Abraham Mathew

My name is Abraham Mathew. I am Assistant Vice President at the University Of Texas Southwest Medical Center.

I have been associated with the Full Gospel Business Men for the last 25 years. This has positively influenced my life, my walk with the Lord, and definitely made me a better husband and father.

In all of these areas, I would say my fellowship and my friendship with the businessmen have overall helped me.

Originally, I come from India. We come from a Christian family so I knew the Lord when I was very young. However, I was a miserable Christian. If I take a step forward, I’ll go back two steps. My heart was full of resentment, discouragement and anger.

Those days, one of the businessmen directed me to a church that I had never attended before.  I noticed that the people there were very happy and joyful. They were dancing, singing, and lifting their hands in worship. I had not seen this kind of worship before. I came from a background where the worship was very structured - two songs, one prayer, few testimonies, and a message.

I was so used to no singing, no joy, and no lifting of hands. To make matters worse; even though I liked it, I saw that there was a woman leading the worship which I did not think was Biblical. So that took a little time to get adjusted, however, I saw the presence of God in the mist of this congregation. I saw sick people getting healed. I saw broken families healed. I saw demon possessed people delivered. I saw backsliders coming back and I saw people getting saved. I said, “Lord, if this is real, I need it.”

We kept going to this church with our three young sons; we sat on the same row week after week after week. I stood there and saw what was happening. I said, “God, if this is real, let this happen to me.” And one Sunday while worshipping, the woman who was leading the worship service stopped. Her husband started singing, “There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins, and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains.” 

I felt a warm cloud landing on my head and both my hands went up in praise. I started crying like a child and I could feel that warm presence going down from the top of my head to the sole of my feet. The words flowed over me and cleansed me. As it went down, I felt cleansed. This experience lasted 15 minutes. I felt like a child of God. In spite of my failures and the flith in my life, I felt God had cleansed me.

I went home at lunch and I apologized to my wife and young children. God transformed me from the inside out. My experience was no longer an intellectual knowledge. A personal relationship started developing. Now my priorities changed when God gave me the desire to go back to India and start sharing the good news. For the last 15 years, God has been leading us back to India; holding worship conferences all around India.

God gave me a burden to focus on teaching and training and developing leaders. We had pastor’s conferences with attendance from 300 to 800 pastors in attendance. God gave me a vision to start a leadership institute in India.

Two years ago, we started a leadership institute, called Southern Asian Leadership Institute, established in south India. We have now 27 students being trained in that institute.  Most of the students are new converts; they live on the campus with four teachers instructing them. They live on the campus for 10 months each year. They go through a three-year program. At the end of the three-year program; they earn a bachelor of theology degree. My background is in business but when I turned my life over to the Lord and made His priorities mine he has led me in a new direction. All this time, I would say, “the businessmen have been a blessing to me.”

We decided to join the church we attended. We went through 42 weeks of class. At the end of this time, the elders of the church prayed over us and made us members. There is a reason why I am saying this. When the elders of the church prayed over us, one of the elders gave a word of prophecy over me. The senior pastor of Southlake Gateway Church was one of the elders at the church where I was attending.

He prophesied over me in 1992, saying, “I have given you a gift of teaching. You will stand before the presbytery again, and I will give you professional people as friends.” This last 15 years of ministry that I am doing back in India and the Southern Asian Leadership Institute is supported by professional business people God has given us as friends. God blessed me with these people, surrounded me with these good men who help me accomplish God’s destiny in my life.

In fact, a majority of the board of directors of this ministry are members of Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship. There are 1.2 billion people in India. God has established us as an outpost in enemy territory, and I pray that there will be more businessmen who will come forward and duplicate what we are doing. Western missionaries can no longer go and freely preach the gospel in India. It is so import to train and increase the number of national leaders.

This is the vision that God has put in our hearts and that businessmen will be supporting. 


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