Tom Allanson

Tom Allanson

My name is Tom Allanson. I am 72 years old, brought up in church by grandparents, not saved until I was 37 in 1980 in prison. At the age of 16, I began working in high school. After high school (Georgia Military Academy), I attended the University of Georgia in Athens, played football, and continued to be self-employed as a Fairer (blacksmith).

For several years, I had a horse operation in Athens with a training/boarding stable and rodeo arena. As a horse trainer, I had to be the best in the business to get clients and make money. All this led to my putting a top priority on surviving, needless to say there was no time left in my schedule for church or God. To add to my time, I later became the manager of a huge cattle farm. This was a 24/7 job. By this time, I had gotten married and the cattle ranch took all my time, and my marriage was short lived. I might mention that I did not have any brothers or sisters. I was raised in a very strict family with very little affection shown to me. All I wanted was to be loved and held. This desire kept me going from one marriage to another.  I use to say, “I was looking for love in all the wrong places.” In my lifetime, I have never used drugs or alcohol. I had only known or had been told about the vacancy in my heart put there by the Holy Spirit that loved me. My second marriage which lasted five years was a plus in that I got two babies, but it was a failure because my wife was an alcoholic.  My divorce from her set me up for a very bad journey.  I was disowned by my family.  And then entered a woman into my life that saw all my potential for her horse business.  I was a blacksmith who worked for Ralston Purina, a feed company. I was a professional horse trainer and showed horses. I was single, an only child, and needed someone to love me.  My third wife had been called a black widow, and I got lured into her web.  She thought my family was worth a lot of money, and she was going to get it one way or another. 

In my state of mind and her determination, I ended up in a much bigger mess than I can describe in this short testimony since there has been a 550 page book written about this case, a four-hour movie for TV and three documentaries for Discover ID and A&E, and an interview with TBN.  This continued until I saw God's hand come into my life.  My third wife set me up to be killed, but she didn't know that God had another plan for my life. I was shot at seven times at very close range and all missed.  I did go to prison with two life sentences.  The down side was that my family was killed, and she poisoned my grandparents while trying to get their land and money.  Eventually, she went to prison and continued her desire to get whatever she wanted after prison.  Thank you Lord for coming into my life when You did.

My first seven years in prison was with God's hand of protection, but I had not met Him yet, but as I look back I can see clearly that He was there.  In 1980, at age 37, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior and was filled with the Holy Spirit.  This was all brought about by my present wife of 27 years that had stood by me as a very dear friend since I was 16 years old. Eiz and I were married on the day of my release from prison on October 25, 1989. I turned my life over to Jesus completely, became a member of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (FGBMF) and became a missionary inside the prison which was a beautiful journey.

God delivered me out of prison after sixteen years and placed me deeper into His ministry.  I became a FGBMF chapter president in Cumming, Georgia, later becoming a National Director.  God told me to go back to the prison and minister to those left behind the walls. I began to set up FGBMF chapters inside the prisons.  We now have five chapters inside the Georgia prisons, the only ones in the US.  We have teams that go into the prisons all over the state, and I have a halfway house that holds nine men.  This is designed to help them to return to society.    I work very close with the Department of Corrections and the Parole Board.  I served on the committee of the Georgia Men's Advance where I directed the prison Ministry portion for the past thirty years.  Walking with God is the only way to walk and to continue to bless the lost.  My worst regret is that I didn't meet Him thirty years earlier.  For more information contact May God Bless you, Tom Allanson.

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Tom and Eiz Allanson were married on the day of Tom’s release from prison on October 25, 1989. Pastor Larry Martin and Tom Andrew Kaminski, Tom, Bob Bignold, Roy Brian at the Georgia Men’s Advance January 2016


Walton House, my half way house Inmate giving his testimony at GMA  Tom Allanson speaking at GMA 2016