Brady Mulkey

Brady Mulkey

   Growing up, I was introduced to Christ as a young kid, and through my teenage years. This was due to my family being Christ followers, and many were baptized in the Holy Spirit. There was no way that Christ was not going to be shared in our family. I went to the same church that I do now, and it is such a lovely place. The presence of God is always there and the people are fantastic. Yet for me, I wasn’t in the mood to go to church. It was always a hassle to get out of bed, go and learn about Jesus; but it never really stuck with me because it wasn’t a big deal. 

    Then at about nine-years old, I decided to ask Jesus into my heart. Little did I know at that time, I was merely saying this to save my skin and get me out of going to Hell. I didn’t believe that at the time; but how I lived my life in the years to come clearly stated it. For those that don’t know, your actions show the desires of your heart and mine was dark and corrupt.

   Although I had Christ within me, I did nothing to strengthen my relationship with Him. I just made sure everyone knew I was a Christian and tried to justify my sins by comparing my sins with others and all sins weigh the same. That comparison and blinding factor I had over myself, made me feel like I was doing good and being a good Christian. I didn’t know a lot about the Bible. I just knew the basic stories and verses, yet was quick to argue if someone said something bad about God. Long story short, you might say that I was a lukewarm Christian, and very hypocritical, by not living the life that I have been called to live. I was living out my own life, how I wanted. That gave me nothing but a roller coaster life. I continued to put on a show for those around me, yet behind closed doors; I was who my heart truly was.

   Much of my young life, from about thirteen to twenty years old, I struggled with sexual sin. Temptations, impurity, lustful thoughts/pictures, and I also dealt with cursing which was my guilt trip. The things that Satan continually hurled at me, because he knew I couldn’t resist them. Why couldn’t I resist them no matter how hard I tried? The human mind is weak to the flesh/worldly desires. It longs to fulfill them due to our selfish nature. I also had Christ in the back row, so the light that can turn on and put out the darkness was nowhere near, because I wouldn’t let it. I didn’t want it, yet through it all when God has called you to bring glory to his kingdom, He will find a way to get it done. Nothing is too far gone for God; even though I thought I was, and never realized just how far away. He continued after me and never left me, nor forsaken me.

   It was in my freshmen year of college, when God woke me up. About half way through the semester, I looked at myself and asked, “Brady what have you been doing with your life?” God convicted me of my sins and I turned to Him and tried to do it the human way and not God’s way. I tried to fix the problem on my own. For the next year and a half, I would do good for a few weeks at a time, and then I would fall into the same sins and start over. Feeling alone and terrible in the condemnation that Satan was throwing on me.

   In July of 2017, I attended the Southwest Believer’s Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. Something my family and I have gone to for years. Jesse Duplantis was speaking that night and he presented a powerful message. At the end, he had an altar call and said, “If you want to be saved or rededicate your life, this is the time.” Jesse began to name off all of the sins that would be taken away once you did, and he named off all the sins I needed to get rid of.

   There were over ten thousand people in that room and over a few million watching on TV, It seemed like God was talking directly to me and saying, “Let me take care of this, you were never meant to handle this.” Yet, the devil knew the freedom that was at hand, so he threw fear and worry into my mind. What will all these people watching, think when you walk down to the altar? What will your family think? How could you call yourself a Christian, but doing all of this? Finally, I just had enough, got up from my seat and went down to the altar, rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and gave God complete control over what I was dealing with. From that moment on, my life was changed.

   It has almost been one year since that happened, and I have been on fire for God continuously. Wanting to dive into his Word, boldly speaking about Christ regardless of who is around, and my desires to sin in those areas were taken away, and I didn’t have to deal with them. Does that mean I haven’t had times when I have been tempted? Of course I have, because the devil has no new tricks and hopes his old ones still work. Yet, Instead of falling into those temptations, I fall onto God’s Word and let His Word, the sword of the spirit do my fighting. I cling to what He says and lets Satan know he has no power and has been defeated. My strength comes from the Lord; because on my own, I fell numerous times and will again. When I do, God’s grace and mercy is there to pick me up through Jesus, and says let’s go at it again, but use My strength and victory this time and not your own.

   God healed my back in the fall of 2016, and since my rededication on July 25, 2017, He has healed my foot and ankle.

   God speaks to me through visions and dreams, and gives words of wisdom and knowledge. As my relationship with Jesus grows, my faith grows, and I can feel His strength working in and through me.


Hearing His VOice Brady Mulkey