Carl Ritter

Carl Ritter   Carl grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, and now lives in Plano, Texas. Mr. Ritter and his wife Kimberly serve as pastors for the Yeshua House in Plano, Texas. Both Carl and Kimberly have owned an Allstate Insurance franchise for over thirty years.

Hello, my name is Carl Ritter. I'm a third-generation Arizonian and while growing up in Arizona, we had a lot of Mormon and Catholic influence, but I was kidnapped by the Baptist when I was 7 years old. I received Christ as my Lord and Savior at the Sun Valley Baptist Church there in Scottsdale, Arizona. And by the time I was eighteen, I decided I was going to go into the business.

   I started working at thirteen, I was in management at sixteen, and the week I graduated from high school, I actually had passed the real estate exam in the state of Arizona. Fast forward ten years later; I had 6 restaurants and 5 houses.

   Over that time, I knew I had a calling, but I was running from it. In 1990, I had my restaurant business; my daughter was kidnapped and molested. We got her back the next day; it was kind of a strange situation. This created a lot of trauma in our family and we were going to church on a regular basis. My wife was suffering from depression; I didn't realize how bad our daughter’s situation hurt her.

   Eventually, my wife moved out of the house and moved in with her parents. This trauma destroyed our marriage and it ended in divorce. During this time, I was at home praying and I got baptized in Holy Spirit. I didn't know what a Pentecostal was. Somebody had given me the book on prayer. And so, I ended up going to a Bible bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona and bought books on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, after I was baptized in Holy Spirit.

  Within a couple of years, I was a groupie with Benny Hinn. I was following him around and I had seen him first at Tommy Barnett's Church, Phoenix First Assembly, which was a church I ended up going to for 2 years after I got baptized with the Holy Spirit.

   I was visiting Dallas in 1996, and I had already started going to Bible School, and I had an experience at Benny Hinn's Ministry where a group of Koreans came up and I was praying for them, I didn't know what to pray, so I prayed in tongues, they heard me speak Korean. And I'm not only speaking in Korean, I was reciting Psalm 23 over and over, which was their morning devotional that they had before the ministry with Benny Hinn.

   The following September, I ended up at Rhema University for two years. I graduated from Rhema in 1998. Kenneth Hagin was still active there. I came in contact with the Full Gospel Business Men in the summer of 1996 in Tulsa and stayed in contact over the last thirty years.

   After I graduated from Rhema, I owned another restaurant and the Lord called me into the ministry. I met my wife Kimberly who was Korean. She was a pastor of an American Church and I was a pastor at the Korean Church. And we started our ministry fourteen years ago at the Yeshua House in Plano, Texas.

   During these last fourteen years, our ministry was under The Fellowship of Churches, which is under the Full Gospel Business Men out of Irving, Texas. We see a lot of the Bible ministry come through our church; we pray for a lot of people, we move in the gifts of the Spirit. And, we believe that the equipping of the Saints is the most important thing for the Marketplace ministry. The Marketplace needs to be a strong place, and that the revival will start with the men being under the influence of the Holy Spirit and being led by the spirit.

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Carl and Kimberly Ritter

Carl's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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