George Prah Story

My name is George Prah and I am the CEO of Ikon Limited, an Industrial Consultancy firm and National President of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in Ghana. I am married with four children and I would like to tell you my story. For twelve years out of a twenty two year old marriage, our relationship was like Israel and Palestine. We had married as young Christians and typically looked forward to a life of bliss as most couples do. God blessed us in many ways in our lives, with good jobs and four lovely children in rapid succession. Then the war broke out.

For fifteen years thereafter it was as if we were total strangers sentenced to live under one roof. We agreed on nothing, and quarreled about everything. Peace was found by living in separate rooms, and though the atmosphere was most painful for growing children, we somehow managed to show them love as best as the awkward circumstances of our home would allow. The hostilities between us grew increasingly intense for no logical reason and no amount of counseling or intervening prayers by friends, pastors or prophets seemed to make any difference to the precarious situation. We were both ‘right’ in our own eyes and totally set in our ways providing the perfect atmosphere for Satan to plant his foot stool, and yet we were both Christians, proclaiming the love and mercies of God. The enemy only needs a little gap in our lives, and how willingly we provide him such easy access to steal, to kill, and to destroy.
With no solution in sight divorce seemed to be the only solution, as God could not have possibly have joined together such an impossible union. I searched the scriptures, and even found justification for the divorce. It was not His perfect will but surely permissible under peculiar circumstances. We proceeded to court, both of us consenting that it was the best thing to do. Surely it should have been a simple process, as there was nothing to contest. My conviction was all the more certain, when I received a most damning submission from her lawyers. I read a catalogue of false and concocted accusations against me, which came as a huge shock. I immediately concluded that my wife of several years obviously never actually knew me and so the divorce was obviously justified. I showed it to her best friend one evening, who was equally shocked at what she read.

Two days later she called back to tell me apparently my wife herself never made that submission, and in fact had not even seen what her lawyer had written. I did not believe her but it turned out to be true. Satan was out to do his worst. A week before our first appearance, my wife asked for reconciliation but I would have none of it. The pain had gone on too long. A few days to the first hearing, she pleaded again, but I would not budge. And so we went to court. It was brief and simple. There was nothing to contest, and we were given one month to come back with our proposals for custody and final judgment.

A strange thing happened. As I sat in court that morning, the only thing that struck me profoundly was that my wife seemed to me to be in a daze. I left court with a strong conviction that something was not right, and that perhaps she did not seem to know why we were there in the first place. I felt a strong urge, to write a seven page note to her immediately, elaborating our traumatic past and explaining the reasons for our agreeing to divorce which should have been obvious. I sent it the same afternoon to her office. When she came home that evening, she acknowledged receipt of the note, much to my surprise, and promised to respond shortly. The response came a few days later, and what came was also a shock to me. I showed it to my good friend, and his immediate response was that this marriage could be saved. It was full of acknowledgements and acceptance of the very things we had argued bitterly over for the past twelve years. Together with another friend they travailed in prayer and in just two days, the miracle was on its way. It was as if we had lived in mutual darkness all these twelve years and suddenly light had dawned. Grievous events of the past that brought misunderstandings suddenly made perfect sense and whatever always looked unreasonable, now sounded perfectly reasonable. God had miraculously cleansed our eyes and we could also declare that “once I was blind, but now I see”. Two days before the impending divorce judgment, everything changed. We were fully reconciled, and the true honeymoon had begun. On the appointed day, I went alone to court to proclaim the good news. The lady judge shouted “Praise the Lord! You have made my day.”

Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha, and yet his was happy to wait for a couple of days before attending to the need. Lazarus "died.'' Then he was happy to declare, that this sickness is not unto death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God's s Son may be glorified through it." Jesus loves us, and promised He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. We must NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP, even when all looks hopeless and even dead. If HE said it, he will do it. We only must believe.

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