Adam Woodruff Story

If you have a child that you love dearly that is addicted to drugs, this will bless your heart.

I started smoking pot when I was 13 and using alcohol when I was 16. I was raised a the Baptist church, but I didn’t really know about God. I just thought God was just up there and He was judging all of us. And that was pretty much it. My grandmother taught me that God loved us. But He was far away and it took sacrifice to get there, and it wasn’t freely given.

I went through life in darkness, using drugs. I was following my own will. I had a hardened heart toward people. Then God got a hold of my heart, changed it completely, and now I love people.  I love people. I say that with truth because Jesus instilled that in me. I just want to encourage you and say that if God can help me, He can help you.

Then I returned to the world, and I wasn’t serving God. He had to break me. I had to go to jail. One night, I said, “God, I’m tired. I’m tired of this.” I had thoughts of suicide and was anxious.

Then, for the first time, I saw God. He was furious. Not at me, but at the enemy because he was beating me down. God told me, “I will raise you up. I have called you to do great things.”

And when I felt the furious love and compassion He had for me, and how mad and angry He was at the enemy, it shook me. And this time, God told me, “This is the last time. Now you are living for me.” And now I depend on Him and only on Him.

At first, I thought I had to get man’s approval. Now it is different. I get God’s approval. I don’t care if anybody persecutes me. I don’t care if anybody calls me names or pushes me down. I’m still going to push forward for Jesus Christ because He loves everybody.

I have been in situations where I have seen the darkness, and I have seen hell through my own eyes. God can deliver His great and anointed love for everybody in this earth. I just want to encourage you. If you have children that are addicted to drugs and if you are steadfast in prayer, God will deliver them. My parents knelt on their knees every night and prayed for me.

God loves us so much, and He will deliver us if we trust in Him.

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