Greenville Chapter February 14, 2019 Valentine’s Dinner

FGBMFAmerica Greenville Chapter February 14, 2019 Valentine’s Dinner

Our scheduled speakers Jereb and Michelle Fuselier were at the Greenville Hospital with Michelle’s mother in I.C.U. Prayer was led by Duane Wilt.

Duane Wilt provided a word of the Lord for the Fellowship. PROPHESY FOR FGBMF, JANUARY 29, 2019
I am praying for the meeting in London.  I have just recently received a revelation that FGBMF will soon have a burst of expansion.  Please tell the people in London about this.  However, this will only come at the expense of COMMITMENT on the part of many Christians.  The Fellowship has been in a holding pattern for far too long.  The time has come to reach multitudes for the Gospel of Christ.  I also believe there will be a major event in prophetic fulfillment in the last half of this year.  NOW is the time to begin to work.  Too many Christians have been content with things as they are.  These Christians will not have a part in the great harvest that is ready to be brought in.  Only those who are willing to WORK will see the harvest.

Guests were introduced and the Vision was given by Douglas Raine.


Mike and Teresa Miller

Mike was an atheist. He lost his job. Teresa was an orthodox Catholic. Mike was drinking two cases of beer per week. Teresa’s mother was late for their son’s baptism, and they went down the street to Grace Church. The worship was great and the speaker the following week answered all Mike’s questions about Orthodoxy. Mike was born-again on Valentine’s Day 2009. Teresa established a relationship with Jesus. Now divorce is not an option. Please click on hyperlink:

Jeff and Jenn (Lucy) Tyler

Jeff was raised in a Christian family and saved at seven. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit at twelve years of the age and made a vow to be sexually pure. Jenn (Lucy) on the other hand was sexually active with both men and women and did drugs. Then Jenn had a Jesus experience and her life changed as she sought sexual purity and joined Equation Church. Please click on hyperlink: . The Tyler’s shared their testimony on Valentine’s Day in 2015.

JohnTalk, a student at Paris Junior College, wanted to go to a Bible School to build his relationship with Jesus before finding a lady to build a marital relationship. Please click on hyperlink: fh_lsonsw&hsimp=yhsfh_lsonsw&hspart=avg&p=Valentine%27s+Christian+Testimony#id=53&vid=4a2c1aa1d7b220fc44eb155ff763a62f&action=view John met a lady in February 2015 and asked her to wait until they built a relationship centered around Jesus.

Testimonies from couples on how they met their spouse:

Douglas and LaVerne Raine

Chuck and Billie Ballweg

David and Stacy Palmer


New attendee Dustin Collard was prayed for healing.