Bunmi Adedeji


Bunmi Adedeji, National President

Ibadan, Nigeria

   My religious upbringing trained me to fast and pray right from about the age of six. As a young boy, I saw the power of God, face-to-face. In addition to signs, wonders, and power, I experienced His mercy and kindness. So I was raised in an atmosphere of the supernatural.

   I came from a large family. My parents were the first members of the first indigenous, Pentecostal church in Nigeria in 1929. Our village was the "cradle" for the church. That gave me exposure to all of Nigeria from my youth, as well as the divine power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was raised to believe that I could do everything.

I saw it happen as people were brought for prayer; and the Lord delivered them, so I grew up along that line.

   I accepted Christ in two ways. He appeared to me one time in my sleep. I saw a bright light of which I have never seen that bright of a light since then. When I was in high school, I had malaria. At age 16, I also played

the pranks of children. On that particular day, I wanted to be excused from doing hard work, so I went to the dispensary to complain that I was sick. I thought they would just give me an "excused duty" certificate.

   But after examining me, the doctor said it was very serious. He said, "You have to go to the hospital." Of course I didn't like that, but I had to go so I could get the certificate. Then the doctor prescribed three injections.

I was telling myself, "Look, I am no longer sick; why is the doctor giving me three injections?

   Then Lord had a "conversation" with me, "If only you will enter into covenant with Me, I will take care of your health." Then I said, "Lord Jesus, I am ready!" I accepted Him and the newness of life as a Christian. I also "signed a contract" that He would take care of my health; only if I would follow Him and obey Him for the

rest of my life. Which I did.

   Since that moment until today, I have not gone to the hospital. I've had quite a number of ailments, but He has always healed me, without me having to go to the hospital. Since 1958, I have been enjoying divine health!

   Later, I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is something that is taught in my church. I asked for it and I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, even as a youth.

   I went to the university for architecture in Nigeria for six years. In 1971 I started in architecture, eventually starting my own practice in 1976. The name is Gideon Associates. Like Gideon in the Bible, I have absolute confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ that He will provide for me. I committed to have a Christian practice.

   At the moment, we have two branches, with 12 people on our staff. I have a partner, who is also a Full Gospel Businessman. God has been gracious to us, because He has given us favor before men. We have been architects of very big projects, with the opportunity of designing large facilities in many areas.

   Many other people, who are willing to bribe their way through, cannot even get some of these jobs. Sometimes without even knowing they are available, the Lord just gives the jobs to us.

   I've been involved with FGBMFI in Nigeria since 1985. Long before then, I had come in contact with them, because my first area of ministry was in literature distribution of tracts. I knew about FGBMFI before it even

came to my city. I've been the National President since 1996.

   What really excites me are the times of good change for Nigeria. I see an "emerging Nigeria" where there are two major religions that came out of our traditional religion - Islam and Christianity. Both are developing hand-in-hand. Christianity was associated more with western education. That is why Islam was a little bit backward. They were not interested in western education.

   However, most churches just produced nominal Christians. They were just evangelical by name. That was, until they concentrated on education, which is where they started studying the scriptures. The Word of God lets

us know that we have to be born again. That awareness was created. Then came the wave of the Holy Spirit in a newer way.

   To some being saved meant that God was protecting them from the claws of witchcraft. For a long time, that, essentially, was the general meaning of salvation. But with the efforts of the university fellowships, we entered into a new era, particularly with the establishment of our NYS (National Youth Service). This program sends all young graduates to one-year compulsory service. They are sent to other places, besides their own state. Then comes opportunity and challenges to the Christians who are now assigned to the north, and other Islamic areas.

   Like FGBMFI, these young men (many who are evangelists) have their own business, but they still have opportunities to witness, even though they are businessmen. Even though these guys were serving in the villages, they used their evening and other times to work for God, to evangelize the area.

   All of a sudden, there was a tilt in the percentages. Nigeria is no longer a Muslim country like many westerners think. It is due largely to the evangelical thrust of all the Christian youth that have been posted into all the areas. People knew there was a difference. There is a great revival that is going on now. There are definitely more Christians than Muslims.

   FGBMFI has played a very unique role in the life of the Nigerian church. The church relies on the youth very heavily. I am a youth leader and a preacher in my denomination. Because I do not draw a salary from the church, I have a freer opportunity. I can tell the church the truth. There is no committee to threaten me. FGBMFI is supplying the missing training. Quite a number of our FGBMFI members are now Sunday school

teachers. They are serving as youth leaders. Many of them are elders in various churches. Because we have our own businesses, we will be among the elite in the church, so they are willing to listen to what we have to say. Many of the pastors are happy with us because they do not see us as a threat. They know that we cannot take their job from them. This unique role is appreciated by every denomination in Nigeria. We are not a threat.

   As the National President of the Fellowship in Nigeria, I see the decision to have the 2004 World Convention as a means of giving us opportunities of being more involved in the global network of the Fellowship. We will be playing host. I feel quite happily because quite a number of our members will have the opportunity of seeing and getting to know the international. Then when we tell people that we are all over the world that will be in

evidence. When that happens, the release of the power of God will be on everybody. You can expect that more Nigerians will be at that meeting. That will be an opportunity for them to partake of the power and grace of God through the ministry, because many more people will come. Lives will be saved. There will be healing and restoration!

   Bunmi Adedeji lives in Ibadan, Nigeria with his wife and nine children. He is partner in a leading architectural firm, Gideon Associates. He has been FGBMFI National President of Nigeria since 1996.

   He joins over 1,200 Nigerian Chapters to invite you to attend the 2004 World Convention in Abuja, Nigeria,

August 3-7, 2004. Mark your calendar and prepare to minister and be ministered to!

Bunmi Adedeji Hearing His Voice Testimony

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