George Schmoele Story

My name is George Schmoele. I'm an IT guy... a geek. I am only able to give my testimony because some guys who had what I needed were willing to keep after me.

The most influential witness was a guy I worked in the jail with after I got out of the military in 1992.  I had to sit in the control center cubicle with this guy 5 days a week.  Every day he was telling me about what Jesus was doing in his life.  I kept saying to him, “Dude, I was raised Catholic. I’m good! Leave me alone!”  He did not let up and kept on going.  He knew I would not go to the Chief of the jail over it so he figured he had nothing to lose. 

About that same time the neighbor behind our apartment started witnessing to me regularly.  He was a Marine with the local detachment.  He kept inviting me to church.  I finally gave in and agreed to go to his church.  He gave me the name and asked me if I was the kind of man that kept my word.  I told him I was. He said it was Ridge Crest Baptist Church.  He gave me a time on Sunday morning that I was to be there and I agreed to be there with Bobbie, my wife.  On Sunday morning, Bobbie and I headed out to go to church. I had forgotten the whole name but I remembered it was something Crest. How many can there be?  In just a few minutes we pulled into Park Crest Baptist Church parking lot thinking, this must be it and we went in. 

That was the first time in my 26 years I heard a clear presentation of the Gospel message and it scared me!  When that Pastor gave an invitation, I hung on to the back of that pew so tight my knuckles were white.  When it was over, I grabbed Bobbie’s hand and headed for the door. The greeter, who had met us when we came in, saw us heading out and stopped us to talk.  I was saying whatever I could to get out of there.  He asked me to promise him to come back next week.  Then he asked me, “Are you a man of your word?”  I told him I was and that we would be back next week. 

That week I was scared to death about death.  I drove more carefully. I thought what if I die before Sunday?  Will I go to Hell?  Is this all real? 

Sunday, we got up and went back to that same church again. I have no idea what the Pastor preached, I just waited for the invitation that I knew was coming. When he said bow your heads, I grabbed Bobbie by the hand and almost ran to the front of the auditorium and met a guy there who showed me how to become a Christian. When I stood up, my wife told me that I looked different. I felt different; I felt like I could fly. We had been to many parts of the world in the military and had collected a fair amount of different types and brands of alcohol.  Scotch from Scotland, Brandy from France...  I estimated that back then it was probably worth about $1,000.  We dumped it all down the drain. No one told me to. No one said you can't have that, I just knew that in my life it represented "the old man,” and I no longer needed or wanted it.

Fast forward several years, we were in business. Part of that business required leasing a building from a guy who was a member of Business Men's Fellowship. I had grown up some over the years, spiritually. I had become a faithful member of Park Crest and was reading my bible and even applied Christian principles in business. Park Crest is not a bad church, but the Holy Spirit is rarely mentioned there. The guy from whom I leased the building started coming into the store and telling me I needed the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

My argument was the same as before, but with different words.  I am Baptist, I have what I need.  After much discussion time with Jack, I attended a prayer meeting on a Monday night in 2007. Five guys laid hands on me and prayed for me to receive the Baptism.  I did!  It was like salvation all over again, except this time God showed me everything that was wrong in my business. Every area! Through some events in 2008, God taught me that my business was not what it should be because it was about and for me, not Him. Through all of that my wife stuck by my side and we made it through.  

On July 28, 2014, while on my way to San Diego, I had stopped to spend the night in New Mexico. At about 6:00AM, she called me, crying, saying she could not breathe. She knew she was dying but she had to tell me to go on. In less than 10 minutes, she had passed away. We had 3 children from 8 to 16 years. In a letter she had written to me a couple of years before and told me to read after she was gone, she told me not to worry, God’s got this! If you are reading this, she wrote, God has already prepared someone to step in. She even told me how I would know. I was completely ill-equipped and unprepared to move on without her.

Four days after the funeral, I met the woman that God had prepared. After much praying, seeking and receiving of counsel, and late nights on the phone, we were married in early November. God is now using both of us for His purpose.



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