Have you ever spent time with someone so self righteous you feel like at any moment they will just BURST, EXPLODE or come unwound?


I have. And when I got home, I looked in the mirror and said “Hey, why do you act like that?!”


For many years in my youth I was so concerned with keeping up impressions and modifying my behavior to suit the likings of those I wished to dazzle. I was once asked, “Do you have anything to say that comes from your own heart and mind or do you only spit Bible verses?”


At another time, “You’re intense! Like a main spring on a watch wound too tight! I have no idea when you’re gonna snap or who you might hurt when you do!”


It took me a while to grow up and understand what they meant and how I needed to change.


Perhaps you know someone who is now like I was then. Perhaps it’s you. There is hope for positive change. There is a better way to be.




The rumors of secret societies and secret groups, shadow governments and deep states, cults and little known religious factions all have one thing in common. SECRETS! They all have something to hide it seems. Something sinister? Who knows. But something secret to be sure. Why?


It seems a secret has many forms like a coaches gauntlet. The ability to control information, access to information, the amount of information, the accuracy of information and targeted misinformation would all be managed by secrets. It’s easy to test a new person on the team by telling them something “no one else’s is supposed to know” and then see how long before someone else knows.


I was in the US military for a while. I had a specific level of clearance and I understand the need for guarding certain levels of information which is highly valuable or makes you highly vulnerable. I also understand that certain secrets only have value BECAUSE THEY ARE SECRETS.


An example might be the “pop and stretch” secret of dye sublimation T-shirt printing. Or the “script and punchline” of a comedian or the “secret recipe” of the Colonels crispy chicken or the Bush’s baked beans formula. These secrets hold a true monetary value, it’s called proprietary or intellectual property.


But to manipulate the masses, to guide the outcomes of millions of lives for your own profit of person posterity through secrets - that might be sinister.


Next time someone asks you to “keep this hush hush” or “keep it on the downlow” you might ask yourself:


·         “What is the motivation behind guarding this information?”


·         “Are they just testing my loyalty?”


·         “Who is benefited by this secret?”