Birth of FGBT

In 2006, I was leading a Fire Team to Armenia. We partnered with Christian Adventures and jointly sponsored the Demos Shakarian Tent Crusade. Five thousand people attended the first evening and 30 deaf people received the miracle of hearing. On the third day, we were shut down by the government at gunpoint.

On the third evening Pastor, Arthur Simonian hosted 52 business people at a dinner meeting. The Holy Spirit showed up with sign and wonders. As I walked outside, the Lord told me that Armenia would be a light unto the Middle East. When I looked to the south, there was a glow over the Ararat Mountains and the Lord said, “Make disciples.” I replied, “I will only be here 5 more days.” Then He put on my mind the Internet. I replied to the thought, “You will need to teach me.” My mind was flooded with ideas, and I founded Full Gospel Businessmen's Training, LLC.

Blessings, Douglas Raine