Americo Morales

Americo Morales   My name is Americo Morales Sr. and it’s a pleasure to be here tonight. I own a landscaping and tree trimming and removal business. I also breed and train roping horses. I am a semi-professional cowboy and have done well in national competition at the World Championships in Las Vegas.

    I wanted to thank Mr. Douglas Raine because I had already declined to speak tonight.

I am not a computer person and don’t knows anything about computers. Thank you Mr. Raine for your encouragement. I don't know how to type or anything and he said, "Don't worry about it. We'll get it taken care of. Go ahead and we will just record your testimony." So, I consulted with my church friend Royce and told him, "I don't know what to do.” The enemy has been telling me all week that I wasn’t worthy to share my testimony, but here I am.


   I grew up in the hills of Nuevo León in Mexico. I don't know if you're familiar with Mexico, but its 60 miles south of the USA McAllen border. I was born here in America which makes me an American citizen. My father and mother are both Mexican citizens. Unfortunately, their marriage didn't last. At 3 months old, I was abandoned by both of them and given to my grandparents on my mama’s side. I got to know my little sisters, brother, and my uncles and aunts. By the time I was in the 6th grade I realized that I could have been dead. But anyway, the Lord led me to Jeremiah 29:11 and this is one of my favorite verses there. "I know the plans that I have for you." Learn to trust for yourself. So, I didn't know that he had plans for me and to be honest with you, I grew up with my grandfather who was now as my dad, and my grandmother who was now my mom, and we didn’t have anything.

   If you ever do mission trips out of the country, and go to Third World countries, you'll see what I'm talking about. Mexico is not an exception. I grew up in a very loving family. We had hardly anything. My father farmed and we also worked on the farm. I and my brother managed about 500 goats. I would shepherd all of those goats, that's why I got so familiar with David. I didn't have what David had because I didn't know the Bible. We were not church people. We just worked and went to school, and help my dad with the farm. He had a couple of wagons. One was pulled with a horse and the other wagon was pulled with a mule. My brother left the farm and I would take care of the goats and the cows.

   That's how the horses came into my heart at a young age through working in the fields. Remember, Mexico is 20 years behind the United States, so when you guys have motor tractors and all this stuff, we were farming using a plow that was pulled by a team of horses. That was my life as a young kid and I didn't have any regrets. They loved me unconditionally. My grandparents, and now we know, they were my aunts and my uncle, but we were so close together in age that we were just were having a good time. I always wanted to visit my dad, but when his second marriage broke up, he came back to where he was from in the United States, and so I didn't see him. I didn't see him for years. I always wanted to have a relationship with him. So, I came to look for him.

   My understanding is that he remarried and had another family. My mom was the same way. She remarried and had another family, so I had a total of 15 half brothers and sisters, plus the 3 aunts and the uncles - almost 20 brothers and sisters in all.

   So, I wanted to find my dad. I came to the United States even though I was born a US citizen. I didn't know any better, so I came to the United States illegally. Not knowing that I was an automatic American citizen. I never swam the river. Not because I didn't know how to swim, it just didn't work out for me. I went to the police and found my dad and wanted a relationship with him. He had a new wife and she didn’t want me there. 

   Fast-forward to 1979, he was living in the valley and moved to Rowlett, Texas. I don't know if you're familiar with Rowlett, but it is east of Dallas. I came and looked for him again. But by this time, he had become a believer and had already accepted the lord. His whole family was saved. This time, it was a little easier for me to have a relationship with him. So, I started working with him and he was a supervisor at his company. I didn't have any knowledge of the law at that point, other than I knew being there was something. But my family and grandparents in Mexico were not church people. All the years that I was living with them, we never went to church together as a family. We didn't have a Bible. I didn't know any verses in the Bible. I didn't know anything about the Lord. I just came to find my dad and buy me a car and go back to Mexico. I was already in college at this point.

   I never forgot Jeremiah 29:1l. My cousin’s father was a pastor. They would go to church and I would go with them. I liked this girl, and so forth. So, they invited me to church and little did I know that I would get born-again. In July 1980, I gave my life to the Lord and never turned around. I fell in love with the Lord; I fell in love with the Word. It was all new to me as an 18-year-old young man. So, I just started attacking the world and winning the verse of the Bible. The Old Testament, New Testament, and I didn't understand what it means, but it was so fascinating to me, the Bible was there for so many years and I didn't know anything about it.

   Anyway, I was in love with the Lord. So, shortly after that, I got married to this girl, and we have 2 kids back-to-back, '81 and '83.

   I so wanted to know more about the Lord that I went to Bible College. I was still new to the Lord, so I went to Bible College and worked full time. At that point, our pastor was in our church left, and so I wanted to... I was a Sunday school teacher, so they told me, "Will you cover for the pastor?" "Yes, I will." It went up to 5 years. So, all these things, at one time, you got overwhelmed. So, I didn't give 100% of the choice to my marriage or my kids, so my wife found another man, left me. It was so devastating. Serving the Lord and going through all that. This time I'm willing to know more about the Lord and all this, but I didn't understand why. "Why have you gone to them?" Well, I understand now. Marriage is God and then your marriage. I had all those things out of order.

