Focus on Relationships with Your Team Members

Focus on Relationships with Your Team Members

Dear Friends,

As a leader, you have a great deal of influence on the way people do their jobs – and the level of commitment they exhibit in the process. How you interact with them affects how they act and perform, every day.

To be sure, your team members are employed by the organization – but they work for you. They take direction from you. They have relationships with you. And it’s the quality of those relationships that ultimately determines whether they shine brightly or merely show up. The more positive your relationships are with the people you depend upon, the more trust and loyalty you will earn – and the more employee engagement you will experience and enjoy.

Here are some things you can do to make that happen:

·         When making decisions, build consensus and support by finding what’s in it (the benefits to be gained) for as many team members as possible – and sharing that information with everyone. This will lead to better agreement, harmony, and more win/win situations.

·         Develop a positive “grapevine.” Instead of letting negative rumors flourish, stop the spread of incorrect information. Share the facts and emphasize the positives. Doing so will enhance trust and good feelings within your work group.

·         Provide periodic feedback on performance and behavior. Let team members know how they’re doing and how they measure up to your expectations. The additional “security” that comes from people knowing where they stand leads to better relationships and a trust that you will “level” with them.

 Lead Well … Lead Right,