The Power of the Gospel stirred the citizens of Sri Lanka with hope


The Power of the Gospel stirred the citizens of Sri Lanka with hope

December 29, 2016

FGBMFA Greenville Chapter Reports:

We have been back from our trip for a little over a week now and are really enjoying the rest and relaxation.  The ministry has been miraculous but our bodies need to recharge from all the outpouring of our spiritual energy that has occurred over the past two months.

I will start where the last general email left off.  That was December 5.

We were planning to have a morning Bible study on December 6 and Colleen noticed that Jayalath, the brother of Girty, Pastor Newton’s wife, was waiting in the church.  He was waiting to go to the doctor.  He has diabetes and two weeks ago he had a toe removed that had become infected.  We all went to the church and began to minister to him.  He had accepted Jesus several years ago but had fallen back and even spoken against the church.  I spoke with him and so did Colleen.  After ministering to him and praying for his foot he said he felt a fire go through his legs as we were praying.  This was the start of a miraculous change in him.

After the Wednesday morning service a lady came up to Colleen and said she had a vision of Jesus standing next to her as she was ministering.  This is yet another example of the great move of God we have seen all through this trip.

On Thursday, December 8, we went for lunch to the home of a man who is headmaster of a primary school.  He is a converted Buddhist and had many questions for me about scripture.  He is truly seeking God.  That family has a small wild animal that looks like if may be a cross between a tiger and a leopard.  It is the size of a large house cat now, but it will grow!  They got it when it was very tiny.  It was probably abandoned by its mother.  I don’t know what they will do when it gets to weigh 300 pounds.

The next day we saw Girty’s brother, Jayalath, in a wheelchair outside the church.  He had just been told by the doctor that he would have to have his entire foot and half of his lower leg removed because they could not control the infection.  Colleen and I immediately went to him and prayed for him and encouraged him to believe God for healing.  The enemy of God will always try to discourage you when your faith is tested.  After this we went with Pastor Newton to a house where a man had been in a motorcycle accident.  His wife was Christian but he was still Buddhist.  I talked to him about Jesus and explained the gospel to him and he accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord!!  We had to hurry back to Jayalath’s house with Girty and Sara, Girty’s daughter, to pray over that house.  We were told that years ago there was a pagan temple on the corner of their property and they wanted me to anoint that whole area and claim it for God.  I did that and then anointed the house with oil and claimed it for the Lord.  I prayed over him again with healing verses from the Bible and someone took notes of where the verses were located.

After I got back to my room in Pastor Newton’s house I knew the Lord was telling me that with all the problems Jayalath had in his life the only way they could all be defeated was with prayer and fasting.  I told Colleen and Pastor Newton that I was called to three days of water only fasting and prayer and Colleen decided to join me.  Pastor Newton and Girty also joined us in a fast of their own.  The next morning we got the report from Jayalath that he had less pain and slept soundly all night.

The next day was Sunday, December 11, and there was a wedding scheduled along with the regular Sunday morning service.  We also had an additional guest speaker so it was a very long service.  I spoke on marriage.  In that area the guests at the wedding ceremony stand for the entire time.  The ceremony lasted an hour and ten minutes.

In the evening we saw Jayalath and he said his foot is starting to itch, which is a sign of healing.  He also said he had regained feeling in his toes which he has not had for some time.  The demonic spirits that have held him for so long are being forced to let go of every part of his life.

On the morning of the twelfth we went to a special service at God’s Wing English Academy, which is run by a Christian lady.  However, many of her students are Buddhist children.  The service was very well prepared and told the story of Christmas and several other Bible stories.  She uses this as a way of witnessing to the children and their families.  She would never be allowed to witness directly to them.

That afternoon we saw Jayalath after he had returned from the doctor.  The doctor told him his foot was seventy five percent healed and the muscles were growing together by themselves and there was baby skin growing over the surgical area!!  This is just two days after the doctors told him they were going to take off his foot and half of his lower leg.  I didn’t expect the healing to be one hundred percent yet because there was still one more day of prayer and fasting.  On the last day of our trip we saw Jayalath again after he had just returned from another trip to the doctor.  The doctor said the infection has been one hundred percent healed and his blood sugar is normal!!!  I have given a detailed report of his healing so that many others may be touched by the work God has done in his life.  God is not a respecter of persons.  He loves every person, no matter what they have done in their past life.

There was a pastor’s conference on December 13.  I taught the pastors while Colleen taught the wives.  Afterward several of the wives came to Colleen and said their lives had been changed by what she had taught them!  This kind of testimony has followed us throughout this whole trip.  God is working.

On December 15 Brother Susiri had planned to take his family, Pastor Newton’s family, and Colleen and me to a tourist area in the mountains of southern Sri Lanka called Little England.  He had made extensive plans including renting a small bus with a professional driver.  We do not usually go on any tourist type outings, but since it was all planned we were blessed to go for an overnight visit to Little England.  We were told it would be cold there but we didn’t realize just how cold.  I didn’t take a jacket and when we arrived we were over 7,000 feet above sea level and it was very cold.  It probably got down to less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit that night with a wind and I had nothing but a dress shirt and no coat.  Remember also that we had just driven from a place where it was in the mid-eighties Fahrenheit.  Needless to say I got cold.  It was also totally cloudy so there was no warming from the sun.  It was truly a beautiful place and we were blessed to be invited.  We went to a place where there were horses you could rent to ride.  The saddles were English style and very small.  That night I went to bed at 7 PM, not because I was tired, but because I didn’t know any other way to get warm since there was no source of heat in the house.  The next day we visited a beautiful arboretum and then returned home.

The eighteenth was our last Sunday service there and the anointing was so strong I could not stand, but had to fall to my knees.  This is not common with me but is a supernatural evidence of the fulfillment of God’s promise to Colleen and me that this trip would be different than any other and He would do a new thing in us and in every place where we set our feet.  I believe that place has also been forever changed by the presence of the Lord.  It has been so hard to leave from every place where we have ministered on this trip.  Everyone has shown so much love toward us that we just want to stay.

May God bless everyone who reads the words of this testimony.