Daniel Gadea Story

DanielGMy name is Daniel Gadea and I would like to tell you my story. When I became a lawyer, I decided to study in Bordeaux, France. I returned to Costa Rica and became a Professor at the Law School. At the same time many doors opened. I became an advisor for the Ministry of Justice; I taught criminal procedures in three Law Schools, and also worked for the Football Federation. All those jobs brought many opportunities to me with many women, but I was married. All those situations destroyed my marriage. One day, a friend of mine, invited me to a businessmen’s dinner. That night, a person shared his testimony, and it was very similar to mine. It was like listening to my own story. I enjoyed the meeting and decided to become a member of the Fellowship. I told my first wife that my life was changing, but she did not agree and decided to take vengeance. She began to date the teacher of my three children. Later she decided to break-up with him, and married an architect.

When I did not know the Lord, I had a vasectomy. This permitted me to be with many women, and I did not have to worry about making children. When I came to the Fellowship I heard about many cases, where people were involved in adultery. When they received God as Savior their wife forgave them, but not in my case. Members of the Fellowship would introduce me to many women - blonds, small ones, tall ones, but I was looking only to my Lord. Three years and three months later, I met Vanessa. She entered my life when I was very alone. We began to be friends. One day she asked me if I thought we could have children. At that moment I remembered that the doctors told me that after my operation I could not have children after five years had passed. When I met Vanessa, nine years had passed. I told her that I could not have children. The next day I was praying and the Lord, brought me Isaiah 66:9 – “Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the Lord, and with that promise Vanessa married me. I thought that the Holy Spirit would come to my wife and she would be pregnant like the Virgin Mary.

One day a man from this Fellowship asked me why don’t you have a new operation? At that time 11 years had passed, and I decided to search for a vasectomy reversal surgeon. The surgeon told us that it is very difficult to have children, because I needed at least 7 million spermatozoids. I told him, “Don't worry because the Holy Spirit will do the surgery.” This operation took 6 hours and was successful. I received in my first checkup and had 37 million spermatozoids and later 87 million. Vanessa became pregnant, but we lost two babies. We were very sad, but our promise was there, "I am the Lord of the life" and we began to praise the Lord crying. Two years later Vanessa was pregnant again and we were happy but worried. After two months into the pregnancy, the doctor told us that my wife needed to rest because of a hole in her vagina. After praying, the Lord spoke to us with a song, "Is there something impossible for me?" and we answered, no God and began to cry and praise God. The hole disappeared and on September 2001 our son Andrew was born. And now we have a second child two year old child Gabriel. Daniel Gadea meeting with delegates from Nigeria at the FG-GF Conference in Costa Rica January 2015.

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