There’s a leak in the Church by Dr David Robinson

There’s a leak in the Church by Dr David Robinson

It’s been said, “God, we had a great time at church today. Wish you had been there. Please show up next week.” The true definition of revival is, God shows up with power for hungry saints at church on Sunday and then demonstrates His authority in the marketplace on Monday by ordering the affairs of men.

On April 24th of this year, an Indonesian submarine sank in the Southern Pacific Ocean. All reports indicate the crew may have run out of oxygen and quickly sank below the ‘crush depth,’ the pressure on the outside is greater than the strength on the inside. It is thought that it went down quickly because of an internal leaking.

Could this be what is happening in America today? The Church has been “leaking” His presence for decades. Now waves of confusion and chaos are overcoming not only the masses, but many believers as well. Many are being crushed by the external pressures of life because the strength of their relationship with God cannot withstand the pressure on the outside. America’s stage four cultural cancer has now metastasized to the family and invaded the Church. America is more depraved than ever before.

Because God is sovereign and controls the affairs of men. He often revives His people at very dark moments in history. In spite of backslidden Christians, powerless churches, and the rise of rebellion against God and wickedness abounds, we must not give up! Instead, we must prepare our hearts so that God can rend the heavens and release a spiritual downpour.

Isaiah indicates that desperation, along with repentance and humility, capture God’s attention. Rend means to burst, to blow out, to explode. God, like any parent, hears the cries of His children as they cry, “Oh God, would you rip heaven open and come down and help us? We are lost without you” (Isaiah 64:1-2).

Yes, God is everywhere, what theologians refer to as His omnipresence. So how can God come down if He is already here? Isaiah is pleading for the manifestation of His presence, the overwhelming power of the Spirit to come upon us. Not only when we gather together on Sunday, but even more so on Monday when we scatter as salt and light in the marketplace.

There are times when God seems distant, hearts feel dry, and evil is praised throughout the land. But when God literally comes down upon His people, and we experience the joy of His presence, evil is overturned because praying men and women seek Him with renewed energy and passion. They plug the mental, spiritual, and emotional leaks in their lives and prepare their Ephesians 6 armor for daily spiritual warfare in the marketplace.

As a boy growing up in church, the old-timers used to say, “God heard our cries and showed up today.” This was their definition of revival, God coming down in their midst. However, the implication of our text means when God rips open the Heavens over all the earth, not just the Church.

And His warriors are willing to go to war against evil, the nations will tremble again at His presence. His presence manifested through His people in the classrooms, the courthouses, and in the Congress. Only then can we honestly say, revival has come.