." She said, "Great, have a great time. You're going to love it." So I went to church on Sunday, I heard this message that was an okay. I didn't know anyone there and I went for the coffee and donuts afterwards and sat in this giant gymnasium. A seventy-two-year-old lady named Dottie was using a walker, saw me and got up and started walking towards me at a snail’s pace. She gets up, looking at me and she keeps coming, and it was like terror for fifteen minutes watching her come over directly at me, making a beeline like a Mack truck moving at one mile an hour, you just don't-- you can't get out of the way.

   She finally came over and sat down next to me and said, "Are you new here?" I said, "Yes." She said, "Well, Jesus told me to come over and tell you that He loves you." Then she patted me on the back and got up and walked away. Let me tell you when the Holy Spirit sticks you in the heart and opens you up so that you can receive the love of God, that open-heart surgery that happens, I got up and ran out of that gym just full of tears knowing that God was chasing after me. I'm not chasing after God. The Lord is coming after me. The good shepherd that doesn't let his sheep get away. The one who walks side by side with me through all of it just waiting for me to come back to Him. HalleluYah.

   The next week, I went back to church and then I said, "I got to start bringing my kids." I started praying, "Lord, I don't want a divorce. I don't want to create a problem in my family. Lord, I want to tell my wife, I'm going to bring my kids. Please, Holy Spirit, help me out." I went over to my wife, I said, "I was thinking about taking the kids to church." "Great. They're going to love it. Go and take the kids. They're going to have a good time. You guys go; you're going to have a good time at church. Yes, the kids should go to church." So, now I'm going to church with my kids.

   After about five or six weeks, I felt the Lord pressing me. He said, "You're the high priest of your home. Set the example. Start praying for your wife." I started praying and said, "Lord, I don't want to create a problem, but I want my wife to come to church with me." I started praying and asking the Holy Spirit to come over to my house to create a place in her heart where she would come with me. I went up to her and said, "Honey, it would be nice if you would come with me and the kids to church?" She said, "Yeah, I was thinking about that. That'd be great, yeah, I'd love to come."

   Suddenly my wife and my kids were coming with me to church, and the Lord started working on my wife. Every week during praise and worship, she would just start crying. She started saying, "I just don't want to go to church anymore because I don't want to cry." The Holy Spirit just started working and working and working on her. The summer of 2017, God reconnected me with my old youth pastor who had raised me up in the Lord and invested so much into me. I went to a conference in Ohio. The conference was a conference full of Christians that have been persecuted from around the world for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

   The last night they had a prayer time, and I walked out from under the tent. I walked down under the stars into a cornfield. I began to raise my fist at God because I knew what was coming. I knew it meant giving everything back to Him, everything, but this time I had more. I had a family; I had kids and a wife. I started screaming at God and I started saying, "You could have everything of me; You can have it all. You can have my family; You could have everything, but just don't take my wife and my son away from me. Whatever You do God, please don't take my wife and my son away from me. Please, I’ll give it all to You." I woke up and started praying for three months, and the Lord said to me, "I have a project for you."

   And that night, I went to men's group on Wednesday night and before we got started I got up like you were doing the announcements. Brother, what's your name?

   Henry? I walked up like Henry did and I said, "Before we get started I just want you all to know that the Lord told me he has a project for me. I'm not sure what it is, He just said to bring it up tonight." Jim's sitting back there some guy started laughing really hard and fell out of his chair and he said, "You won't believe this but my friend from South Africa said, "Ask tonight if anyone wanted to help him with the project that he has." I was like, "Great." I was thinking, like, downtown Harrisburg, not Africa. I said "South Africa?" "No, no, no, it's not even in South Africa, it's in Uganda." I said "Uganda? Uganda is in near the center of Africa. I didn’t want to go there." The Holy Spirit just said to speak to this guy. We had three conversations with a person I couldn't understand, and I just was going through the whole process. I was worn out.

   I thought I heard the Holy Spirit saying, "Keep talking to him." I just kind of gave up and said, "Alright Riaan. I'm in.” Fine, you want to do something in Uganda, great. I'll send you some money. So you let me know." And he said, "No, no, no, brother, I don't want your money. God wants you. You are the one that God sends. I want you to go to Africa." I said, "I'm not going to Africa." He said, "No, you got to go. Once you're there God's going to put it in your heart. You're going to feel what God is doing in your life when you get there. I know that God is sending you." And I said, "Ah man, I got to pray about this." He said, "Go pray about it. Call me tomorrow." I'm like, "No, no, you don't understand. I really got to pray about this." And so I thought about it. I prayed about it and it got in my bones. The Lord said, "Go to Africa." I said, "Alright."

