Bernardo Colon Story

My life was a mess. I used every kind of drug – cocaine, marijuana and alcohol.

Even when I was married I was still doing drugs. I was destroying my family, accusing my wife of sleeping with other men. I didn’t care for nothing, just myself.


During a six month separation from my wife, I was living in a small room and heard a voice say “You are the problem.” I felt the need to repent. I was in the presence of Jesus Christ and surrendered my life to Him. I wanted all of Jesus. Two months later in 1994 I wanted to be baptized and when I came out of the water I saw a vision of a dove. While at a conference in 2008, I was told how to receive the Holy Spirit. I had a lot of pressure on my chest and started to speak in tongues. The pain started to leave and the more I prayed the greater the relief. I was healed.

In March 2011, I was delivered from tobacco while serving the Lord in Atlacahualoya, Mexico. As we ministered in Mexico many people received salvation, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and healing.
When I gave my life to Jesus my life changed. Jesus cleaned up all the garbage in my life, restored my relationships with my family. Jesus taught me how to be a father, husband, grandfather and how to love them and Him.

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