Andy Messick Story

  I was raised in church and in Full Gospel Business Men’s meetings. Many people here have known me since before I was born.

I eventually stopped attending church and didn’t want to go anymore. My mother started to drag me to church. She was dragging and I was kicking and screaming.

Then I stopped attending church because I would rather watch the Cowboys lose and as a Cowboys fan, I hate to say that. I decided I didn’t want anything to do with Jesus. You can go talk to a guy in a class and I can sit here watching football.

I became an atheist; I became very angry when my parents got a divorce. I was not a very good person to be around. If you weren’t miserable before you were around me, you would be afterwards. My plan the second I saw anybody that I knew was to act bored and go away.

I became miserable; depressed, and an alcoholic. I did drugs a little bit but it didn’t numb me enough so I decided to go back and just drink all the time. I was a lead singer in a heavy metal band which the rehearsals turned into a reason to party all night and so with all this, I had nothing. I had no job, I weighed 300 pounds, I was angry.

I hated everything and everybody then I started thinking, “There’s got to be more than this.” I have to actually have some reason to live instead of not caring if I woke up the next morning after I blacked out. So I started looking into it and something that I thought was horrible turned into something amazing.

My mother actually lost her house so I became basically homeless for a very short time until my father took me in and gave me a place to stay. I started attending church, and the pastor’s name was Garth. Some of you might know him. He started talking to me, and he started saying basically what I needed to hear.

Later, I decided, “Well, what I’m doing isn’t working out so why don’t I try what I used to call nonsense.” So I got saved about six months ago, and God effectively cancelled my lifetime subscription to misery and now it is all gone.

Every last bit of my anger and pain was taken away. Everything was gone. I have had maybe a beer after I turned 21. That’s about as much as I’ll drink now. Overnight, I went from an alcoholic, angry with everyone to a saved Christian who loves everyone. This was a big 180 degree change.

I had been going to school. I had a part-time job and was wondering, “Well, now what do I do?” and He led me to join the air force which I did two months ago. So I went from this miserable, angry alcoholic at 16 going nowhere kid who was 300 pounds to where I am now which is a member of the air force waiting for an assignment.

And so it proves to me that God loves everyone because everyone loves me when I hated Him and wanted nothing to do with Him. So that’s my testimony. I don’t have an ending because it’s not over yet.

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