   So, I went and found a good time to talk to my wife, which is never. And my wife who didn't know the Lord and didn't believe in God, she knew there was something, but didn't know what. I sat her down, I said, "Hey, Honey, I feel like God is telling me to go to Africa." And she said, "You're not going to Africa." For thirty minutes, she explained to me why and how many ways and reasons that I wasn't going to go to Africa. My pride really started to rise up about who's going to tell me what and why and all these sorts of things. The first thing I did is I went and called my father and I told my father and he said, "Don't go to Africa." I said, "What do you mean, Dad?" He goes, "There's plenty of ministry work you can do. Don't worry about these things. Don't ruin your family life. If God wants you to go, He will make a way. Let's pray." I said, "Okay, great, Dad. Let's pray." So, we prayed about it and said, "Lord, if you want me to go, you got to make a way." Forty hours later, my wife walked into the house and said, "I've changed my mind, I want to support you. You can go to Africa, and I want to support you. Let's go." She packed up my suitcase and found different things and helped me with everything that I needed. I said, "I guess I'm going to Africa".

   I booked my ticket for January 1, 2018, and flew out. I was going to meet someone I'd only talked to three times in my life over Skype and met him at the airport. I ended up meeting one of the other men that I met at the conference. We went to few different towns, and the Lord moved in a mighty way. I want to tell you a little bit about what God has done in the last twenty months.

   The first night in Africa, I couldn't sleep well and the next day I woke up at breakfast time. I could hear praise and worship when I was out on the street. For two and a half hours, I could hear praise and worship over speakers. Finally, when the pastor came to pick us up, he took us to his tent. I realized they've been doing praise and worship for two and a half hours getting ready. There were about 30 or 40 people in there and they all started doing praise and worship for another 45 minutes. So, it's three and a half hours of praise and worship. They weren't just sitting around. They were dancing the whole time. They understood spiritual warfare.

   And they got up and everybody started giving sermons. They pointed at me and said, "Brother, we are so sorry, we didn't give you a chance to come up and preach and give a word from God." I said, "That's alright, I'm not the guy." Then he insisted that I preach. I said, "Why you keep calling me, man of God? You don't know me; you don't know where I was come from in my life." I had a conversation with him. I said, "Why are you calling me Man of God all the time?" He said, "Because Man of God, the Holy Spirit told me to call you Man of God." That night they told me you're going to be the third preacher.” Okay, I'm going third.

   The first guy got up and he preached his heart out. There were about a hundred or so people out there in the street. The second guy got out and he preached his heart out. There was about a hundred and fifty at that point out in streets that had gathered in. They came over to me and I just opened up my Bible on my phone and said, "Lord, give me a verse or something." I stopped at Mathew 10:20 and it's basically where Jesus is telling them, "Listen, I'm sending you out. Okay, you guys and don't worry because you're going to be, basically, like sheep among wolves, and you're going to be as innocent as doves, but as shrewd as snakes. They are going to come after you, and they're going to beat you. They're going to put you in jail, but don't worry because when you go before the judge, it won't be your words it will be the Father's words by the power of the Holy Spirit." I literally started laughing out loud and said, "Alright, here we go. Let's go, Holy Spirit."

   I got up on the stage and for the first time since I was about eighteen years old, I let loose and started talking about Jesus Christ up on that stage and fire from heaven fell. People started coming forward and giving their lives to the Lord. And then you started seeing people coming up for prayer and for healing. I started just praising God at the moment. I started saying, "I don't understand what's going on." And the words that were coming out were from the Holy Spirit. The team was putting it up on Facebook and doing Livestream. People were watching back home. It was nuts. I got down off the stage; I was walking through the crowd and the taxi guys started coming up and said, "I want to give my life to Jesus.” We were getting down on our knees and praying with people, and leading them to the Lord on the street. That night and I was lying in bed underneath the mosquito net looking up and I said, "Lord, I don't even recognize myself. I don't even know who I am anymore." I went to sleep and I woke up, and we preached five days from morning to night for the Lord. Every day was like that.

   People were coming forward for prayer. People were coming forward to give their lives to the Lord. I went to another church and about a hundred people came forward for prayer and to give their lives to Jesus Christ. I thought, "This is not real. It's supernatural. It’s all about Him.”

   As I was leaving that country, I realized all the incredible things God did. A police person wanted a free ride and I ended up getting to preach to her and tell her about Jesus for thirty minutes while she was in the car. She could hardly wait to get out. It was all sorts of neat things happening and finally, the Lord said, "You're going to come back to this country and help raise 10,000 leaders in this country." I said, "Lord, I don't even know how to be a Christian yet and you want to place this inside of my portfolio. The Lord said, "Go back to America and I'll teach you in America."

   So, I came home and I spent two months re-adjusting to America. I sought after the Lord and three months later the Lord said around May-June, "Have a revival." And I didn't know what revival was. I went to church and I asked everybody, "What's a revival?" And they said, "Well, you get together. You have some people speak and this sort of thing and everybody gets excited and they all come back and started giving their lives to the Lord again." I said, "Alright, we're going to have a revival." I went online and started Googling how to have a revival. I learned how to have revival. We started putting it together and my friends kept saying, "You should speak and give your testimony about coming back to the Lord." I said, "Okay, I'll do that." We found four churches that wanted to support us.

