"LEADERS UNFAIR ADVANTAGE" -   By Dr. David Robinson, Founder and posted by Douglas Raine


 Duke Ellington, the late jazz musician, was asked to provide a definition of rhythm.  He replied, "If you got it you don't need no definition.  And if you don't have it, ain't no definition gonna help."

 Too many church and marketplace leaders in the 21st Century do not understand, misunderstand, or see the anointing as irrelevant.  God's anointing is the "unfair advantage" Christian marketplace leaders have when extending the Kingdom of light as Christ's ambassadors.  If church leaders teach their marketplace ministers anything, they must teach them that the anointing is just as important in their everyday world--as it is in the church house meetings.

 What is the anointing?  Whatever you call it, the sense of God's Spirit and divine authority is without question a top priority for any leader.  You know when it's there and when it is not.  In Judges 16:20 it says, "Samson shook himself as at other times, but didn't know the Lord had abandoned him."

 Everything else being equal, it's the anointing that separates leaders who just show up from leaders who change the outcome.  Those who know you well and follow you closely know when the anointing rests on your leadership, even if they cannot describe it.  When it's there your ministry, marketplace or church, will have positive results.  You will resonate with people and your efforts will touch their hearts, not just their minds.

 The anointing is not always about a feeling.  Sometimes your greatest contributions are made without feeling anything.  A true anointing humbles you because you know your success and influence is more about whose you are and less about who you are.  Your effectiveness goes far beyond what you can produce alone, even on your best days.

 Traditionally, the anointing was reserved for preaching, teaching or singing in "church services."  The Apostle Paul in Hebrews 13:51 and Romans 12:1 says everything we do should be a sacrifice of praise and worship to God.  Should this not include everything beyond the assembly of the saints?  If so, we must cry as King David did in Psalms 92:10, "Lord, anoint me with fresh oil."

 Satan's first attack was about the unfair advantage.  Job 1:10 says, "Have you not made a hedge about him (Job) and his house and all that he has, on every side?  You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased..."  It was God's anointing that made up the hedge for Job.

 Why should we seek for God's anointing?  Because it gives us the advantage over believers who have a "form of godliness but deny the power" (anointing) and especially an "unfair advantage" over our enemy. 

 American Express says, "Don't leave home without it," referring to their credit card.  Just as pastors should never stand before the congregation without a fresh anointing, marketplace leaders must not attempt to lead without that same anointing.

 If what you do is worth doing in the eyes of God, then it's worth doing well and worthy of His anointing.  Don't leave home without it, regardless of your destination -- It's your unfair advantage!