Bill Parsons Story

I have been a court reporter for forty-six years.  I was employed as a court reporter in the Connecticut Superior Court for thirty-three years

and have done freelance court reporting for the last thirteen years. I was raised in a Christian home and knew Jesus as my Savior from my first day in Sunday School in 1946.  At about eleven years old I questioned my faith, and I drifted far away from my faith and eventually gave it up.


I joined the Marine Corps at eighteen years of age and found some purpose and satisfaction there.   I was a courts-martial clerk in the Marine Corps, and upon my discharge I went to school for and became a court reporter. I was in a competitive profession of court reporting where the court reporters claimed certain lawyers as their clients and property and attacked anyone who competed with them. I stood up for myself against those who would intimidate anyone who competed with them, and I was disliked by all those that claimed work of the lawyers as their property and who shared that work among those they chose to share it with. I reported a supervisor for abusing his position for his personal gain and was transferred to a court in a different town where my workload was twice as hard.

I tried to be a leader of my profession, and I led in having national skills testing for my profession brought to the State of Connecticut, but I was still disliked by those in my profession for standing up for my right to work and support my family. I worked and stood up for righteousness long and hard but was at my wits end in standing up to evil. I was searching and searching for meaning in life, and then one night I awoke and my body was consumed by love and a desire to attend church on the next morning.

When I attended that church service, I felt the Holy Spirit, and my mind was blown away to discover a different kind of world than the world I had experienced in standing up against evil in my dog eat dog profession. After enduring years of struggling and standing up for good in my profession, at that church service I heard and experienced Jesus’ favor, and the teachings of Jesus would forever be embedded in my mind --  Kindness, Mercy and Love.

Then for the first time in many years I enjoyed God's creation and noticed beautiful flowers and the beauty in the world. I then wanted to share Jesus and my faith with everyone I met. I went down to an altar call at a meeting of the Hartford Chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International and accepted Jesus as my savior, and later I would ask for and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Since accepting Jesus, he has helped me through every struggle and trial so that I was able to complete 33 years of service as a Connecticut Superior Court Reporter and to retire with a pension and to now work a semi-retired court reporter. The struggles didn't stop instantly for me when I became a Christian. Shortly after becoming a Christian, one night I prayed and prayed on the meaning of all these struggles and hard times I had endured. I had little knowledge of the Bible, but as I prayed that night the Lord embedded upon my mind the following words, "Thou shalt have eternal life." After my acceptance of Jesus, he gave me ideas to enhance my work skills and to be skilled in my work far, far above my natural abilities. Jesus also gave me several inventions that enabled me to have a successful court reporting career far above my natural abilities and skills learned in court reporting school.

Jesus guided me in praying for guidance in my work and in helping to raise my family, and today I am blessed with a wonderful loving family and a good church family.  We all need to be part of the Kingdom of God so we can be our very best at work and in our families and in working for His Kingdom as workers for Jesus in his church. It took being a Christian to realize I am a man blessed with a billion blessings. We all have blessings, but we must be open and enlightened to count our blessings and to follow the teachings of Jesus to rejoice in all circumstances and to have the eventual victory in Jesus. It's a great way to live with Jesus as our friend and guide, and I wouldn't want to live any other way.

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