Jason Nadaskay Story

My name is Jason Nadaskay and my passion can be summed up in one word: WHOLENESS. I pursue opportunities to create wholeness in people and their business.

Wholeness is achieved in two ways: intentional individual development and improved relationships.   

Currently I work with Impact Management Systems, a management consulting firm based in Denver, CO. We conduct a management program that increases the productivity and profitability of key managers.  We also do strategic planning, coaching, conflict resolution, and team development. 

I would like to tell you my story. My mother was single when I was born.  She married my step-father when I was eight.  He and I did not get along.  We started attending a Lutheran church when I was in middle school.  I agreed to go through confirmation class because of the cute girls that attended class.  I also started playing football in middle school.  Football became my first love.  I excelled until my junior year.  I was second string to a guy that was three inches taller, one year older, and a lot faster!  That same year the group of friends I had since middle school started drinking and using drugs.  I had everyone fooled that I was still the happy guy I always had been, even though I was broken inside.  Everyone was fooled except my Spanish teacher.  She was a Christian and happy to show it!  She pulled me aside one day and asked how I was really doing.  I lied and said I was fine.  But she knew.  That is when I started seeking God.  I wanted the inner joy she carried with her.  At the same time a new pastor came on staff at our church.  He and I became friends. 

I chose to play college football at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX after a great senior year in high school.  I was eager to learn about God in Bible class.  I attended the daily chapel service with joy, unlike many of my classmates.  I had a great first year of learning about God and making new friends.  However, I had one major problem.  I was in an unhealthy relationship with my girlfriend.  I fell under deep conviction during the summer, and broke up with her right before sophomore year.  It was devastating for three months.  But in November 2001, I heard the Lord’s voice for the first time in my life.  He said, “Jason, I want you to go get baptized.  I’m not going to tell you why, just go!”  So I got baptized by my roommate at two am.  The following day I arranged to speak in chapel in front of all 5,000 students!  It was amazing.  I began to have a deep hunger for God.  I would spend hours alone pouring over the Gospels and the book of Proverbs. 

My junior year I stopped playing football and gave most of my free time to inner city youth ministry.  I really loved those kids.  During this season God told me I would have a ministry to fathers.  He also led me through forgiving my stepfather.  During my senior year I went on a retreat and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.  My friends and I experienced a spike in supernatural experiences.  We saw people healed, demons cast out and numerous prophecies come to pass.  It was a very exciting time. 

I met my wife in graduate school.  We decided to start dating while on a mission trip to Lagos, Nigeria.  It’s an amazing story. 

After finishing graduate school, we moved to St. Louis, MO for two years.  We led a young adult group at our church.  We learned how to pray and meditate for hours together.  We experienced many miracles too.  Then my wife and I were invited to go on staff at a church back in Texas.  We both went on staff and three of my closest friends were on staff too.  We were ready to change the world.

Within four years, the church fell apart.  It was devastating.  We knew God lead us to that church, so why did it not work?  We experienced a lot of disillusionment and hurt.  Everyone did.  What was next for us?

Within two weeks I had a job offer with a consulting firm.  Two weeks!  God provides in mysterious ways.  Though the job has been difficult and the learning curve is steep, I know God is with me.  Reconciliation has been occurring within the church relationships that were wounded too.  I feel more whole because of these difficult experiences.  I’m learning that God develops an overcoming spirit within us as we work through difficult circumstances, not avoid them.  I feel more confident than I have my whole life.

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