Danny Mendoza Story

Hello, my name is Danny Mendoza and I am from Celaya, Mexico. My mother had problems with me during her pregnancy and I was born prematurely.

I had paralysis on both of my legs, and due to this, the doctors said I wouldn't be able to walk. My mother took me to several doctors for a second opinion. One suggested that I undergo a few surgeries, and go through an extensive exercise program at a rehabilitation clinic. While at the clinic, I regained movement in my both of my legs and used a walker to get around. I used the walker for a few years until I decided to try and walk on my own. This resulted in countless falls, but one day, I was able to walk without falling or grabbing onto something. I enjoyed a normal childhood despite of all this. My classmates in elementary school appreciated me. I also attended the catholic church to learn about God. I was a very happy child. But things changed once I entered middle school. While I was in middle school, I was bullied and pushed aside by everyone. Nobody wanted to be my friend, and at times, I would have lunch by myself. This took an emotional toll on me. My grades went down and I stopped seeking God.

My time in high school was worse than my time in middle school. Nothing changed. I developed an unkind demeanor, and I rebelled against my parents. When I was a sophomore, I met a Christian girl who was in the same physical education class as I was. The girl would witness to me, but I didn't want to hear the Gospel. I knew God was there, but I just didn't understand why all of these bad things were happening to me. My oldest sister witnessed to me and suggested that I attend youth nights at a local church, but I refused. When I was a junior, I was expelled from high school due to something I did in retaliation for all the bullying that I received. My older sister encouraged me to attend a youth retreat. I said yes at the last minute. While I was in that Retreat, I saw Jesus. The teens there accepted and loved me. I was blown away by the fellowship, worship, and powerful messages. I befriended a secretary who worked at the local elementary school. After weeks of talking to her, she invited me to her church and took me under her wing. This lady took every phone call, responded to every text message I sent her, and prayed for me and my family.

A local church extended a warm welcome. They didn’t push me. They loved me. A couple there became my spiritual parents. On May 30th of 2010, I decided to tell the world that I had enough! I did so giving my life to Jesus. When the pastor received me during the time of invitation, he asked if I had prayed to receive Jesus. I responded by saying "I need him, I need him!" Accepting Jesus into my life has been the best decision I've ever made! I wanted to help Spanish youth, and dreamed of a Spanish mission at our local church. I started evangelizing on the streets of Commerce and enjoyed telling people about Jesus. Little did I know that God was preparing a Spanish pastor in Greenville to start an afternoon Spanish mission at our church. I was elated. The pastor encouraged me to work with the youth. God had answered another prayer request.

I had the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel in the Godmobile during the Bois D’Arc Bash and Texas State Fair. The Godmobile is a trailer that opens on three sides with flaps that said “Are You Going to Heaven? Two Question Test Reveals Answer.” I shared my faith with dozens through this incredible outreach and led many in the prayer of Salvation. While riding back to my hometown from a Godmobile outreach, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit as evidence by speaking in tongues. The warmth of the Holy Spirit was all over me. I wanted to tell everyone about my Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. My direction in life has changed. For the first time in my life I feel the love of God and the love of His people. We serve a wonderful and mighty God.


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