Taking A Positive Approach to Discipline


Taking A Positive Approach to Discipline

Dear Friends,

Each of us, as leaders, must occasionally address employee performance deficiencies, and how we view that process has a definite impact on the end result ... and on everyone involved.

Rather than seeing discrepancies as problems caused by “misbehaving” employees, try viewing them as opportunities to ensure and enhance the success of your team and your organization. With this change in perspective, you are much more likely to then approach these challenging situations in a positive fashion.

You see, "discipline" isn’t an action that you – the person with authority – must take against employees for misbehavior. Instead, it is a process to help people make good choices about working together safely, ethically, and productively. By focusing on problem solving and treating employees as “responsible adults,” you can avoid much of the pain and negativity that typically exists in dealing with sub-standard performance. With a “positive discipline” approach there is less stress, and a better chance that tough problems will be resolved quickly and permanently.

Lead Well ... Lead Right,                                                                                                                                   Douglas Raine                                                                                                                                                            FGBMFA National Director Outreach and Training