What Makes The Great Ones Great

An excerpt from  What Makes The Great Ones Great by Don Yaeger

16 Characteristics of a Champion

1. Hating to lose more than loving to win: They develop this mind-set by making no excuses when things don’t go their way.

2. Appreciating the value of association: They understand the importance of their inner circle.

3. Placing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ: They have the perspective on life. Which is driven by an understanding of something bigger than themselves.

4. Having contagious enthusiasm: Their attitudes are infectious. And they want theirs to be caught by others.

5. Preparing for all possibilities: They are ready before the game begins.

6. Having no off-season: They understand they are always working toward the next game. And there is always a game ahead.

7. Visualizing victory: They can see what success looks like before the opening whistle.

8. Using Adversity as fuel: The tough moments of their lives become an inner fire.

9. Being a responsible risk-taker: The great ones understand that most great things occur outside of your comfort zone.

10. Knowing how and when to make adjustments: What got you there won’t keep you there.

11. Becoming the ultimate teammate: They understand that even if they are the best on their team. They may have to take a different role for the team to be successful.

12. Being motivated by more than money: They know that if your driver is cash, you won’t drive long.

13. Doing right by others: The great ones know that character is defined by how they treat others, without expecting anything in return.

14. Living with integrity: When no one is watching, they live their lives with integrity.

15. Being a role model: When everyone is watching, they set the standard for those who look up to them.

16. Creating a well-rounded legacy: They understand they are not defined by their statistics or accomplishments.