Hayden Thomas Story

My name is Hayden Thomas and I am a junior at Texas A&M University at Commerce where I am majoring in Speech communications.

I will graduate in the fall of 2015 and will be starting seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I will be majoring in theology with a concentration in cross-cultural missions. I am the Pastor at Corinth Baptist Church in Ravenna, Texas. I am very active in missions traveling to numerous countries spreading the word of God.  My vision is to use my education to plant churches around the world as well as minister to those around me.


I would like to tell you my story. While growing up my family was so… so churchgoers. This is important to know in order to understand my understanding of what was going on later in my life. When I turned twelve my family moved to Sanger, Texas, in hopes of a better education for my brothers and me. A few years later is when my experience with spiritual activity started. When I turned 14 my family moved into a house in downtown Sanger. Little did I realize that this house would soon shape part of my future forever. While I lived there unexplainable things began to happen; things in the house moving, dark figures running through the house slamming doors, and endless torment at nights when I lay in bed. As a child my parents had a hard time believing me, so in turn there began to be hostility in my family. The anger started at home but quickly spread to almost every aspect of our lives. Life was getting unbearably difficult. After about a year and many demonic encounters my parents began to get suspicious and started seeing, hearing, and even smelling things that were unexplainable as well. One day our house began to surge, and every light and electronic device in our house fried. Our fear grew and the next night God spoke to my father and said, “Not another night in this house.” We promptly left and never returned. We moved to a nice neighborhood miles from the house where I thought the demons were gone forever; I soon realized I was wrong. After weeks of torment and nights of anxiety balled up in the corner of my bed it didn’t seem like the torture would ever end. One night as I lay in bed asleep I began to have a nightmare. A demon with a black and red face was choking me and screaming in my face. I did my best to wake up knowing it was just a dream. When I finally opened my eyes, my nightmare became reality as I was staring into the eyes of the same demon I was staring at in my sleep. In fear, I was paralyzed and couldn’t make a sound. After moments of this the demon disappeared. I leaned up in bed and put my feet on the floor and began to pray to God, “God take my life. Whatever You want, it's Yours. If you take these demons away from me I’ll give you my life forever.” Immediately peace came over me and Christ entered my life. I still have moments where I feel the presence of demons but now I have the blood of Christ on me and know that they can’t prevail. Since then God has called me into full time ministry. Christ has been made evident in my life through the ministries He has allowed me to do even at such a young age. Christ has made it clear to me that He wants me to recklessly follow him around the world and declare His glory to everyone who yearns for something more in this life.

One life changing experience I had was on a mission trip to Honduras in 2012. On the third day of the trip God led us to the base of a mountain. As we climbed the mountain we began visiting and praying for the villagers that we encountered. When we reached the peak of the mountain there were two small huts, as we got closer an elderly lady walked out to greet us. As we began talking to her through our interpreter she told us that we were the first English people she had ever met. She shared with us that no one comes up to see her and that God lead us up to see her. We began asking questions, she told us that she had no idea how old she was.  She also never got to come down from the mountain for health care or even food. We began to talk about God and she shared with us the faith that she had in God and the love that was in her heart. This experience is near to my heart because of the revelations that God revealed to me. I traveled thousands of miles to talk to an elderly woman who was a Christian on top of a mountain. A divine appointment that was set by God before I even planned on going to Honduras. 

Hayden ministering in Matamoras, Mexico

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