David F. Crary


My name is David F. Crary. I manage a mobile home park and have been in the mobile home industry for forty-seven years.   I was born May 21, 1943, in Richland Center, Wisconsin and lived on a dairy farm from the time I was nine years old until I was nineteen. As a kid, I was pretty much a loner due to having to work all the time on the farm. I wasn’t allowed to play sports in schools due to the farm chores. My family consisted of four brothers and one sister.

   We were raised in the Lutheran church, and only went on special occasions like Easter, Christmas, and confirmation. From there, I joined the Air Force in February of 1962, and basic training in San Antonio, Texas. I then went to Greenville, Mississippi, for tech school as a fire fighter in crash rescue.  I got into some trouble for fighting and was facing a possible dishonorable discharge. Lieutenant Wall would dismiss the charges if I would go to church with him every Sunday, until I was assigned to my next base at Altus, Oklahoma. He also made sure I attended church after I got to Altus, by contacting the Chaplain there.

     The first five months were very hard and rough for me, because they lost my duffle bag while in transit. I had to use some of the other guys’ uniforms until mine got there. During that time my NCO wrote me up for looking sloppy, and assigned me to pull extra duty. After my bags showed up, I was awarded Airman of the Month for three months in a row. Meanwhile, I was going to church and met a couple of friends who started to witness to me about Jesus. They kept after me for several months, and it got to where I couldn’t sleep. It got so bad that I told them if they didn’t leave me alone, I was going to whip both of them. I still couldn’t sleep.

   One day, we had an emergency on the flight line and I couldn’t go; because I hadn’t gotten my top-security clearance. While I was cleaning the under carriage of a truck, an audible voice spoke to me saying, “Come here.”  When I got out from under the truck, the truck took off and ran over everything but me.

   That same voice asked me, “If the truck would have run over me, where would I spend eternity?”

   The only thing I could say was “Hell.” Right then, I went out to the flag pole and knelt down, and gave my life to Jesus Christ.

   From Altus, Oklahoma, I went to Greenland and spent a year until I was discharged in 1966, after completing two years of active duty. Then I moved to Texas, and got involved in the church. I spent ten years under the pastor of a church, earning my license and ordination papers. I pastored a church for five years until my Dad died and things went downhill from there. I got divorced after thirteen years and stopped preaching. I was very mad at God. I remarried in June 1976, and after thirteen years, she ran off with her boss. I stayed single for several years while trying to put my life back together. That’s when I met Sandy. We dated for a year and got married on August 5, 1995. I became involved in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship and have been a member ever since.

   I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the DeSoto/Lancaster Chapter of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (FGBMF) with evidence of speaking in tongues. I was introduced to the Godmobile Ministry  through the chapter. We used a tract called “Are You Going to Heaven? Two Question Test Reveals Answer.” Thousands of people have prayed the sinner’s prayer to receive Jesus Christ.   A member of our church asked me to help with the jail ministry. After the first visit, I was hooked on leading inmates to Jesus Christ. I later became the head Chaplain.

DavidCraryFull   My wife Sandy and I helped counsel many couples, including our own family members. I was prayed for and healed of a lung disease that doctors said I had only a few months to live. This took place at a FGBMF convention in San Antonio, Texas. Richard Shakarian prayed for me as a group of Spirit-filled businessmen laid hands on me. I was instantly healed and the pain went away.  I suffered with this infirmity for three years and spent a lot of time in the hospital. God is still the same yesterday, today, and forever, and I give Him all the Glory.  I’m still serving my Lord through FGBMA and my Church.


David Crary Hearing His Voice Testimony

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David F. Crary Testimony