The 13 Must-Ask Questions for Your Mentor by John Maxwell and posted by Douglas Raine


 The 13 Must-Ask Questions for Your Mentor by John Maxwell and posted by Douglas Raine


 Steven Spielberg, the genius behind movies like Jaws and E.T., once said, “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”


 I love the wisdom in that statement. Most of us understand we can’t make the journey to success or significance on our own; we know we’ll need some help along the way.


 When I was a young man, I knew I would need the wisdom of others farther along on the journey. But I also understood that not everyone who was older or more successful had something beneficial to offer. That’s why I made it my practice to observe folks who were the best at what I wanted to achieve. Then, when I got the opportunity to sit down with them, I made sure I had some great questions to ask.


 That’s what I did when I finally got the chance to meet John Wooden. I wanted to be respectful of his time, so I came prepared with pages of questions I wanted to ask. Coach Wooden was gracious and gave me much more time than I’d anticipated – all because he was impressed with my preparation.


 That’s why I’ve put together a fantastic resource that I’m giving away for free: The 13 Must-Ask Questions for Your Mentor. I’ve included some of my own personal questions as well as great questions I’ve gleaned from others to create this simple yet powerful infographic. Then we made it a little fun, too.


 The 13 Must-Ask Questions for Your Mentor


  1. How do you define success?

  2. What values guide your decision?

  3. What’s the most effective daily habit you possess?

  4. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

  5. What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve gotten?

  6. What do you wish you knew at my stage of life or career?

  7. What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a failure?

  8. What are you learning right now?

  9. What positive thing do you see in me that I need to focus on developing?

  10. What obstacle that I DON’T see is preventing me from moving forward?

  11. What must I do to overcome that obstacle and keep growing?

  12. What do you hope to teach me during our mentoring relationship?

  13. What can I do to make this process worthwhile for you?


 Now why have I done this?


 Because I want to help you unlock the power of mentoring. I want you to have a resource that prepares you to make the most of the opportunities you have for growth.


 This resource is a game changer for you, regardless of where you’re at in your journey. These key questions will help you discover how to get the most out of your time with a mentor. After all, we don’t have time to waste if we’re serious about living intentionally!


 n fact, let me give you a step up in your search for a mentor. A great mentor doesn’t have to be someone who shares your interests, but it does need to be someone who is interested in you. A great mentor is someone who listens to your perspective and brings his or her own alongside to help broaden yours. They know the way, go the way, and show the way, to help you grow and get better.


 My first mentor was actually my father, Melvin. He taught me about the power of a hopeful attitude, a hunger for learning, and humility for learning. Even as I became a father and grandfather, I never missed a chance to sit down with Dad and let him pour into my life. It was an invaluable experience for me.


 I am blessed to have Dad in my life, but not everyone is as fortunate as I have been. That’s why this 13 Must-Ask Questions for Your Mentor resource is so important and why I want to encourage you to click here right now to get it for free.


 Is it possible to grow without a mentor? Certainly. But with a mentor, you can grow exponentially, and that’s why I’m so passionate about bringing this resource to you. Unlocking the door to mentorship is crucial for your growth, and I want you to have the key.