Thoughts on Teaching Future Students


 What we are doing


·        Signature courses: I think therefore, I create value; divergent thinking

·       Hire VP of economic development Ms. Cece Gassner


·        AACSB: assurance of learning; set goals, objectives, measure fix

·        Oral & written communication, decision-making, problem solving, ethics

·        Simulations; strategy

·        Integrating consulting in our classes; Tom Brown compensation for non-profit

·        Offering SAP & Project management

·        Management club: L-3, Amazon, Kimberly Clark

·        Internships

·        Reduction of textbooks


Customizable degrees and certificates Venture College


·        Diverse faculty

·             Faculty teaching abroad: Belgrade, Sarajevo, Rabat-Morocco, China, Ecuador

·             Online programs allow for learning from abroad

·        Exchange programs

·        Meeting with Daniel M. tomorrow

·       China & London experience

·       Scholarships

·             2+2 agreements such as Namseoul

·       900 students from 50 countries

·       What I am still trying to figure out is how to: get students motivated, become proactive,

innovative, creative, ethical, create-value

·             How to create the ideal learning environment by involving community, students and Institution 

·             It takes a village to raise/educate these young men & women


Preparing Students for a Global


Brief Background

'We are preparing students for jobs that no longer exist'

Analysis of the environment

·             College of Business Advisory Board and even some departmental boards

·             Publishing; conferences (I just got back from ASU GSV; Bending the act of human potential; world's leading education and workforce innovation summit) James Carhill, John Fallon, Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg, Tony Blair, Cindy McCain)

·             Faculty, Students, Alumni


·             Unemployment and demand

·             International students

·             Neuroscience

·           Artificial Intelligence/machine learning; taking over redundant work

·           Active learning; engagement with the community; learn by doing

·             Modular degrees; students don't have the time or attention span

·           Specialized degrees

·           Online sources and platforms that facilitate sharing of knowledge & experience


About the Presenter: Mario Hayek is an associate professor and head of the Management Department in the College of Business at Texas A&M Commerce. He obtained an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the American University and a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Mississippi. He also was trained as an entrepreneurship teacher by Babson’s Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators and has also assisted in teaching the seminar internationally. Dr. Hayek has taught entrepreneurship and has been pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors internationally for over 20 years.