Emmanuel Akara

EmmanualMy name is Emmanuel Akara, and I am a nurse practitioner.

I have been married to my beloved wife, Constance, for nearly twenty-five years and our family and personal lives have continued to be a bunch of testimonies of God’s faithfulness.

I was a single young man out of college, with great visions and plans of settling down with a good job and marriage. My parents were disciplinarians and raised us in the church and growing up. As an adult, I still attended church; but had no real commitment to Christ.

I lived my life according to my own desires. My weakest area was in the relationship with the opposite sex and as a young man, I indulged in multiple sexual practices with women. At one point, I had three girlfriends in three different cities; but none knew each other. Though many people who knew me would vouch for my “good” behavior because I was respectful and quiet


On Sunday, November 26, 1989, in an unusual, unprepared, and an unpremeditated, but divinely arranged circumstance; I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I then saw the emptiness, foolishness, and wretchedness in my life. For once, I became sober with many regrets of how I had wasted my early life in sexual promiscuity, while people much younger invested their lives in the service of Christ.

As I began to spend time in the word of God and prayers, God suddenly opened my eyes to a stronghold in my family that no family member ever bothered to consider, nor revealed to me. The Spirit of God began to move me to reflect on my family history, with particular attention to marital relationships. I came from a family of four boys where I am the baby and began to discover a startling trend in my family line, beginning with my late father. At about the age of thirty, my father had a child out of wedlock with another woman. The relationship ended shortly before he was married to my mother in February, 1949.

   In 1979, my eldest brother Michael turned thirty and had an affair with a girl who became pregnant. He was persuaded to marry the lady and had other children before the marriage ended a few years later. In 1982, my second brother, Isaac, visited home to inform us that he was getting married as soon as possible to a woman we had never known about. He was about the age of thirty at this time, having been born in 1952, and the lady was pregnant. He eventually married this lady and they had five children together. Unfortunately, Isaac died in 2004. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Then came the third in line, my immediate older brother Wellington, in 1984 at the age of thirty with the same story as my other two siblings. He later married the girl and, fortunately, they have been together ever since.

I became scared that this bug would catch up with me, except something happened. I was turning twenty-eight years old at the time I received Christ into my life, but made a decision to not get married at this “magic” age of thirty. I prayed to God to help me keep my chastity until my wedding night, in keeping to His word to not defile my marriage bed. I was also determined to break this age “thirty” syndrome in my life, later than age thirty.

I made a vow to God, to live a life of celibacy and purity for five years in order to serve God and detoxify myself from my impure life. I took a radical step and severed every relationship with all of my female friends, and asked God to keep me pure and restore my virginity until the fifth anniversary of my salvation. I would then celebrate with the wedding of the wife God would give me. I began to grow in my faith and regularly attended church services, Bible studies, Sunday Schools, and Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowships and Banquets in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

I committed to prayers to find my wife; because almost all marriage seminars and teachings on marriage would not be complete without the speakers quoting Proverbs 18: 22 (He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord). This scripture motivated me so much to begin to find my wife. Some preachers and teachers would encourage us to write down all of the qualities we wanted in our potential wives, and present them to God in prayers, so that when we find the person possessing those qualities we would certainly know we’ve found her.

However, one day Proverbs 19: 14 caught my attention so much that I had to spend a long time meditating on that Scripture. (Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the Lord). After extensive meditation of this Scripture, I began to ask myself these questions: Did Adam present a list of the qualities he wanted in Eve before God gave him his wife? Did I want a wife or rather wanted a PRUDENT wife? These questions changed my prayers and perspectives of the choice for a mate. I began to ask God for a PRUDENT wife from Him, without dictating any qualities, shape, color, language, educational, or societal background as long as she’s from God. Since God knows how to give good gifts, I was confident He would not disappoint me.

   Indeed, God kept His promises and kept me pure and clean for five years. He also led me to a beloved sister in the church, and also gave us a clean and pure seven-month courtship period until our wedding night on Saturday, November 26, 1994.

We made a decision to strictly comply with God’s word in every aspect of our lives, and allow His word to direct us in every way. God has indeed seen us through many challenges in the past twenty-four years of marriage and making our lives full of blessings in all dimensions. My wife Constance is indeed the most PRUDENT and beautiful woman of God I’ve ever seen. Our almost twenty-five years of marriage has been truly blissful, and full of joy as each day passes. I thank the Lord every day for giving me the wisdom to allow Him to make the choice for me. I couldn’t have found anyone close to this woman that God has given me.   Our two sons, Daniel and Jason, are wonderful blessings from God, and as a couple and family, God has seen us through many challenges, most of which have brought us closer than ever before.

It is indeed great to live a life of strict compliance to God’s word, whether in relationships, business, or ministry. It pays the greatest dividend, both in the present life and in the life to come. There is nothing worth trading for it.

Emmanuel and Constance 

Emmanuel and Constance

Emmanuel's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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