How to Pray for Your Front-Line Worker

How to Pray for Your Front-Line Worker

Encourage bold gospel workers in hostile and restricted nations by “adopting” a front-line worker for prayer. When you commit to pray for a specific front-line worker for one year, you will receive a card with the worker’s name and photo. Place the photo on your fridge, in your Bible or in some other place where you will regularly be reminded to pray. Your prayers will help encourage front-line workers and help connect the body of Christ around the world.

Once you have “adopted” a front-line worker, you can pray for him or her in these 10 specific ways:

1.  Pray that the Lord provides opportunities for your front-line worker to share the gospel.

2.  Pray that the Lord prepares the hearts of those with whom your front-line worker will talk about Jesus.

3.  Ask for favor among those to whom your front-line worker is ministering.

4.  Ask that ministry activities will remain unseen by potential persecutors.

5.  Pray that your front-line worker will be strengthened and refreshed in God’s Word each day.

6.  Pray for peace in your front-line worker’s heart when traveling to difficult or dangerous areas.

7.  Pray for boldness and courage in carrying out kingdom work.

8.  Pray for your front-line worker’s family members, as they often face long periods of separation.

9.  Pray that your front-line worker will be encouraged, knowing that other members of Christ’s body are praying for them.

10.  Pray that your front-line worker will have a real sense of God’s presence.