Investing in the Future - John Schmook

John was reared by Christian parents who were very active in their local church, but for some reason, he never accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord.

When John started school, it was determined that a major reading deficiency was evident. We now refer to this as a type of dyslexia. Even though his parents and two sisters were extremely intelligent, this reading problem plagued John and motivated him to achieve success through manipulation and usury.  

At the age of 16, his mother died of cancer and his father turned the entire farming operation over to him at this early age.  At his mother’s request, John did go to college. After two years, he met his wife to be, Luella, and they both decided it was time to return to the family farm which was a disaster in many ways. In the next 10 years, three children were born to this marriage and with the exception of the children, every other goal turned out to be a failure. 

At the age of 29, he returned to Oklahoma State University and finished two years of coursework in one year’s time with excellent grades, even though he could not read. The philosophy of "the harder you drive yourself, the more rewards you receive" became his motto and motivation. During the next 12 years, major successes were accomplished among which John was named Newsmaker of the Year for the State of Oklahoma in exposing the fraud and graft in State Government.
His motivation to success was based on trying to prove he was not STUPID because he could not read. Every accomplishment was at the expense of his marriage and family. In 1970, after the death of their fourth child, his wife declared that she could not continue the marriage relationship.  At his lowest point, John was willing to ask for God's assistance.  It was very apparent at this time that success, recognition, and money did not bring happiness. John and Luella both reached out to God and made Jesus Lord
of their lives, and everything began to change. The marriage came back together, the children returned, and a new life began. Both Luella and John received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit six months later.

Since September 1970, John has had the opportunity of sharing his testimony and teaching God's Word in well over 40 nations which include each of the Fire Teams in the Western Hemisphere as well as England. He has ministered in jails and prisons for over 30 years and has witnessed tremendous life changing effects on the lives of the inmates. Surprising, is the fact that he learned to read after God entered his life at 42 years of age.
In the family relationships after the death of his youngest son in 1968 and not knowing how to tap the power of God, he was instrumental in seeing the Lord raise his eldest son from the dead.  Luella has been healed of cancer 10 times and is now completely healed in the presence of Jesus.  John has been completely healed from a stroke in 1988.

In business, John has received the highest designation in real estate appraising and in 40 years of work, he was recognized as one of the best in this area of the United States. His second son Alan now owns Schmook Appraisal Company and has been more successful than his Dad.  He is equally well known as a community leader. God's miracles of restoration, healing and enablement seem to follow him wherever he goes.

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