   I found people outside of the churches that began to hand-out fliers all over the city and then everything fell apart three weeks beforehand. We lost all of the people that were going to come and sing. Everything fell apart. It was a total disaster, but I knew that the Lord had started it. Our board directors and a group of people said "Don't lose faith." I said, "Okay, I won't. God started it." Churches donated their choirs. These choirs were from Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, and Free Will Lutherans churches. We had almost 400 people during two sessions. I preached and my wife sat and cried through the entire thing. My seven-year-old son helped with everything. He was helping me hand out fliers for the revival.

From that, seeds were planted in my wife, my son, and people in the community. I don't want to forget what happened, but in November of last year, the homeless shelter, there's a group of churches that invited me to come and be a part of their service. Within four weeks, they started asking me to get on rotation and preach and bring messages. During this entire time, I was thinking about what I had said to the Lord in Uganda. I said, "Lord, I don't really know Your Word that well." So, I found an online Bible school, and started an ordination track.

   Every time I learn something in school, I just brought it and preached it. It was pretty simple. Next thing you know, the chaplain at the homeless center said, "Hey, would you like to do this on a regular basis?" I said, "Okay, Lord. I'll do it on a regular basis." I said to him, "Yes." So, he booked me in and I said, "You know, I work from home. If you ever need a backup call me." So, now I'm the backup as well for anyone else that doesn't show up.

   Four weeks later, my son calls me up to his room. He's on Superbook, a little bible app and he says, "Hey, Papa, it says here that you can give your life to the Lord and you can become a Christian by saying to Jesus, save me." And he read the entire thing and I asked him, "Do you know what this means?" And he said, "Well, it's like if someone was trying to kidnap me and you came downstairs and said, no, no, no, don't take him, take me and they took you instead." I said, "Yes, that's exactly what it's like." So, I prayed with my son and my son gave his life to the Lord at six years of age. He told Jesus he wanted Him to be his Lord and Savior.

   I was amazed. And then a few months later there was a weekend to remember. Focus on the Family was having a marriage retreat? My wife loves those things. I asked her and said, "Hey, do you want to do a marriage thing?" She goes, "Yes! I’d love to do it." We went there on Valentine's Day weekend. On Saturday morning they said, "Your relationship with each other within your marriage is directly related to your relationship with God and we're going to give you chance to accept Jesus Christ if you never had before." So, they went through the sinner's prayer, and I looked over at my wife and she was saying the prayer word for word and crying the entire time. Then they asked for the Holy Spirit to come and fill you up and she did that and then she started really crying and started to almost collapse. I said is this really happening and she said, “Yeeeess!” I held her for about thirty minutes. But suddenly it came over me, I remembered the prayer that I had with God. I said, "Please You can have everything, You can have it all just don't take my wife and my son." What a Lord that we have that would come and not only deliver what we needed but overly, abundantly, beyond anything that we can imagine, beyond what we asked for, beyond what we can even understand or see, the God of the seen and the unseen came through.

   My wife gave her life to the Lord this year in February. It was an incredible moment. Both of us started walking with the Lord and God told us it was time to change. We had ended searching for another church. We went where the Holy Spirit directed us. We have been getting involved at that church. My kids love it there. My wife loves it there. You can just see what God has doing to build a foundation. My wife went from not understanding anything about the Lord to encouraging me and telling everyone, "My husband's an Evangelist. Did you know that he did a revival? Did you know he goes out into the streets on the weekends, lays hands on people and leads them to the Lord? Have you ever seen him on Friday night down by the bars preaching?" She tells everybody and she's so proud of me. God laid a foundation so that I would have a support system that I needed, and He knew I needed it. God came through once again, "Lord if you're real, will you please help me up." And He did.

   In April of this year, my wife had booked a pilgrimage to Israel for us. This was six months before she was a believer. We got to go for 14 days around the Sea of Galilee. See all the places Jesus had been including going to Jerusalem. It was just amazing and my wife decided to get baptized in the Jordan River. It was awesome to witness her baptism. We came back as a couple from Israel understanding there's so much more to God. Our tour guide showed us the historical places and we realize that everything in the Bible is real. It produces the level of confidence in who He is, for me.

   In August of this year, I completed the first set of my credentials in training with the Christian Leaders Institute and became an ordained deacon minister. It was a moment of being able to just tell the Lord that I want to be a man who's been trained up. A man who would say, "Lord, bid me come." I will take that step. I want to be in a place for the Lord when He calls. I'm ready and I have the word as my foundation. I have been built on that promise and that faith has grown.

Julian and his wife Kara

   He opened the door to go back to Uganda. We have two missions there. We have two radio stations, and we have a revival program that goes on Friday and Saturday night. We plan to cover about a third of Uganda with our revival radio programs. We have two schools that we're working on. We're training up believers. Our first-person has graduated from our English and tailoring program. We're working on building a Christian School K to 12 grades for kids. A lot of Muslim families have already signed-up. We have about two hundred kids and about thirty orphans that are already in the schools.

   I'm going back to Uganda on January 1, 2020, and by the grace of God, we are looking forward to that work. In the meantime, I've asked the Lord to continue to grow me and give me opportunities to share the Lord with people.


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