Leadership Principles February 7, 2020




Are you goals oriented or growth oriented?




Are you goals oriented or growth oriented?


    “If you want to find the inner motivation to keep charging when the battle grind seems too intense shift your focus from GOALS to GROWTH.” J Loren Norris






To avoid the possibility of “destination disease” and keep your momentum toward improvement.


So many people establish goals for themselves and then flounder after they achieve them? Why does that happen? Because the goal itself is a great motivation. It causes us to have energy to storm through challenges and resistance. It keeps us moving when the accomplishment seems out of reach. But when we get to the actual goal the pressure lets up.


If you want to find the inner motivation to keep charging when the battle grind seems too intense shift your focus from GOALS to GROWTH.


Do you tithe or donate to build your brand?




WHERE YOU GIVE YOUR TIME, TALENT, TREASURE and ATTENTION says more about you than your title or brand campaign.


·         Do you give?


·         Do you donate?


·         Do you volunteer?


·         Do you tithe?


·         Are they the same?


Leaders harness resistance to produce greater power






Many people face resistance, push back, struggle at different stages of their life and success journey.


This resistance may look like an attack on character, assault on relationships, aggravation from past mistakes, accusations against accomplishments, argument assailing education. Whatever form resistance takes, the objective of resistance is not always clear.


The agenda of the person or persons bringing the resistance may seem obvious, but outside forces, the universe, God, however you choose to say it - always has a better plan.




What you are experiencing in the way of resistance RIGHT NOW can become energy converted to power not just energies lost. Shift your focus!


·         Stop allowing the resistance to drain you. Allow it to make you stronger.


·         Don’t allow resistance to dampen your passion. Allow it to set you on fire in a new way.


·         Don’t let resistance tell you you are not good enough! Convert the resistance you are facing into a new level of power! Like the new Mercedes EQC.


What is a REAL MAN and how do you lead one?






It is truly sad to say but we could ask that question of 1000 different people over the last three generations and not get one solidified or unified and consistent answer. I am not sure there has been an answer to that question which pleases everyone for centuries or more. Some would say a professional athlete is the model of a “real man”.


Someone who works hard and plays hard. Someone driven by on the field success and outward expressions of testosterone. Someone who is Intense, extroverted, in control and powerful. Others would say a “real man” is financially successful and who provides for his family better than the previous generation provided for him.


Someone who is educated and street smart. Someone who knows the ways of the world so to speak and knows how to win at all costs. Others would say a “real man” knows how to stand his ground. Someone who knows what he believes and never backs down from it. Someone always running to the defense and aid of others at all cost even the peril of his own life. Someone tough, gruff, filled with grit and vigor. A soldier, a firefighter or a cop might fall in this category of man. So would a gang leader, a drug lord or a pimp.


Some would say a “real man” is a sexy lover. A man who has women falling at his feet over his chiseled features and smooth way. Seduction is his game and he always wins.


Finally, some would say a “real man” is a gentlemen. Quiet, humble, emotionally sensitive mark his nature and his demeanor. He never offends anyone. He never stirs up trouble or controversy. He is always humble and kind. Gentle as a butterfly. Now you can see why young boys are struggling to become men.




With all the talk of TOXIC MASCULINITY - it would do society well to first properly define MASCULINITY. If we don’t know what a real man is, how can we identify the counterfeit?