John Holden


   My name is John Holden. I started Holden's Bookkeeping & Tax Service in 1973. Prior to 1997 when I was born-again, I had marital problems with my wife. We went to marriage counseling and were back in my home. She invited me to go to an Easter Service, which I hadn't done since Vietnam and I said okay. This was in 1997. I told my wife I had to do an inventory for one of six bars that I had for clients, and it would take about a half-hour. I told her I would be ready to go to church. When I got to the bar, the owner and I got to talking, had a few beers and before too long, it was 1:00 PM. I told my wife a little lie and she knew that the inventory took a lot longer at that particular bar.

   She said something that blew me away, “Could we go to church next Sunday.”

   I had no excuse and said, Okay. Next Sunday, we went to this church that was very charismatic.

She said, “There's nothing wrong when people raise their hands and speak in the Holy Spirit (tongues).”

   I gave my life to the Lord that morning, and my life changed entirely. I couldn't get enough of Jesus. One of my client’s was an attorney and told me about the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship and I joined it. I also became involved with the Gideon’s and Prison Ministry, taking Gideon Bibles into the prisons. I’m also an assistant or associate pastor for the Port of Brownsville at the Seafarer Center.

I witnessed many miracles and would like to share one that occurred at a Full Gospel Convention. When I was saved, I was smoking two and one-half packs of cigarettes a day and had smoked for about thirty-three years. When I was at the Full Gospel Convention in Miami, I'll never forget it. All the leaders that I was working with kept telling me I needed to go and get prayer in the healing rooms. I told them I wanted to quit smoking tomorrow. The Holy Spirit guided me on Thursday, the day of registration, to the prayer room. We worked at the convention starting on Sunday, and I knew that I couldn't get in because it would be too busy with a lot of healings going on.

   A Full Gospel leader from Ohio was there in the prayer room and saw me. He prayed over me and told me that the nicotine demons were going to leave me. He prayed over me again and asked me to do something that I didn't want to do. He said take my cigarettes out and step on the pack. I didn't tell him that I had two cartons in the room. That was in 1997, when I stopped smoking cigarettes. I felt guilty that I had to step on the cigarettes; but I never reached for another one from that time on. Two and a half packs a day, and the Lord took it off of me.

   He told me that every time I wanted a cigarette, to say the name Jesus. The first week, it was a nonstop "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus." By the third week, I couldn't stand to be around people who smoked. Two months later, I had the flu and went to the doctor's office, who was a brother in Full Gospel Businessmen. He was an MD that did alternative medicine, and gave me an IV to clear my lungs. An hour and a half later after taking the IV, I coughed up zero infection. He couldn't believe it, and sent me to x-ray.

   You know the Bible says, when you're free, you're free indeed when He does the work. My lungs looked like I never smoked a cigarette my entire life. For thirty-three years I smoked two and a half packs a day, gone. That's a miracle of God. Since then, my marriage, my family, my wife, everything's changed. It just became better each day and I have grandchildren now. I spent most of my life trying to figure out something else that I can to do for Him, because it's all about Him. We're on a testing ground right now, and it's going to be a very short time before He returns. God bless you all.


Hearing His Voice Testimony

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