Jesse Yaama Story


I was raised in a Christian family and attended church since childhood very regularly and religiously.


I used to read my Bible everyday and restrained myself from doing certain things which my friends were doing, such as smoking or drinking.  I used to think that my life was good and never realized that I was a sinner and needed Jesus as my personal Savior.  I remember when I was a teenager I responded to the alter call and prayed for salvation, but never realized the importance of it. Later, after many years I did the same.  I thought it was just asking the Lord for forgiveness and not total commitment and dedicating one’s life.


One night when my mother was very sick, I was on my way to my uncle’s home.  I realized that I needed Jesus so much, I just said, “Lord, I give up everything and want to live my life for You.”  After my mother was healed and things were normal, I gradually started drifting. I did not know what the next step was after salvation, though I used to read my Bible and attend church.

In 2000 I ended up in a huge debt and had no clue of how to get out of it. I tried everything I could possibly do.  I decided to go to a church my uncle mentioned about to get prayer.  One of the pastors of that church prayed and asked me to come to the evening service, where he was preaching on debt cancellation.  I was very reluctant, as this was a new church and it was in the evening, which was new to me. I decided to attend, but to my surprise the message was not completed on that Sunday but continued for almost four weeks, during which I responded to the alter call and gave my life to the Lord Jesus.  This time, I knew what I was doing and entered into a relationship with the Lord.  Also for the very first time in my life, I heard the verse from Deuteronomy 28:12. God was saying “You shall lend to many nations and not borrow.”  Of all the messages in those weeks, this word became a Rhema word to me.

Before I gave my life to the Lord and before I heard this word, I used to cry and pray asking God to please help me to pay off this debt. But once I heard and received this word of God, my prayer changed. I started thanking God everyday for cancelling all my debts and started confessing Deuteronomy 28:12 all the time. Within three months I cleared all the debts, which were pending for almost two years.

I decided to attend this new church and I started to learn about faith and began to live so different.  The things I used to enjoy earlier such as hanging out with friends for hours and partying all night did not seem exciting to me anymore and I was very hungry for the word.  I started attending each and every service and reading the word more.  After a few months I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Though I desired very much to speak in tongues it took a few more months before I did, because every time someone came to pray for me, I used to be very conscious and allowed my mind to interfere.

Life has been so different since then, because I know that the Holy Spirit is with me and in me all the time. I have experienced supernatural favor in my jobs and businesses and enjoyed success. I have seen doors being opened where there seems to be no way. Everything I received, I received by faith and without toil. I received my beautiful wife by faith, after waiting for four years of resisting a tough opposition from her parents.  God changed their hearts and made them agree for our marriage.

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