   Anyway, I went through a lot emotionally. A lot of scars in my soul and my emotional part of it didn't know how to deal with it. I just went day in and day out trying to survive. Go through and at that point, and in that situation, it's hard to serve the Lord when you're hurt, when you feel this entire thing that I was seeing. My ex-wife is now meeting all these men and all this stuff, and it's horrible.

   Finally, this girl used to come to my church. I knew this girl since she was in high school and several years later she was married, and I was married at the time. I didn't know she was going through a divorce. I didn't know anything about it. I was just trying to survive. After I found out that she was divorced, and she started attending my church and left her previous church.   

    We started going out and we fell in love. We celebrated 22 years of marriage last Saturday. I could hear the Lord speaking through the prophet Jeremiah. “I know the plans that I have for your life.” Finally it clicked and really got it, and my love continues to grow for the Lord every day.

   After all, God is real and God is good. His mercy and his love endure forever. When I came to America as I high school student, I didn't know any English. The Lord accelerated my learning process the process to speak, write, and read English. It is so amazing. As I look back, I can see the plans that He had for me. It was a thousand times more than my physical mind could grasp at the time.

   I've been through a lot of ups and downs. Most of my boys grew up in church, but are involved with drugs, alcohol, and women. I understand we have an enemy but I'm standing still, I'm healthy, and I'm still in love with the Lord.  So, I’ve seen the change that I want to see, and stood on God’s promises. On that night, Royce and the church invited me to the minister at the Hunt County Jail. I thought, "Okay, Lord, what is it that you want from me? I want serve you.  I felt a call on my life. But Lord I'm 60 years old now, and I know Moses served you for 120 years, but I’m no Moses. Just give me a peace in my heart."

   So, step by step the Lord was saying, "I'm with you and I didn't forget about you.” He said with me there's no time, there are no years, there's no age. So, just keep doing what you're doing every day." So, I'm here to tell you that whenever you're going through or whatever you have gone through or whatever it is that you lavish today, God is the only way. God is the only source, God is the only person that can help you get to the next level, to the next step, because I'm here to tell you that sometimes I don't understand why things happen the way it happens. But I have to show it to the Lord that he's in me, not in control in a way like all the best times, but he knows better than I do.

   I just know that tonight, this is a big day for me. I have been saved for 41 years and have served the Lord, but this is the first time I have shared my testimony of how the Lord raised me up. I didn't know who He was when He saved me that I would be here tonight telling you about God and that He is more than enough. A God that's never withholding a thing from his kids. Even though sometimes He feels far away, you just don't know what you think. I just want to say that I don't know about you, but I've got a God that has my soul and know how to deal with. The enemy is your pleasure and he is always lying. I could have hated my parents when the abandoned me, but I have forgiven them. But I remember saying, "Why me? Why not my brothers and sisters?" The Lord has healed the scars that were in my heart for all those years.

   I didn't even know that at 60 years old that God could use me. I have been called to share the gospel with whoever is out there. We all have a calling for our life. It doesn’t matter because God called us for a purpose. So, with me, I have to say that because even though I was serving the Lord, and I want to do the best, still I can tell there were those challenges that were holding me back. Not because of God, but because of what happened to me during my whole life. I repented and renounced all those things, and the Lord started the healing process. I was 58 years old when all this happened. For the first 58 years I had a lot of emotional things in my life.

   It was in 2019 that I started having these anxiety attacks, fear, and all these things. So, I went to a best friend but, and he realized what was going on, so he prayed with me. No, not just prayer but we put it in writing. The Lord slowly started to bring me back to who I am now, who you're seeing today. Every day is another day for me. I know that God is bigger than any situation. I was at the point where my wife had to stay home with me because I couldn’t stay by myself.

   It was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but God had a plan and a purpose for me. I know that Jeremiah 28:11 is an important verse in my life. But I'm here to tell you that we are strong and He stands in us. The enemy is looking for open doors for us to sin. It can be anything. It could be alcohol, drugs, or anything. It could be anything that you open the door to, and he will come in. I want to encourage you tonight with my testimony. God wants us to give Him a 100%. The Lord says, “He would never leave me, nor forsake me.” So, I don't care what the enemy throws at me. I'm just going to believe and trust the word of God.

    I didn't even know in the 60s, when my granddad had all these horses, and that responsibility would build my character and provide many valuable resources. Every day I'm looking and living the Christian life. Well, I didn't know that He was going to open the door to rodeo. Not only to perform, but to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes you're the only Bible that people see.

   So, I wanted to leave that with you that the Lord's been good to me. My wife and I have been married 22 years and live in a little house. We have 8 horses, a couple of chickens and two dogs. I'm just thanking the Lord and asking Him, "What do you want me to do today Lord. What am I going to say? Where are you going to send me? Who am I going to call? Who am I going to send a text and tell them that Jesus loves them and I love them also?"

   Every day is a new opportunity for me and you to share the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors, with our acquaintances, with the strangers. I went to a café before I came here, and this young lady came over to me and I said, "Where do you go to church? And she said, “We go to church here in Commerce, and I have accepted the Lord."

   It was a pleasure to be here with you tonight, and share this short testimony. Do you mind if I pray for you all?

   Father, I just want to talk to you, Lord. I want to thank You, I want to give You honor. Father, I want to thank you for these men and women that are here tonight, Lord. Father, I want to put them in Your hands. I want to pray for them, I want to thank You, Father for blessing them in Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

Early Childhood in Mexico

Early Childhood in Mexico

Americo's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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